Jul 15, 2010

Which is Which?

So, I decided to recreate the one picture I have from my childhood... he he. Ok ok, there's another one, but I don't know where it is.

If you've ever wondered why every post has a 10 picture minimum- now you know. Photos of my children are a product of their mother over compensating ... No denial here.

My Aunt Lani is fabulous! She is also, as depicted in these photos...timeless!

So my question to you is which is which? Can you tell? One is me and one Mia

I felt all fancy re creating this photo... I mean not that fancy, but don't be surprised if my recreations crop up now and again. There are a million photos of John that I am dying to showcase.

Ok, now that I look at it you can totally tell. I am still trying to unlock the mystery that is photoshop, and I'm too tired to keep trying. My experimenting turned out too antiquey- they need a 1983 button.

Oh, and this isn't the last of Lani either. She recently came with me to our Children's Day, and those pictures will be posted eventually. We love you Lan!

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Summer Carlile said...

This picture is so awesome. I love that you did this. It makes me want to do something like this when we have kids.