Jun 7, 2010

Blessed Be

2010-5-30 0011

Sam was blessed last Sunday by his daddy. It was a beautiful blessing!
Oh, and look at this face!!! I'm in love!

2010-5-30 1111

I am overjoyed to have a newborn! Holding my sweet little Sam heals my heart from not being able to hold Baby Mia- and boy do we burn a lot of hours in Mia's hospital recliner. When Mia sits on my lap while I hold Sam- that is pretty much heaven on earth. Two babies, one mommy, comfy chair. Sometimes heaven fades when one of the babies decides to fuss.

2010-5-30 1122

Wut up?? I love this picture. He's ready to hand out fives to all of his homies.

2010-5-30 0200

There are just too many to pick from...since I kind of have a photography addiction you will have to bear with me. or not- I even roll my eyes at myself sometimes knowing it's just too many photos. Speaking of photography- my friend let me use her studio for these pics- Thanks Jennifer!!
2010-5-30 110

Ok, last one... I Swear! His blessing outfit was sewn by momacita (Sam's Nana)
I love it! I need another boy after this I guess.

2010-6-2 1677

Family who made it to the blessing- thanks for coming family!! Although it rained during our family lunch, it cleared up for more picture taking fun. see below.

2010-6-2 0244

Big Brother & Lil' Bro-
Jense sure loves you Sam, and wants to hold you even when you're sad.

2010-6-2 0388

Your big sis has the magic touch. She is a baby whisperer with that binki

2010-6-2 0477

Sam... your daddy, two grandpas, four uncles, and six of your daddy's closest friends blessed you on May 30th 2010. It was a glorious day and one your mommy will never forget. I sure love your little baby self, and wish I could freeze you as my two month old... just a little longer. I love you Sam.


jayna said...

He is heart-meltingly dapper with his little boy tie.

Seeing these pictures make me think maybe I could have done "boys" afterall, given the chance... :)

MFA Mama said...

Om nom nom nom srsly BABY BOYS oh my goodness, so tasty! I had three and loved the tiny phase too :)

Shelley Eggett said...

Such a handsome little dude!

Melissa Guay said...

Adorable - I think he looks so much like Mia.
Hey Mimi, what kind of camera do you have?