Apr 6, 2010

Getting to Know and Naming the Mr. Ned

* Name predicament at bottom of post-

My home girl Rebecca came to the hospital (with her TWO week old baby) to capture the kids as they met their brother for the first time. Here are some pics-- a lot of pics.

2010-4-1 Sibs 205

Welcome to earth sweet tiny love

2010-4-1 Sibs 046

At First Glance

2010-4-1 Sibs 059

She couldn't quite decide

2010-4-1 Sibs 108

She loved him

2010-4-1 Sibs 109

She loved him, not

2010-4-1 Sibs 114

"Hey, you're new here!"

2010-4-1 Sibs 038

At first glance, his dream of having a brother had come true.

2010-4-1 Sibs 037

A kiss from big brother

2010-4-1 Sibs 026

At first glance, her dream of being "mommy" to a newborn had come true.

2010-4-1 Sibs 132

Male Bonding at it's finest

2010-4-1 Sibs 158

Still deciding.....

2010-4-1 Sibs 159

Pretty sure she loves him

2010-4-1 Sibs 160

Yep, she loves him!!

2010-4-1 Sibs 176

My four little babies first photo

2010-4-1 Sibs 185

"I knew you would come" is what she told him while holding him on the couch.

2010-4-1 Sibs 187

"isn't he darling?" is what she said next. I laughed at her word usage- "darling."

2010-4-1 Sibs 208

The birth story as told by daddy was spot on. It was a beautiful, wonderful, incredible delivery. There were a lot of tears, lots and lots of tears. I feel so blessed and loved...he is perfect!

2010-4-1 Sibs 232

The new McDonald Fam

Our new little one is nestling in quite well into our little family. I apologize for the emails and texts regarding his name. We just can't decide. One day we make up our minds and the next we aren't so sure. I told myself I wouldn't leave the hospital without naming Ned... but I did. I am home and have been home since Saturday and STILL no name!!! He is too cute for words- that's the problem!

The choices we keep going between are:

Samuel Miles (we would call him Sam)

Miles Samuel (we would call him Milo)

Milo Samuel

Sam Miles (daddy doesn't want a one syllable name)

and... just for my sister's sake... Milo Brody!!

We were tossing around Miles Finn... but I can't get over "miles finch." He is the character in ELF that was the children's book author.

So there you have it. Nothing is official but the closest we have come to deciding is Samuel Miles.

I wish I had something official for you- no really... it's keeping me up at night, and that is the last thing I should be doing.

We are all in love with this little man and for now he his identity has consistently been "baby bro."

Feel free to weigh in on our options- my new goal is to decide by... um... er... who am I trying to kid? A few days!!!


qwertycris said...

My vote is for "Miles Samuel"! I love the name Miles, but couldn't ever use it since our last name is Stone... These pictures are so wonderful. I can't believe how grown-up little Miss Mia looks! Gorgeous family, and Milo (I'm practicing) is a doll. ;)

Christy Beal said...

I love Samuel Miles. LOVE it.

And he is darling just like Ellie says - maybe the most beautiful newborn ever. With the BEST hair!

Congratulations you guys!!!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love "baby Bro" and so I think Brodie or however you spell it would be super cute and endearing with a fun story. I know it's not in the running, and I know I've already ran all the name scenarios with you and I like all your choices...excited for the big reveal someday soon! He's super sweet, glad the pics worked out...it was so fun to be there and meet him and see the full McDonald clan all together!

Danielle said...

Jensen is so cute in these photos! Too cute... I veto any name containing Broady. I love any combo of Miles Sam and Finn. Good luck deciding.

Brenda said...

So sweet! Congratulations on the new little one. He's just precious!

Amy said...

What a gorgeous story through pictures! Personally I like Samuel Miles best but whatever you name him will fit him perfectly!!!! God is so good!

Holen Family said...

So adorable! Such a precious baby. Congrats again. I love the pictures of him with his siblings. I like Miles Samuel the best, only because I think Miles McDonald or Milo McDonald is super cute. Have fun with the little one.

jayna said...

oh my goodness- he's a keeper for sure! That hair! His little skin just looks so soft and I love the little bean body! I love Sam and Miles. You can't go wrong there. Good luck!

Talia said...

My vote is for Miles Samuel

Crystal said...

What a cute little family you have. He is so precious! Maybe you should just name him Ned :) I love the name Miles. It is one of my favorite boy names. I'm sure whatever you pick will be just perfect though.

Tina said...

Miles Samuel is a wonderful name and you have a beautiful family.. God Bless

Cristi said...

We love the name Miles! It was on my short list. I know a lot of baby Samuel's right now (going by Sam) so maybe if you name him Miles Samuel, there won't be as many kids in his classes at school and such with the same name as him.

SUPER cute and congratulations!!

Jennifer said...

Oh SNAP! I don't check blogs for a week and I miss this. I can't believe it!!! I'm so happy for you guys. He's so dreamy. Good luck with the name thing. I'm sorry I'm such a slacker friend. I want to come meet him. You have freaking beautiful family!

Jennifer said...

My vote is for Samuel Miles! It just goes well like that together :) And he looks like a Samuel or Sam! He's so cute!

Kristen said...

I like Miles Samuel. He is a cutie! Love the family photos.

Kirsten: said...

He is precious! What a lucky baby boy to have so many siblings to love on him. I really like Miles McDonald! It has an awesome ring to it! So my vote is Miles Samuel. Good luck!

Carrie Hellewell said...

I'm tearing up! How cute are all those pictures! There is something special about siblings. So happy for you!!

I vote Miles Samuel. I love it.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! He definately is "adorable"! I love the sound of Miles McDonald too!

Dan and Sara said...

What a DARLING family you have! He is so beautiful and precious. I loved every single photo, I'm just so happy for you both!

I love all versions of the name, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Good luck deciding :)

Jim Hutchings said...

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little hurt that my suggestion of the hybrid name Smilo didn’t make your final cut. If you refuse to listen to reason, my #2 choice is Samuel Miles (then I can still call him Smilo). I love you guys so much, can’t wait to meet the newest MacDoogle.

Jennifer said...

Mimi everyone looks so happy. Your kids are like poster children for happy siblings! I love baby bro's hair! I can't wait to take pictures!!! I am torn with the name. I think Samuel miles sounds best, but I love Milo! Good luck!

Erin said...

He is THE most adorable baby I think I have EVER seen! I am in LOVE with his cute lips. Oh my! I personally think he looks like a little Miles/Milo. But Sam is cute too. Good luck deciding!

Jim Hutchings said...

Crap...now I'm leaning towards Miles.

John Boy said...

My vote is for Miles Samuel McDonald. We can call him Sam or Milo or Miles, or all three. I am half tempted to make his middle name just be the initial N. for Ned. But there you have it Mimi. There is my vote. Miles Samual. The ball is in your court. Those were some cute pics. Thanks Rebecca. Dude, and my word verification below is "fartive" I was reallly excited to find out this definition, but am sad to say it isn't a word. But, if there were a definition I am sure it would be "the act of breaking wind while in a state of calm euphoria." I've been there.

Jim Hutchings said...

Johnboy... once again ignoring the Smi-Lo. We can all call him Smi-lo too. although if you change the order of his name would it then be Mi-uel? Maybe I'll call him Miley or Miley Cyrus, which we would then shorten to Cyrus just to confuse everyone. I'm with John, Miles Samuel James McDonald sounds good!! I love all the nickname potentials including Samuel the Lamanite.

Mimi said...

Jim... I am liking the smi-lo combo. good call.

Not so much feelin the Miley Cyrus- but I'm sure you've already decided to call him that a time or two anyway.

JB- are you sure? sure sure sure? I don't believe you!! :-)

John Boy said...

I am done. Miles James McDonald. Kidding. Miles Samual McDonald. And Jim, Don't you be talking about Miley, I will have to start from scratch. Dude did you catch that when they bagged on her on Idol last night? Sooooo funny. Cant stand that girl. Please go away. I will say that my favorite TV moment ever was when her and Taylor swift did a duet on one of the award shows. The two most flat singers ever in the history and the sang together. Will anyone ever mention to them that its a little off? Don't think so. We need to get the pair of them working with T-pain

Jim Hutchings said...

Easy now… you can take shots at Miley if you want, but I kinda love Taylor a lil bit. And just so you know your boy WILL be called Cyrus a couple of times no matter what - out of principal. You can change it all up and name him Bob, but the nickname will still be there so just prepare. Just remember that There's always gonna be another mountain. I'm always gonna wanna make it move. Always gonna be a uphill battle. Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Briawna said...

I love the name Miles but how do you feel about the double M thing....Miles McDonald. I'd probably do Samuel Miles, but who am I to say? I'm supposed to have a kid any day and not only do we not know the gender, we don't even have any inkling of names. It's tough. But either way, he's adorable and I'm still jealous that your little one is here. :-)

I heart Max! said...

I'm thinking you are okay with the double M thing since your name is Mimi McDonald and you have a daughter named Mia McDonald......I love John and Jim's private conversation they had here about teenage girls and that it is permanently here on the post of Baby Milo's(?) first photo shoot. John...my work verification is operv....who makes these up?

I heart Max! said...

Oh BTW...the photos are so great. I love those kids! Can't wait to meet baby! Mia is so so so cute with him.

Brimaca said...

Wow!!!! So gorgeous. You all look so happy. Ellie is too cute with her words and love to the new babies. Mia looks so BIG next to baby bro. I think I like Miles Samuel but either way, cute name. So happy for you Mimi. Congrats girl!

Riley Family said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family!! I am so happy for you all!! I LOVE the name MILES, middle or first it doesn't matter. Congrats!

Princess Pookie said...

Sam! "Milo" and Otis...remember the movie?:D

Natalia said...

Don't feel bad, Brad's official birth certificate says Baby Boy Bonner. Yup, that's his origninal name. It took his mom a couple of weeks to decide on a name for him. When you do decide it will be a great name!


Kelli said...

I am behind on blogging and reading blogs so you probably named him by now but I love MM so Miles Samual McD would be my choice. Those pics of all the kids one on one are so sweet and then all 4 kids and the family pics, so perfect! congrats

Sanborn Family said...

Samuel Miles is an adorable name Mimi!! Love it and if fits him to the T! Your photos of the kiddos are great and Mia is a ham!

Shila said...

Funny, I have a cousin named Sam and one named Miles, they are brothers. Brody is darling and I also still like Max. Good luck he is beautiful!

Kirstin said...

Congratulations. He is perfect! I love the dark hair.. I love your kids holding and kissing him... I love that Ellie told him she knew he would come. So perfect. Glad all are doing well. I vote for Miles Samuel! All names are cute and perfect though. Congrats again.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

loved the pics! super cute. your kids are so adorable, especially the ones where they are so admiringly looking at him! i'm no help in the name dept...i like miles samuel and samuel miles! you'll figure it out...stop losing sleep! love ya girl.

Christina said...

Oh, congratulations, Mimi! Sam is our 2nd child and he is the happiest kid. I think Samuel Miles or Miles Samuel are both fantastic names. What a gorgeous family you have.

Jim Hutchings said...

alright this be crazy.... PULL THE TRIGGER

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even express in words how happy I am for you guys, how cute your new little man is, how perfect your little family is, and so on and so on. I'm just so so happy. Mia all the sudden looks huge next to baby bro. She's so grown up. Your pictures are absolutley precious. I love the two close ups of Ellie and him. He is so perfect, probably the cutest baby I've ever seen. And I'm not just sayin that. Makes me want one so bad. I like Samuel Miles, or Miles Samuel. Whatever you decide is great. Just do it and quit losing sleep over it :) Love you Meems, congratulations.

Di said...

sorry I am a horrible friend. I don't check blogs often enough & didn't even know you were expecting again. What a cute little family. Sam is a great name. All the Sam's I've ever known have been awesome, so I have zero negative things to say about that name. Congrats!!!

The Andersens said...

you are the most beautiful family i have ever seen!!! and my goodness, didn't anyone tell you you're not allowed to look that pretty right after you have a baby!!! goodness! such an adorable little boy! love you guys! congratulations!
oh...and i love your little girl calling her little brother "darling". so cute!!! and i love mia's expressions of deciding whether he's a keeper or not. ;)