Jul 5, 2010

Sun River (a short story)

We went on a last minute vacation to Sun River Oregon. Our time there was well spent! On the drive down, I fell in love with the landscape and couldn't stop taking pictures. There are a million more pictures like this one, taken from the car going 70mph- but I'll spare you.

OK, except for these- We drove for miles with a full rainbow right in front of us, it was a great way to start off a trip, and entertain the kids.

We even found the end of the rainbow... it went straight into the water- no pot of gold though. Growing up, I wholeheartedly believed that a pot of gold would be waiting for me if I ever found the end of a rainbow. This is the first end I've ever seen, but didn't see any pots.

We explored a cave. The kids were in heaven, and got excited about the "darkaness." It was quite cold, but that didn't stop them. Give these kids a flash light and a long cave, and get ready to move it...we could barely keep up with them.

Jense loved the cave- he felt like an "explorer." On the way home I asked him what his favorite part was... he said with intense excitement, "fishing!!" I'm a little surprised that fishing beat out cave exploring.

Mia was a trooper through the cave- she was in the backpack most of the time, until she started losing her mind :-) I knew it was cold, but when we got her out of the cave her little lips had turned a little purple... she was freezing! poor baby.

Cutest brothers on the planet! We love these kids! In fact, Ellie has a sign on her door that says... "only Eli and Isak."

Little Miss Evie Stevie- Mia's BFF! She kept cracking me up, because her phrase of choice is, "yo momma."

The girls with their daddies at the end of the waterfall hike. Yes, waterfall... this place has it all! D

It would be impossible for John not to throw something down into the water.

Mia with her Auntie Beebs "Beeps" on the hike

Before we could stop her, Ellie was on top of a fallen tree that was crossing a pretty steep ravine. At least she is doing her dare devil stunts in style.

Three of my four little creeps.
John has always called our kids "creeps." It sounds mean, but it is said lovingly...truly.

More hiking...the trail said it was ONE mile, but I swear they were wrong! I felt like we were walking to the waterfalls for at least 2.

mmmm... Navajo Tacos!

If there is one thing we did on this trip- it was EAT. We ate and ate and ate. Besides Navajo Tacos, we ate steak, shish kabobs, Hawaiin Haystacks, and all sorts of delicious treats. I'm still full just thinking about it.
We played some games...we were all sorely beaten (repeatedly) by uncle Dillon at a game called perpetual commotion. I think he doubled my score, I was not good at it at all.

We spent one afternoon at a park. The kids loved the "spiny toy." It was quite fun... Sam and I got in on the action. It seems like a lot of spinning toys have been banned from playgrounds, so this was exciting for us all.

John and Ellie got some good use out of the buddy bike. John took long bike rides with the kids, there were a lot of bike trails. I only did a few laps with Jense, but am sold on this bike.

"CANYON BALLS!" I refuse to correct my son... it makes my heart happy, so happy, that when he jumps into a pool he yells as loud as he can... "Canyon ball."

Sammers loved the tire swing, he slept like this for a long time- how handy was that?

Tennis lessons from Uncle D

Jense is such a fun kid to have around because he is excited about everything. He wants to try everything and generally has a great attitude about it all. Unless, of course you are trying to take his picture with sun going into his eyes. (see below)

The thing I love about this picture is how my albino children are struggling to look, and then my sister in laws kids with brown eyes...seem to be just fine. This was on top of a volcano. We walked around the rim, and threw some more rocks. Again, a volcano seems cooler that fishing... to me at least.

We kept asking him to cover the E... he was confused, then he read the sign. He thought it was pretty hilarious after that.

It doesn't get any sweeter than this! Mia, LOVED getting away. She really started walking pretty good on this trip. She had Evie to keep up with who has been walking for awhile. It was fun to see her in the mix and just be one of the kids.

PJ time. Ellie doesn't seem to mind that she is the only girl.

I am so happy that my kids have these cousins so close. They just love each other, and want to do something with them everyday. I think about their relationships with these cousins and feel confident that they are enjoying their childhood.

Thanks a million Uncle D and Auntie Beebs- it was the best vacation ever!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

That is an amazing place, we need to revisit it. I love all the pics and the rainbow! I want to play some more perpetual commotion with D and see if he can double your score...because you are fast...he must be like lightning...

Dan.Beth.Miranda.Hayley said...

I love Sun River!! I am only a couple hours from there! It is a wonderful vacation place. Glad you had fun!

jayna said...

That was quite the post, and I liked it!

I've heard of sun river, but we've never visited. You have inspired me (although I want to go when it's warm...)

How cute are your kiddos? And getting so big! Can you believe our "babies" are seven this year??!

Bebop said...

We have to go here...this is EXACTLY the vacation that I have been searching for! All I know is that I want to do some Canyon Balls, which I will never again say cannon ball! Mimi,
Your family is the utmost!

Shelley Eggett said...

Looks like so much fun!

Anne said...

We are so glad you came with us! We had a blast! i love the post, and all of the wonderful pictures.