May 17, 2010

More Mia anyone?

Using his daddy's camera, Jensen took some of the pictures for this post.

I haven't written about my little sweetie in a minute. Mia is better, she is back to her happy screaming, and knee running.

She is busy busy busy. She played in her first toilette... hopefully it was her last. She empties drawers, pulls out wipes non stop, helps with the dishwasher load/unload process, and makes a colossal mess at every meal.

She still says, "no" to everything. It is a really sweet, it's an almost whispered, drawn out "no." Daddy likes to ask her all sorts of questions so she can sweetly reply "no." He asks her, "Do you want to go do Disneyland?" or "Do you want five dollars?" His favorite question to ask her is.. "Do you love mommy the most?" Interestingly enough, she never responds to him the way he would like. Ok, ok, she does. It's messed up!

She insists on being outside every waking minute of the day. Luckily the weather has been cooperating. She sits at the backdoor and cries and cries until someone will take her out. She generally gets her way...for a little while at least. On the walk to the swings she screams with delight.

She has adapted really well to Sam. She doesn't seem to mind that he came into existence. She rubs his head a lot... something we did not teach her to do. She pats him when I'm burping him, (something we did teach her) but most of all she likes to take his binki. She is our little binki bandit and promptly puts the binki in her mouth. Another thing that is adorable is how she assists with all diaper changes that take place downstairs. When Mia needs a change she will knee walk to the diaper cupboard and retrieve a diaper and bring it to the adult in the room. She is also in charge of all of the wipes. She pulls out a wipe and says something in her own little language... this continues until I remove the wipes. When I am changing Sam, she is my little assistant as well. She hands me all the wipes and says something... I don't know what it is, but taking a stab I would guess she is saying, "here you go mom." Also, it's hilarious to me that she is showing signs of wanting to potty train, but DOESN'T WALK YET!! We won't be entertaining any ideas of potty training until she can get herself into the bathroom on her feet.

She can walk and will walk and actually enjoys entertaining people by walking, but to her, walking it is not a mode of getting from a to b. She is plum NOT INTERESTED in walking on her own accord. I think she will figure it out soon because she will now walk long distances without a scared look on her face. We have a lot of video of her walking, a lot, a lot, a lot- but I will post a video when her walking becomes a tad more "official."

She hands out super sweet kisses and hugs. We call hugs, "arms around nuh neck" and she squeezes so's the best!

Mia loves her "rice therapy." She loves "playing rice" and will sit in that bin forever. We are trying to get her feet used to different textures so she will walk someday. Standing in rice and beans is our last hope :-) I have always loved sensory tables... so I find myself "playing rice" along with Mia. Well, until Sam cries of course. When I get up the courage I will try some shaving cream in her bin- that will be fun- AND she will smell all yummy after her bath.

We went to her appointment last week and everything is looking GREAT! Her BNP went back down... HALLELUJAH. Her last BNP was 235, and that number gave me major anxiety. Luckily we are back down... it's possible it was so high because she was getting sick then... who knows.

This is Mia with my doc, Dr. Stefanelli. He had never met her before...ever. I felt a little bad that I have never taken her back to the office that watched over her all those weeks of pregnancy. He called often to check in on us during her wait as well. They all loved her of course! I love NWCHC- the staff is fantastic.

Speaking of that that visit... my valve that had increased in insufficiency due to pregnancy, is now back to where it was beforehand. Wut wut!! Don't get too excited though because the root is still dilated with no chance of going back to where it was. Dr S wants me to go back on the meds, but the drug is not breastfeeding friendly, so I am allowed to wait. He asked me how long I intend to nurse. I said, "six months?" knowing that he would be fine waiting six months so I can nurse. I will try and milk it (he he) for longer when I go in. I of course don't want to jeopardize anything, but I really really want to nurse my little Sam for as long as possible. I would be thrilled with a year so we'll see what he says next time I go in.

On the heart subject- another little baby girl (same doctor) was born this week who needs a transplant. I visited with her mom before she was born, and am just taken back to two years ago. It is pretty unusual to know before you have your baby that they will require a transplant. Generally it is news parents receive after birth, or if a defect is found before birth, parents generally have more options or time before being dependent on a transplant. Besides Mia, this is the first little girl I know that was born completely dependent on a transplant. I check my email all the time waiting for some news. Please pray for this sweet family!

* I promise promise I am working on the feeding blog- it is difficult to get all of it out- I apologize to the mom's who have emailed/called for tips. I'll get on it.


The Smith's said...

We love that man! I just realized reading your post that I don't have any pictures of Luke with Dr. S. Bad! I'm so glad your heart's doing better, and Mia's doing better! What great news.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

wow, so much happy and sad news in that post! love all the pics of sweet Mia. So glad your heart is doing a little better. I will pray you get to nurse as long as you want! I will keep this new fam in my prayers too. do they have a blog? miss you. take care.

Talia said...

So glad to see how well Mia is doing. She looks FANTASTIC! Can't wait to get our crazy toddlers together again!

The Heaps Family said...

I'm so glad to see things are well with your little Mia. I'm glad that things are well with you too. Your little boy is a cutie.

Jennifer said...

I used to let my kids play with rice! They LOVED it. I made the kids rainbow rice. You add some food coloring and white vinegar to the rice, mix it up and then bake it in the oven (to cook off the vinegar). So much fun when it is pretty colors. We would even change the colors depending on the season or holidays. I didn't know Mia was sick, glad she is on the mend!

Jamie said...

I haven't been on in awhile but i saw your updated blogs and it is so great that mia is doing so good and congrats on the new baby I am going to update shaylas blog too since i am on but that is just great that everything is going so good

Shelley Eggett said...

Meems....all 3 of my kids didn't walk til almost 18 months. Mia's not that bad off. She'll do it, don't stress.

Love your updates and your kids. They make me happy!

Suzie said...

I can't get enough of that Mia - she is everyone's sweetheart!

Is it just me or does your doctor look a little like Bear Grylls?