May 3, 2010

Opinions Please


For my birthday I am getting my hair cut- yes C U T cut!!

It has been too long... for too long.

Sorry dad- it's time. Last year my dad told me, "don't you dare cut your hair!" My hair is falling out at an alarming rate, and I'm starting to feel like Willie Nelson. Also, it's just easier to have a newborn with out long hair getting in the way. It grows fast dad...promise.

so... the question is:

1- Long Wispy bangs- minimal layers?

2- No bangs... layers?

3- flat ironed choppy layers?

4- Short bangs?

5- Lots of layers?

Que Piensas?

I am not one of those people who think they can waltz into the salon with a picture and come home looking like the celebrity- wouldn't that be nice!? but it is still fun to plan for a fun hair cut.

*I do need to cut at least 10 inches

*I have big ears, so.... don't go suggesting a bob

*and it will probably be in a pony tail 6 out of 7 days of the week,

I will post some before and afters after it's done. Ellie is coming too... she has been begging, and by begging I mean sulking, and by sulking I mean angry, that she can't have hair like AUNT NATS. It so much easier to do her hair long, but I am in that place where I am trying to be open to her desires as well- TRYING! It will be sad for me to see her long hair go- what is it with my family and parental favor toward long hair? She'll be cute no matter what, but it's still a little sad for me.

Aunt Nats is flyin in for my b-day and we are off to the salon... operation "Aunt Nats" hair. If Ellie insists on looking like someone, I am glad it is my sister.

So cast your vote #1?, 2? maybe 3? I have had the same hair cut- "just a trim" for a few years now- so what's your advice?


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Since I'm the first commenter (unless someone is commenting at this very moment, that has happened to me before), I will add that Mimi has unusually perfect hair. She doesn't even have to dry it for it to lay really nice and straight...which is why I say you can do any of those hair dos and be fine. I like the first one the best. I don't think that the short bang is easy, because you wind up touching the bangs with your hands a lot and that makes them greasy faster and I know you have the luxury of not having to wash your luscious locks everyday, so you don't want to be sporting greasy bangs every day. Anyway, your hair will work with anything. I'd stay away from lots of layers in most cases, but not in your case...because your hair is the bomb!

BarbaraJo said...

I vote #1. Some bangs with lights layers seems to be the going trend.

Erin said...

My favorite is #1... way cute! My next favorite is #5. I completely understand you not wanting to cut Ellie's hair. Me and MY Ellie have been having the same problem... she wants her hair cut to her shoulders and I love her long hair. Maybe your Ellie will help me feel okay about cutting all that beautiful hair off my Ellie!

Can't wait to see it!

Carrie Hellewell said...

I vote for either #1 or #2 and here is why. They would both look cute on you. I also wouldn't do the short bang thing. I did and HATE it. They are always in my face. Changing diapers with bangs stinks! I'm always pinning them back anyway so what's the point? I'm a no nonsense gal and like simplicity. If it doesn't look good in a ponytail and if those bangs don't stay behind your ears, don't do it.

Carrie Hellewell said...

Oh and a few weeks ago Roxie finally got her hair cut after WEEKS of begging. I was sad to see it go but to be honest I have loved it being gone. It's so much easier!

Julie said...

Not much variety coming from me. I like #1 too!

Kevin and Andrea said...
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MFA Mama said...

I vote #1!

angela said...

my vote is for #1 or #2 - can't wait to see what you do!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

your hair is so gorgeous long well it's pretty much always gorgeous so it will look great any of these ways but my vote is for 1 or 2. have fun at the salon. can't wait to see pics!are you going to donate it to locks of love?

Jennifer said...

I promise I'm not following the crowd. I made my choice before I saw the comments, but my vote is also for #1. I just think it looks the most like you. I also agree that you can make any one of those look hot. I can't wait for the pictures.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

Christy Beal said...

Im cutting bangs soon - short ones - so i vote #4!

Shila said...

number one

Kirstin said...

You probably already had it done since your birthday was yesterday (HAPPY HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY by the way!) But I am saying number 1. I think the layers and long bangs would look great on you. How sad is it that you can cut off ten inches and still have hair longer than the longest my hair has ever been! NOT FAIR! You will look gorgeous whatever you decided to do though!

Princess Pookie said...

Lots of layers will drive you nuts. Bangs will drive you even nuttier! Good luck hot stuff!:D
Happy Birthday!