Aug 21, 2010

Nana - Papa Visit

We had a great visit from Nana and Papa! One of my biggest heartbreaks is that we don't live close to my parents (and sisters). When they come to visit, we have to cram in a years worth of interactions. When they came for Sam's blessing, we only had a few days, but really enjoyed ourselves. Yes, this post is three months old. Jensen's face is awesome in this picture by the way.

Papa pretty much only had eyes for Mia- which is fine with me. He is Mia's #1 fan. She was cheered on (to do anything) pretty much nonstop by my dad. When he saw her walk across the room he went through the roof. It is fun as a parent to have someone as excited about your child as you are...especially when it's your own parent. Mia rewarded him last Christmas by learning to say "papa." He is right up there with "mama" and "dada."

They played a lot of pat-a-cake. Mia had no problem asking for more and papa had no problem humoring her. We do pat-a-cake a little differently in our family. Inspired by our dad, and wherever he got it, we sing...

pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man
make me a cake as fast as you can
rolly rolly rolly and a pick pick pick
throw it in the oven, quick quick quick!!

They also played "creepy mouse." They clocked in a long time playing together. Mia knew where to go for undivided attention, and she got it. He did play with the other kids as well, and is continually trying to get Ellie to do a combination of laughing and crying. One thing that was super cute was after my dad was finished playing his signature piano piece (everyone has one) Jensen ran in the room and said, "your dad is a really good piano player mom!" I don't even know the name of the song he plays, I just remember playing it as a duet with him. Dad, according to Jense, you've got mad skills. I just said "mad skills" to my dad... hmmm- hopefully he knows what I mean.

Nana brought kites for the kids and taught them how to fly them. Jense was on cloud nine with his kite, and was able to fly it pretty good as a first timer.

His kite- why am I posting this picture? why did I take it in the first place?

Lil Sammer Jammer is flirtin' with his Nana. He still had his hair then... poor little hair loss baby. Nana did a lot of baby holding- how could she resist with that little face smiling up at her!?

Mia and Papa took some strolls together. Dad, we need you to come back- no one takes walks like you do... which is all the time!!

Mia missed Nana and gave her huge "arms around nuh neck" when she got here.

While my mom was here she made a blanket for Ellie. Remember the post about her getting stitches? Remember how she was jazzed about getting to take home a "blankie?" Wellllll, she formed a smidge of an attachment to that "blankie" which happens to be a chucks pad.....not a blankie. While my mom was here she noticed how the chucks pad covered her doll in the stroller and decided she needed an intervention. It was getting quite raggedy. I tried to sneak out earlier, but was unsuccessful. I knew that she really really wanted a blanket like the one I had made for my sister and one for a friend for their babies. We went and picked up the exact fabric and made her a blanket on the condition that we say goodbye to the over played with chucks pad. Ellie agreed, and has been snuggling with her Nana blanket ever since. It is a super cozy blanket with cuddle fleece on both sides...hmmmmm. Thanks Nana for intervening and getting rid of what John and I called the "poo poo pad." We of course didn't call it that around her.

Mia and my mom have a strong bond! Here she is going in for one of her signature open mouth kisses... Mia... not my mom :-)

Speaking of Kisses... Mia got plenty of "sweet ones" from her Papa. Mia is the opposite of "stingy" when it comes to kisses, and received such an exciting reaction to her kisses, it kept her coming back for more.

This post is a little Mia heavy, but she was the only one here, besides Sam who was sleeping, when my parents were leaving. Thanks so much for the visit mom and dad, it was so great to have you both!

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Bebop said...

How cute...Mr. Jensen hasn't changed a bit since middle school, well except he never smiled when I was in his class! (note: I wouldn't have smiled if I was in my class either).