Aug 10, 2010

Best of Friends

I am so glad that these two have each other, and despite arguing like cats and dogs some days, MOST days they are the best of friends. Jense is the perfect older brother, and Ellie definitely fulfills her roll as the little sis. It's fun to watch them in their daily adventures of playing pretend. On this particular day they were launching balloon rockets into our neighbors yard.

One good thing about how frequently it rains here, is the fact that the kids get a fresh canvas everyday. I have several pictures of their chalk artwork...mostly rockets, and people figures. Jense has been a rocket boy for years, and his rockets are getting really detailed. My only complaint about all of the colored chalk artistry is how chalk dust gets on EVERYTHING! When kids are cute and ready for the day and then come inside twenty minutes later covered in chalk I question why I even try...and often times... I don't.

2010-2-19 341

Ok, this is a perfect example of these two kiddos. Jense was playing the Wii, and Ellie wanted to make sure he was cozy. Coziness ranks pretty high in this household! She first covered him with my plush robe, then surrounded him with pillows. Lastly, she put pillows under his elbows- heaven forbid he play the wii without padding under his elbows. I love the nurturer within my little girl... it's exhausting...but I love it.

2010-2-19 266

Getting into the toys...these two have created many a train town, lego land, and built block towers. The latest thing the love to do is put together puzzles. A neighbor gave me a bunch of puzzles, and the kids could spend hours working a puzzle. Daddy is notorious for throwing away puzzle pieces, so they are trying to keep them all together.

2010-4-9 314

It's not ALL fun and games around here though... here they are earning pennies. I pay them to pick up pine cones. They have regular jobs, but this one is a money job. I was shocked at how many pine cones they picked up...they feed off each other and that means less pine cone removal for me!

They are the goofiest kids alive...I don't know where they get it!

They will even hold hands for a picture! Jense looks sooo thrilled.

A few weeks ago, Jense wanted to play "Avatar" a cartoon that the kids and John watch together. I don't care for it, but they record every episode, and watch them all. We had just shaved Jensen's hair so he had the perfect "Aang" head.

After playing for awhile, they ran in the house and insisted that they have blue arrows pained on their heads. Jense was on cloud nine playing Avatar...and I am on cloud nine with this boy as my son! Look at that face...

Ellie only wanted a little arrow, but played "Aang" along side her brother all her princess skirt of course.

Stay tuned for more Avatar adventures coming up.

I am glad these two have each other! Hopefully Jense will protect his sis for years to come... although Ellie can hold her own. You don't mess with that girl!


Brimaca said...

This makes me excited to see my kids when they are a little older. I spend my days praying they will stay little (not literally, but you know...), but your kiddos make me not so sad to see them grow up a bit.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that is so cute and exactly why i always wanted an older brother! so sweet!

Rachel Hudgins said...

Cuteness all over. I pay my kids to pick up pine cones too. There are a-plentiful in our area. Fun to see the kids using the toy-box-bence seats. ;)