May 22, 2010

Aunt Nats

This is Aunt Nats & Sammer jammer

She is my sister

She came to visit us, I mean Mia... hmmm... no picture

She wanted to take Mia home with her

Surprisingly, Jense was on board

We loved having her here!

She bought the girls some clothes- thanks Nats!

She bought Ellie extra clothes for "mother's day"

Because she's a little mommy.

She brought the sunshine to us- and it promptly started raining when she left

please come back!

We miss you and the sunshine.


Brimaca said...

I understand being behind on blogs. I have a phobia of getting behind but I'm sure when #3 gets here I'm gonna have to get over it.

We've had a boy name picked out for a couple of years. Now we are debating whether or not to keep it. We still love it, but we are not sure if it fits. I tend to love bible names for boys and this one is not a bible name.

I LOVE your blog. I am so excited each time you have an update. Keep em coming!

Suzie said...

Is it just me or does Nat look like a freaking supermodel in these pictures? Nope. It's not me... she is gorgeous.

I am so jealous of her visit, too! I'm coming little Sam I Am!