Jun 14, 2010

A New Adventure

ellie extra credit

Some girl friends and I are starting up a little photography business.

Our plan is to take photos of Montessori, private, and local preschool students. If you have a child attending one of these schools and want fabulous pictures to bring home on picture day, check out our website and send referrals our way.

dance (1 of 3)edit

The greatest thing about photography is having the most spectacular model EVER. She is always a good sport... and quite the poser. This is her dance recital costume..that post is at the end of a long list of blogs yet to come.

So wish us luck- I am excited. I have never had a "fun" business before. I suppose our current business is "fun" but it's definitely more fun for John than it is for me.

2010-4-28 112

To see more darling kiddos (not just E) and our newly launched site click HERE. We just got the website up and running so if you have feedback let us know.


Princess Pookie said...

Ah, excuse me lady. I think the bow goes in the back!:D Hats off to you and your new adventure!

Erin said...

What a GREAT idea! Those pictures are too cute, and the website looks great! Good Luck!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Ha, ha, ha! I didn't know the bow went in the back! That's what we get for dressing her ourselves! Lol.

Sarah said...

Wow!! You really are superwoman, Mimi! Congrats and best of luck on the new adventure! Those pictures are adorable, if you were closer I would ABSOLUTELY hire you! :)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

very cool! i'm so excited for you! izy is starting preschool in the fall so i will definitely tell her teacher about you! it was wonderful to see you tonight. i always have so much fun with you!