Apr 12, 2010

We Have a NAME!!

The Name of our 4th and final kiddo is....


There I said it! Yes, I feel much better now thank you.

We took a vote- both kids voted Sam, and I have always been on team Sam, so Sam it is.

Actually, his full name is Samuel- but we will just call him Sam.



2010-4-9 134

2010-4-9 132

Isn't he the sweetest thing? I haven't taken enough pictures of him so these will have to do, but no worries... there will be many many more to come.

Jense is pumped because he really wants to call him:

Sam Witwicky

Another family favorite is:

Samwise Gamgee

Today I heard daddy call him:

Sammy Sosa

Yes, the nicknames have already began to flow. A few nicknames need a picture of the boy's hair to understand... stay tuned.


Jim Hutchings said...

Welcome to the world Sammy Boy. We’ll Kick it soon. And just so you know, don’t be fooled if you hear me address you as Smiles, Samuel the Lamanite, Sams’ Club, Samwich, Miles Davis, Uncle Sam, Miley, or Cyrus…. I’m still talking to you.

Jennifer said...

I love Sam! So cute and he, of course is so cute!!! I love all the nicknames. We're a nicknaming bunch too. I'm so happy you FINALLY figured it out!

Rebecca said...


Welcome to the world, Sweet baby SAM!

Kelli said...

love it!

Carrie Hellewell said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Welcome Sammy.

PS. Around here we've already started calling him Smilo.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

yay! so cute! it's funny he still looks like his own lil' person! JD actually said he thinks he looks like Jake. He is a cutie pie that is for sure! Glad your name dilemma is solved. Can't wait to hear all the other nicknames that come about. Has ned stuck around?

The Waldon Family said...

Love your blog Mimi! Your pictures are darling. And Sam is so handsome, you must be so proud!!

Ben said...

Congrats you guys! I love the name... it was worth waiting for. He is gorgeous.

Ben said...

from Leah Reed. ( I didn't log in apparently)

Shelley Eggett said...

I love him! Sam is perfect in every way.

Lindsay Dean said...

There are no words to say how cute he is! Welcome to this beautiful world Sam! Enjoy every minute!
Love to you all!

Sarah said...

I love it. And I love all the nicknames, you guys are so fun :)

Give that baby Sam a little kiss from me. He's making my baby look so big... that's not very nice ;)

Jim Hutchings said...

I forgot "Sam-I-Am"