Aug 28, 2010

Childhood revisited

SQUEEZE IT'S!!!! They are not called Squeeze it's anymore, but they are essentially the same thing. I remember feeling super fancy drinking one of these. I couldn't resist buying some for the kids for my benefit. No need to form a habit of drinking pure sugar, but the containers are too much fun!

I have two words to describe this summer BIKE TRAILER. Jense has spent countless hours with the bike trailer hooked onto his bike. When we go on family bike rides, he carries either Sam (in his car seat) or Mia in the bike trailer. Many of the neighborhood kids have gotten in on the action as well. Jense might have to start charging for the amount of time he spends peddling people around. We need an adult bike trailer... I could go for that.

Mia and Sam... they need their own post so I can describe the love between these two. Mia loves her "baybees." She is often the one who hears him crying before we do. She gives him kisses on the head... always on the head, (the open mouth kind) and rubs his head when I'm nursing him.
Sam is very entertained by Mia and has a big smile on his face watching her toddle around the house. Lately when she talks to him he has started squealing back at her... it's entirely the most adorable thing.
If you couldn't tell I am now posting blogs that I started months ago, or had finished and never posted. This boy is well documented. I think it is safe to say that I have taken more pictures of my fourth baby than any of my others. I have files and files of this little mug and I can't get enough. Quick somebody teach me how to create a collage that doesn't take 30 minutes or more. Then I can post all of his cutest and not be months behind.

Scrumptious baby boy

This is the naughty face... or when she does something she thinks was funny. She isn't that mischievous yet, but with an expression like this... it's not that far off.

This is the sweet face- and she wears her sweet face more often that not. She is just a sweet kid... what can I say. Her little ballerina swim suit was a gift from Aunt Boo- thanks Boo!!

Scaring away the chickens... now that isn't sweet at all! There must be something instinctual with boys when it comes to chasing down animals. Oh, and do you see the item in his left hand? The twist off cap to the squeeze it? He kept it. no lie.

I see a rickshaw in his future... hopefully not as a source of income, but as a hobby. This boy loves to transport anything with his trailer- and it comes in quite handy when we are camping. Camping posts to come... I hope.


Briawna said...

posting a collage: if you have photoshop or something like it, just search for template freebies and plug them into the photo spaces. Add a few embellishments and voila! Instant collage. You're way more on top of the game, though. I'm not a great photographer and I need to take more pics.

Brenda said...

I just have to tell you that your baby girl looks so great! It's been a while since I've visited your blog and she looks so healthy and perfect! You'd never know she had a new heart! :)

Rachel Hudgins said...

So niece just bought my kids "squeeze it's" and sent them over with my dad this weekend. They LOVED them...the bottles are so exciting to open...what fun! Feel like I haven't seen you in ages...let's get together soon :)

Shelley Eggett said...

Ha! Love it. I used to love squeeze its and felt so special when I got to drink one. Mia's faces are adorable, oh but all their faces are just adorable. Looks like they've been having a fun summer.

mbishopp said...

Hi mimi,

Picassa has easy and quick collages. just download the free software online. if you're interested to know more, i can help.


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh my goodness love all those pics and oh the memories of sqeeze its! love it.