Aug 3, 2010

4 months OLD and Cute as can be

Well I'm only a few days off from the 4th month milestone. Babies change so rapidly, I almost need to do an "update" every week. My little Sam!

Last week while playing with some friends, he decided to roll over. He is a pretty active little dude, but I never really put him down wondering if he would roll over. Sure enough... he rolled right over. He rolled from his back to his tummy a few times, then the next day rolled from his tummy to his back. I was shocked that he rolled from his tummy to his back because he is NEVER on his tummy. Having Mia as an older sister means that mommy does things a little differently. I never put him on his tummy... ya know, cause it hurts his chest. There a few other things this go around that I am recognizing I do as a result of being Mia's mom. I need to CHILL OUT! Sam is healthy- why can't I convince myself???

I love this shirt... I can't remember who gave it to him, but it says: "future Hunk" watch out girls! I like the word Hunk... who uses that anymore? It's a great word.. hunk. This picture was taken right after the 1st roll over.

Sam is ultra fond of his little piggies. When I lay him down on his back... which we now know is always, his feet swing up to his hands- he is so busy playing with those feet. His hands are in constant motion, like when...

he makes eye contact with someone, his hands immediate go in his mouth with a big smile on his face. Putting his fists in his mouth is a knee- jerk reaction to anyone giving him attention. John's commentary for this reaction is "Oh garsh."

There are times when he can't decide between the foot or mouth so he evens it up with one of each.

Oh, there it is again-

He wants to grab every thing in sight. I put this toy up on his bumbo just to see what he would do, and he grabbed it straightway. The rattle inside of the spinning toy made him squint, but he kept playing anyway. I think he was afraid of the noise, but couldn't help but grab- we got a good laugh watching him torture himself.

1st time in the jumperoo
gotta love the ankles... give them two more months and you won't see any ankle at all.

1st time in a big boy swing

1st time riding in the bike trailer (on an actual bike ride)

1st time sleeping through the night!
yeah right! Sam wakes up at 5:00 AM like clock work...I guess technically he is asleep by 10:00 so that is pretty good. Now if mommy could go to sleep at 10... luckily after being fed he goes right back to sleep until mommy get's up.

1st time holding his own bottle-

He has already experienced so many "firsts" I just can't get over how quickly he is growing up. On this very day(of age), Mia was in the OR receiving a heart transplant. That is so crazy for me to think about, for so many reasons. It truly puts in perspective how incredible life is. We are so lucky... so lucky to have both babies here with us and doing so many fun things!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh so sweet, your posts always make me teary! he is such a cutie, as are all your babies! glad you all are doing so well!

ann said...

I used the word 'hunk' last night and my children laughed uproariously at me - so to answer your question about WHO uses that word...nobody but the elders among us. I must be an elder. TOO cute, little Sam, gnaw on those fingers. He's adooorable.

Brimaca said...

So cute! And your kitchen makes me want to redecorate. :)

I can never see enough of your cute munchkins. Post as often as possible.

Carrie Hellewell said...

That first picture of Sam is so classic! I love his little face. All the pictures look so good. You're becoming quite the photographer Meems!

Rebecca said...

Wow! What a HUNK he is at a whopping 4 months, too! :) I just keep thinking that he is looking more and more like Mia (and probably your other babies',too but she's the only one I "saw" at this age).

Love all the pics...I got a new lens last week and am hoping to capture some more precious moments soon...since Luke will be 1 in a little over 2 weeks! Heaven, help me!

Maria said...

What a little sweetie... He's darling! You must be one proud Momma!!!

Shila said...

He is so darling, I just want to smell his head! My favorite pic is the one of him asleep with his arms up in the air. How darling! Haven't seen you in a while we will have to do one of those playdates with all this sis in laws. Or maybe even a girls night. Shane will be gone next Thursday for a week, hmmmmmmm!

Sarah said...

Meemers, he is ADORABLE! I love his happy little face. What a cutie!!!