Apr 16, 2010

Easter Thursday

The Easter Bunny came on Easter, but we didn't get around to a hunt until a few days after.

2010-4-9 109

The hunters: Meener babeener, Elvis, Swirlvester, J-dog.

2010-4-9 117

He fit so perfectly in this basket I couldn't resist. You can kind of see his swirly cow-lick in this picture. Close- up shots to come.

2010-4-9 295

Mia's first Easter egg hunt.. It is so fun to see her have these "first" experiences. She played with some eggs, but wasn't too concerned about gathering. Next year she should be running from egg to egg.

2010-4-9 311

Or maybe she'll just cry because we chose to do the hunt during nap time.

2010-4-9 149

Mia, wanted to swing... much more than she wanted to hunt for eggs.

2010-4-9 150

Yes, yes... she is wearing her swim suit. This girls marches to the beat of her OWN drum- it's a crazy drum, but it's hers. In her defense it was a really warm day (again, this wasn't on the actual date). She got the pool out and spent the day in her swim suit... with her "lulu" in tow.

2010-4-9 167

Jense is all business when there is a task at hand. He was an egg hunting machine, and only ran into one obstacle... his height.

2010-4-9 182

But, that didn't stop him.

2010-4-9 188

A post wouldn't be complete with out one of Ellie's signature poses! This pose is one of the more toned down ones from all of the Easter pictures. Boonie, she LOVES the swimsuit you gave her! Hunting eggs is one of many yellow swim suit festivities. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember pumpkin carving- swim suit edition.

2010-4-9 204

After the hunt, the kids wanted to race. John let Ellie have a head start a few times, but then took it away when she proved to be an intense competitor. Their racing faces were cracking me up!

2010-4-9 084

There he is again! Love this kid! He is the sweetest sweet baby. I forgot how much newborns sleep!! It is a holiday around here when he opens his eyes. Things are going so great- he is a champion nurser and a wonder sleeper! I am not eating any dairy which I believe contributes to the happy tummy.. it is a proven technique with my other kiddos. It's worth it for sure, even with John torturing me by eating ice cream every night!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love the post! Such a cute pic with all the kiddos and their matchy baskets. We have that suit for Alice, they should be matchy friends this summer! Ellie does have her own drum, for that matter, maybe it's not even a drum, but something more unique. Love her!

jayna said...

Just darling!

Kristen said...

Never realized how Ellie looks just like you especially in that swim suit photo of just her. How Cute!

The Hands said...

I love the Easter basket/baby pictures. My girls love to run around in their swimming suits too. Or better yet, their dance outfits. Only problem is, they then create more clothes to wash with all the changing of clothes...

Shila said...

Can't wait for the next swim suit edition that is so hillarious, what a funny girl! Where did you get those baskets? I love them! Look at your four kiddos, love love love that new baby boy!

Sarah said...

I love Ellie running around in her swimsuit, she is so funny. I can't believe how big Jensen looks. He looks so grown up in those pictures! It seems like not that long ago we were in Provo and Jensen was the size of little Sam!

Shelley Eggett said...

Parents of 4!! Holy Moly, you seem to be adjusting so well. Looks and Sounds like a lot of fun at your house.

Natalie said...

The baby in the Easter basket pictures KILL me. So cute.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

i love the basket baby pics! all of your kids are too stinkin cute! i totally laughed when i read that ellie marches to her own drum as I believe Izy does too! love all the pics and i think sam fits perfectly!