Apr 19, 2010

The Mark of his Father

John has passed on his swirly cowlick gene onto our little Sam. It is a perfect circle- smack in the middle of his head! I think it will work out OK... although John's are on the side. Regardless.. he is the most adorable little swirly cow-licked boy EVER!

2010-4-9 352

Besides all of his "Sam" inspired nicknames... he has been known as:





Swirl Cone

Whirlpool head

Swirly Whirly


2010-4-9 353

More than one person has commented, "he is going to hate that!" Well... he might, but I just love it! Go ahead and give him a hair inspired nickname... you know you've already thought of one!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Tornado...Oz...Storm chaser...I love it too, but he will hate it. Lol.

Brittoni said...

My son Philip has the exact same cirle right in the middle also. He is twelve now and I know it frustrates him but we have found some fun ways to spike it and cover it up a little bit. Of course when he was little I NEVER covered it up but now he gets frustrated with it. To me Philip wouldn't be philip without it. He also (well still does) tickle his hair with his finger and does it in a circular motion right in the caw lick. Congrats Sam is adoreable!!!

Briawna said...

All my kids have the cowlick in the back. I don't think it's so bad for girls because it just grows out. But the only solution I've found for Palmer is to keep his hair short. Regardless, Sam's a cutie, and swirlie just gives him more personality. :-)

Di said...

We call my little girl Nester too. How can you not love it. That cow-lick is great. It adds to his cuteness for sure.

Erin said...

I love it! In my opinion there is nothing cuter than a cow-licked little boy! It is one of my FAVORITE traits of Benson! And swirlvester is my favorite! So clever! I wonder what nicknames you guys would give my kids! :)

Suzie said...


I love my little nephew and I think that I will win the "smothering with kisses" contest when I get there!

Jim Hutchings said...

Sir Swirls-a-lot


Can you ship the kid to Utah for a weekend so we can see him out here and we'll send him back? (yes I'm still out here, I'm the troll in the Hellewell's basement)

Anne said...

I love it so much. That photo is priceless.