Jul 31, 2010

Soccer n' Such

Someone signed up for soccer this year.

She played goalie

the most

Her favorite part of soccer was shopping for the snack. Anything that has to do with distribution of ANYTHING- she's all business. Kicking the ball was optional in her world...instead she did a lot of hair twirling on the soccer field. She isn't a hair twirler by nature, but she had just had it cut, and couldn't keep her hands off. If daddy was there, she stayed on task and got the ball, but mommy was just a spectator of the hair twirling. There is something to be said for dad's and their abilities to get their children movin.

Ellie also took a creative movement dance class this past year. She had a lot of fun being creative and much of those dance moves transferred from the studio to the house. One day she was boogying down and didn't want me to watch, so I put the computer on the table and pretended to use it. I could see her perfectly in the reflection... I'm so mean. I couldn't help it, she was going to town! I love watching her dance.

For her recital she was also able to be in a "party in the usa" dance that rocked her world. We all know (cause I blogged about it) how much she loves that song. My friend Jodee let her join in that tap dance last minute for the recital- she was in heaven! She keeps wearing the costume and shaking her hips like yeah. The girl loves dancing.


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

super cute!

The Simmons Family said...

Such a cute soccer player!! Kamryn used to sit in the middle of the field and pick grass. She's rather shake it in a dance studio. Girls. :)

Dan and Sara said...

What a cutie pie! I love that she likes to " get down." I'm sure she'll be a great dancer just like her momma. You have the cutest little family!