May 8, 2010

Sir Smiles a lot

My Favorite birthday gift was little man givin' up the smiles!!! Oh my heart!!


jayna said...

He is adorable. Happy Birthday! And...what about the hair???

Briawna said...

I can't wait for Teya to smile "for real". We get the sleeping smiles (I refuse to call them just gas) but I can't wait for the real thing. P.S. I'm serious about that early betrothal thing. Who says our kids need agency in their eternal companion? :-)

Rebecca said...

He is too stinkin' cute!

Your pictures are amazing, too.

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Blessings~ Rebecca

Family Scads said...

Mimi, he is PERFECT! I just want to reach through the computer and cuddle him (how creepy does that sound?). I am so happy for all of you. Sure wish we lived closer so that we could get together! Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Those are beautiful smiles. I can't believe he is ever awake enough for your to play with him. he is ALWAYS sleeping when I come over!

Shelley Eggett said...

Ahhh...I love his smiles!