Jul 23, 2010

Going, going... GONE

My little Mr. has all but lost his hair. I am tempted to buzz the last snippet of hair, but I can't bring myself to do it. He would make an adorable baldy!

Just wanted to document this little handsome man minus his hair. Love this kid!

My friend Rebecca and I took an insane amount of pictures of this little dude... It was for a 3 month old post, but since I am at least a month behind in blogging, it will probably never happen. Maybe I'll shoot for a 4 month old post.
She had this darling knit hat that we put on Sammers. I love it! I wanted to steal it, but my mom taught me not to steal. Don't you just want to snack on those cheeks?

Sam is the happiest baby- he gives out his smiles so freely. My favorite thing about him right now are his flirty eyebrows. Mia is the queen of the slow blink flirt, but Sam has thee most adorable eye brow flirt. He will look at me, especially after just waking up, and lift his eye brows up two times really quickly. It is his pickup line of choice- and he has my number fo show! He can also do the one eye brow flirt- which is something I have never been able to do. My sister Suzie can raise one eye brown like nobodies business, but I have never been able to. Sam will look at you then raise one eye brow... as if to ask what you're doing. It's cute!

Another thing that is going going... is his babyhood.

He started grabbing for things the other day, now he's super busy grabbing anything dangling above him. The other thing that changed that makes me crazy sad is that he has officially crossed over to a forward facing position in his carrier. Don't get me wrong, I love that he can greet the world and flirt incessantly; it just seems so dramatic because he's my last little peanut! I better get all of my baby wearing needs fulfilled in the next couple months!

No he is not sitting up, I held him up and counted to three then let go while she snapped away. He is a big fan of his bumbo seat, and his muscles are working on the whole sitting up thing. He can sit for a few seconds, then jerks one way and over he goes... it's so fun. The kids call this activity "timber" and they request to play it often. Sam has to be in the right mood and he's all smiles playing timber.

The other day we were cleaning out the garage and Sam was asleep in the bouncy seat. He was out cold, then I walked past him and found him playing with his toys in his sleep. It was cracking me up...he's got to get so much play time in with his new found abilities that he stayed busy even during sleepy time. I uploaded a video...and yes that is a pink blanket- it won't be the last pink blanket you see on Mr. Sam either. There are like 10 pink blankets to every 1 of any other color floating around here. Sorry Sam.


Brimaca said...

I want him.

Erin said...

You have such a cute family and your little guy is so adorable!