Aug 26, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

The young family reunion was at long beach this year. This is all of Vern's (John's dad) children with their families... minus one family and a wife. It was a great weekend and I learned so much about John's extended family. The reunion was Grandma McDonald (Vern's mom) and all of her siblings decedents. There were 12 children so you can imagine how many decedents there are... I think someone at the reunion said over 400. I should get those numbers for family history sake.
Grandma McDonald and Sam hit it off immediately. When we arrived we went in to visit Grandma, and Sam immediately started belly laughing. I don't know what was so funny, or why he was laughing like he had lost his mind, but he could not stop laughing. It was sweet. Grandma seemed pleased that Sam got such a kick out of talking to her. I think it was a combination of him being crazy tired, and grandma's glasses. I don't think I had heard him laugh that hard to date - I loved it. He has since belly laughed this hard...again, WAY behind on blogging, but Grandma was the first to produce the red in the face, can't breathe laughing.

The first day we were at the beach, the wind made it difficult to enjoy. Jense is determined to make a sand castle despite the sand blowing in his eyes. Poor kid.

While everyone was at the beach Ellie was at the pool. It was cold, but that didn't stop her. If there is a swimming pool option, Ellie can't rest (or stop hounding) until she swims.

The McDonald girls... minus Shanna and the former McDonald girls Heather and Anne, so... half of the McDonald girls.

My little nephew Trey made his first outing (after getting released from the hospital) to the reunion. He is a precious little boy weighing in at four and a half pounds.

We ended up with an entire bag of buns to feed the birds with. You can tell by Ellie's face how pumped she was about feeding the seagulls- she was totally in her element.

Jense helped his little sisters get the bread ready.

Mia LOVED feeding the seagulls, she threw massive chunks of bread, and they flocked to her which made her a little nervous. I have about twenty pictures of her making this exact face.

Grandpa McDonald was the man in charge. Here he is conducting the program for the reunion. He and Carol (grandma) did a wonderful job and provided all of the food for the entire weekend. Everything was delicious... especially the Salmon! I don't have a picture of this but, John and his siblings and Tim and I sang a song for the program. I think the song was called Down to the river. Mia was standing at my feet wanting to be picked up for most of the song.

All the McDonald boys with their boys. Jense was standing next to me refusing to have his picture taken... little turkey.

During the auction Mia was up to her usual shenanigans. We bid on this cute tutu and won. Mia had a good time displaying her new tutu.

The water was a little too cold for Mia, but she swam anyway. She has only been in the pool a couple times, but has proven to be quite the little fish...just like her older sis.

She kept asking for a blanket after getting out of the pool. I don't know why she tortured herself...I guess it's all in the name of having fun. Luckily the sun did come out and she was hot when it was time to go.

Elvis and Sammers. Ellie needed to hold Sam non stop at the reunion because there were a slew of strangers that had never seen her hold her baby. It was exhausting, but she was able to prove her skills to all in attendance.

This would have been a four generation shot, but John was standing behind me. Sam was smiling at him, and I didn't think to make him get in the shot. sorry daddy. This is four generations minus the daddy John link. The reunion was wonderful and I was told great stories of various relatives. I am happy that I married into this family- they are all great great people!

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Mia's face in that bird pic is HILARIOUS. He he. I love that girl.