Aug 13, 2010

The Thorth of July

The pre fourth of July fireworks show. We couldn't just purchase a bunch of fireworks then tell the kids to go to bed. They are dancing in the smoke of a smoke easy to please. Now, the smoke bomb is probably the least exciting firework ever! John loves smoke bombs... why!? why!? You end up breathing in colored smoke for a solid minute and that's all you get when you light one of those. It's totally worth it for the dancing though. I remember jumping through firework fountains when I was younger... older than them, but younger. Did anyone else jump through fireworks? It didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but it doesn't seem like a good idea now.

Auntie Beeps helped the kids take turns lighting the fireworks.

John got a big kick out of watching them run away. I didn't get any terrified faces, but Ellie was serious about creating some distance between her and the action.

Mia? quite the opposite. When the fireworks were going off she wanted to hold them, and headed straight for the firework. When all kids were running away, she was Frankenstein walking straight forward... fearless little soul.
When daddy wasn't holding Sammer Jam, he jumped in with the kids. Ellie was nervous to pull the trigger, but daddy was not nervous at all! I think she thought it would shoot out something that could burn her...once she saw it was only confetti, she went looking for more.

The night of the actual family celebration Sam was up to his usual giggling, and spitting up. Grandma was getting some good belly laughs out of him! I have never had a baby that was so big on spitting up... Sam is making up for his siblings.

Grandpa spent time taking care of the toddlers... thanks Grandpa!

Mia tried out her first sparkler... solo. It was going fine, until daddy decided to take it away.

Jense was a die-hard firework lighter. He kept that punk close by the entire evening. He even saved his favorites. He now has a a few tanks, and other used fireworks on his shelf... yet another collection! Great!

There were some awesome daisies growing on the side of the house... I couldn't resist shooting some pics. If my kids weren't playing with fire, and I had more hands free time, I would have made a crown out of those daisies... the stems were perfect for crown making.

Jense buddy smelling the flowers

A five year tradition is to purchase the beloved "kid pack" of fireworks. We take the kids and go down to the res... (I can say "res" because I'm cool like that) and got some killer deals on fireworks. The kids are only concerned about their kid packs. Daddy is only concerned with artillery shells, roman candles, and smoke bombs :-) I am a sparkler girl. Sparklers go hand in hand with writing your name in cursive in the air.

The kids had a great time playing at grandma and grandpa's. Mia walked around the sports court in her squeaky shoes, with a big smile on her face. I think she is still excited about getting out of the house, and doesn't know what to do with herself when she is free.

These kids have so much fun together. Now that she walks, Mia has entered into an entire new realm of playing. The kids include her and go and get her to play with them. It's quite handy.

I couldn't resist posting this pic- isn't she darling? While celebrating the fourth I took some pictures for a couple sister in laws. I love all the pics, but this is Ellie's closest cousin and she loves her to pieces. When Ellie used to cry because she got hurt, she would continue crying because she missed Karissa. So sweet.

Independence Day is the BEST! We sure enjoyed ourselves- and loved the yummy food, and the yummy ice cream, and the fabulous fireworks show. Sam even watched all the fireworks like he had been watching them for years. Yay for Red White and Blue!


jayna said...

Love that pic of the cousin- gorgeous!

Brimaca said...

I love your commentary with your pics. :) And I wish you could photograph my kiddos.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

ditto to everything! loved this post! thanks for sharing