Aug 30, 2010

One less tooth - Ellie style

Ellie lost her first tooth last night.

It happened with no warning what so ever. She was eating a cracker- then suddenly with a surprised look on her face she ran to me and said, "mom I have a loosed tooth." There was a little tiny hole in her smile and no tooth in sight. I suppose she meant that her tooth had fallen out. Daddy said, "That's a pretty loose tooth." I think it is sweet she doesn't know the difference between loose and completely fallen out. We found the tiny little tooth on the rug, and she held tightly to it until she found it a new home in a plastic baggie. Then, in true Ellie fashion, she ran to show off her new grin. Our neighbor was on the list of people who needed to hear the news.

With the gap where it is, I have noticed a little hint of a lisp... it's adorable. Ellie starts school in three days and can't wait to put her "loosed" tooth on the tooth chart. She is really excited about her achievements and has been carrying her tooth around all day, and here's why- We had a little snafu with the tooth-fairy last night. When we (I mean when the tooth fairy) showed up, there was no tiny tooth in sight. The tooth fairy did not leave the silver dollar for fear she might find both the next day. Just as expected Ellie came into my room this morning with a pitiful look on her face and said, "the tooth fairy didn't come, (holding up her tooth) I must have swiped it down in my sleep." She found her little tooth under her tummy this morning and knew that the tooth fairy couldn't find it. Tonight we are going to put it in something labeled "tooth" so the fairy cannot fail. Now, where to keep the tooth? Is it creepy to keep teeth? The first tooth, of course, but after that.... Can't decide.


The Simmons Family said...

She looks so much older with that little gap. I always kept Kamryn's teeth, then I realized having a baggie full of teeth was kinda gross. It's hard to let go. :(

I-want-one-of-those said...

Hey Mimi-
I found your CUTE blog. What an adorable family you have. Keep in touch.
Nicole Keller Ferguson

Shelley Eggett said...

A lost tooth already, no way!!!!
What an exciting time for Ellie