Jun 3, 2010

Los Ninos

Jensen lost a tooth
Ellie can ride a bike
Mia is walking (not)
Sam sleeps a lot

and that's what you missed on GLEE

* make sure you pronounce "Glee" in a high pitched voice.

OK- so item #1

Jense Lost his second tooth of his life time, and already has one all grown in. It actually grew in behind his baby tooth, so when I pulled it out (yes, I pulled it out) he wasn't toothless. The expression "pulling teeth" doesn't apply here. His first tooth was pulled out with tweezers... his choice, not mine... by me. I am his first choice for slivers, and apparently I have all the trust to get his teeth out too. He lost his first tooth the day before Sam was born so I missed the whole morning excitement of the tooth fairy. This time, boy oh boy, was it exciting. My kids might just be the cutest kids alive... they made thank you cards for the tooth fairy! Who does that?? Not only did they make thank you cards, but they wrapped up some gifts for her too. When I turned over the pillow last night I almost woke him up by laughing at the loot.

Ellie's card: to the toot faree Jensen's card: thank yo tooth faree

-Ellie created her "fancy" E's- the papers with the swirls coming out of the E's.
- some rocks from the collection
- dum dums
- granola bar
- tooth (not pictured)
- necklace (not pictured)

Sometimes they are so stinkin cute... sometimes!!

* side note- Ellie has been trying to pull her teeth out with tweezers as well. She wants a silver dollar from the tooth fairy really really badly! I had to hide the tweezers.

#2) Ellie can ride a bike... not much to say here... just something for her to know when she is reading this in 30 years. After a good 20 minutes off of training wheels and a daddy by her side, she was peddling away. Good job sis.

#3) Mia, oh Mia. Your knees are so so tired and probably damaged- let's hop on the horn and walk girl! She does have the beat, this one. Mia will dance on command and even has different dance moves for different songs. When I play ringtones on my phone she rolls her arms to the ringtone titled "sunny day." You know, rolling her arms as if she were playing pat a cake, or singing "do as I'm doing, follow follow me." It's cute.

#4) Is it normal for a 2 month old to sleep like a 1 day old? He is an ultra napper and doesn't stay awake long enough for us to get our fill of his little personality. Wake up Sam, Wake up!


Brimaca said...

They are really, really, really cute. I can't get enough of them.

Anne said...

Meem, your kids are cute all of the time. I love your blog. It is a family treasure allready. you are capturing this part of life and parenthood so well!

Shelley Eggett said...

Wow 4 kids! You are a busy Momma! Such fun little milestones. Be Patient, Mia will walk soon.