Apr 24, 2010

Family of Five

My friend Cami (yes I have a many a friend who take pictures!) took some pictures of my family right before "NED" (he will always be known as Ned pre-birth) was born. One of the greatest things about getting into photography is having friends who are into it too! I would never have as many pictures as I do if it weren't for all of my fabulous picture taking friends! Many of the shoot contains belly shots- I will spare you! Well maybe I'll post one.

Family shoot- pregnancy 010

I LOVE this picture of my kids- LOVE IT! My face looks like I just stepped out of the dentists office all numbed up, (not your fault Cami... I gained A LOT of weight!) but the kids are so cute- I had to post it!

Family shoot- pregnancy 075

Fishy face kisses from my big girl- She is sooo sick right now, so I am missing these smooches! Mia perched herself smack on my belly all the time...maybe that is why I felt like my skin was going to tear away. I think she misses the massive belly a little bit. When I came home from the hospital she went looking for it. It is still kind of there,a hem... so when I ask her where her baby is, she knee walks (yes, still walking on our knees) over lifts up my shirt and slaps my belly.

Family shoot- pregnancy 012

Belly kisses for Nedster. I wondered if Ellie would be as obsessed with her new baby as much as she was/is with Mia. Despite my belief that Mia might get a little relief from constant Ellie love- I was wrong. Somehow she has doubled her amount of love energy and NO ONE gets any rest! This has come in handy a time or two because Sam is quite fond of being held!

Family shoot- pregnancy 011

The last family photo before our sweet little man came into our lives. I am just savoring every little moment with this newbie- it's cuddling central around here.

Cami, thanks for all the fabulous pictures- I love them all!


Tina said...

Simply Beautiful in everyway!

Brimaca said...

I wish I knew all these awesome photographers! So pretty. :)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so gorgeous! i love them all! i'm sorry mia is sick...do you guys need anything! glad you are enjoying your cuddling time..i think i need to come cuddle him too!

the beezer said...

I am so thankful that you have a beautiful family and you look so amazingly HAPPY!!!

Shelley Eggett said...

A Beautiful family! Meems you are gorgeous...pregnant or not. There's just no hiding it. And little Swirlster is just a little love. I love him so much. I'm glad you are cuddling lot's and just enjoying him. They grow so fast as you well know. I'm sorry to here little Mia is sick, I hope she's better soon. Your kids are just beautiful too. Little Mia is becoming quite the little beauty and looking more and more like Ellie.

The Waldon Family said...

Your family is beautiful Mimi, I can't take any credit for the pictures being gorgeous! Thanks so much for letting me spend Saturday with you guys, I had SO much fun. Who knew that such a handsome boy was in that tummy waiting to come out! Thanks for the experience, I loved taking them! See you later Mimi!!