May 11, 2010

The big Chop Chop......

NOT to be confused with the "big snip snip."




My Hair

all of it

well except for what is still on my head

but it feels like all of it

It's nice to have a change

John's a little sad


Not sad

Baby Sam?

Not sad

kitchen broom?

Not sad

before and after pictures below

Elvis got her hair chopped too

she wanted it short

and short it is

is she sad?

no, not sad one stitch


Yes, sad


of course

Mostly we're sad that it makes her look older

we're desperately trying

to prevent her from growing up.

This did NOT help.


Hair falling to the floor


I do love her pig-tails now!

Before. in the bathroom mind you.

After. not in the bathroom

Yes, this is a head shot of Moi. I think head shots are silly... well taking them at least. Why would I have such a recent head shot?? Well, some girlfriends and I are starting up a little business and needed them for the website. Looking at my face all head shotty makes me laugh... he he.

2010-5-8 0988

Me and my girlie with our new choppity chop chop hair and sunshine on our faces.


The Simmons Family said...

I love both of your hair cuts.. SO SO cute!!! Why is it when we cut our little ones hair, it makes them look older... when we cut ours, it makes us look younger?

Knight Bliss said...

Very cute! You are both blessed with beautiful hair that grows very quickly so this is not permanant. Lovely Pics too!

Erin said...

So. Cute! Now I want to go and get myself (AND my daughter) a haircut! And that head shot of you is GORGEOUS, silly girl!

What little business are you starting and what is the website???? Do share!

Kristen said...

Absolutely love the new hair style girls! Good choices for your hair. Mimi I miss your long beautiful hair but still think you look hot, lol, in your new look. John will get over it soon!

Susie said...

So, so cute! You guys are adorable! Love all the pics of the little guy too!

jayna said...

I'm taking a cue from this post and simply replying


You know, short for gorgeous. On both of you lovely blondes.

Shelley Eggett said...

Super cute!! I cannot believe how long your hair was. It's looks super cute short too. Actually that's not even considered short in my book, but I'm sure it feels super short to you :)

Sarah said...

Aaaa! I love it! You both look so cute! I think it's so fun to get a new hairstyle, it totally changes things up. You look absolutely beautiful!! I love the head shot :)

Tracy Family said...

Hey Mimi how fun for you and your little princess to get your hair cut together! I'm sure it was like a culture shock at first. I have always had long hair and my senior year of HS I cut it to my chin, yes my chin! I donated it to locks of love and I cried at night a few nights because I felt naked! But it was a great cause so I got over it, but everyone was shocked when I came to school the next day. Thank goodness my hair grows fast because I didn't like it THAT short. I'm sure its so much easier with a newborn too, Caleb loves to grab and suck on my hair and it's a mess at the end of the day!

Amy said...

You both look beautiful! The shorter cuts bring more attention to your gorgeous smiles!

angela said...

I love the haircuts. You both look great, really. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

your both so beautiful. I am not a big fan of chop chop but for you both, perfect!

Talia said...

LOVE the haircuts, beautiful, both of you!

Erin said...

I love it! You both look really cute!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT!! I think it's perfect!

the beezer said...

It is so crazy...Your head shot looks just like your drill team one in high school....CRAZY!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

you both are GORGEOUS! I love your short hair and your long hair! Lucky for you both you look great either way! Can't wait for your lil' business! I'll have to give you the name of Izy's preschool in the fall if you want to make the trek to FW!