May 10, 2010

Born to be a MOM!

My mom was born to be a Mom! Mom, you are the best mom... really you are! The longer I am a mother the more I learn just how wonderful of a mother you are! You are an angel mother and I love you!!!

You know who else was born to be a mother??

This girl.
It's only appropriate that on mother's day I honor this little moma! She wakes me up every morning insisting that she needs to hold "baby boo jewg."

She holds her new bundle of joy almost as much as his real mom. Her mommy skills came in quite handy while Mia was sick and needed me. Sam, believe it or not, is generally happy to be held/danced/rocked/burped by "mommy #2"

She can put in the bink with her mouth while holding her little bundle

2010-4-22 3022

She's got that longing - loving look while she holds him- so sweet!

2010-5-8 2855

She promptly takes the baby after he nurses to burp him... and he does... burp that is. oh, and there's a sneak peak of her short hair.

2010-5-8 2922

While I was snapping away, I think she wanted to show off... and held Sam one handed, and helped Mia walk across the room. Already mommy multitasking.

2010-5-8 2056

Ellie's mother's day program at her school melted my heart! I wanted to cry- yes, it was sweet and endearing... but I wanted to cry because I felt like a terrible mother that day. I didn't let her wear the outfit she really wanted to. Well, not so much outfit, but pettiskirt. She kept telling me that all the girls were supposed to look really pretty. I just wanted to get her out of the door and off to preschool. I should have just went with it, but there were two babies crying, and I convinced her that the sequins (on her shirt) were pretty enough. All this heartache (hers and mine) over a stinkin pettiskirt.

2010-5-8 1988

She must have gotten over it quickly, because she was all smiles at the program. Afterward I told her she could wear her fancy skirt for her VIP day, she lit up and gave me a big hug. I still feel badly, but it was a good learning experience for me. Life's too short not to wear your pettiskirt as much as possible I suppose.

Jensen's program was equally adorable. He sang loud and proud the entire time, that surprised me really. He was so proud of all of the mother's day gifts he made for me, especially the clay necklace. I was too! The kids also made a cute watering can at church, and a lovely hanging basket that I LOVE!

My friend posted this on her blog, it is so touching, and perfect for Mother's Day! This woman is such a great example of motherhood!! She is amazing.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Sanborn Family said...


You don't know me; but, I have been following your blog for a long time. You are an ispiration to me! You are a great MOM and your kids are ADORABLE! I love getting up in the morning to check your blog to see if you updated anything because I love reading what you write.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Beth in Oregon

Mimi said...

Oh Beth-

Thank you! You have soooo made my day!

Nice to meet you!

Talia said...

Ellie looks so precious! She truly looks like a mommy in training! She will have a wonderful mother to take after!