Sep 27, 2010

Bears in the Lake?

We met up with my sibs/parents at Bear Lake last month. When we told the kids we were going to Bear Lake, they were concerned. We convinced them that there were indeed no Bears.

The Jensen Clan minus 2 families.

The kiddos enjoyed the sand- the weather was perfect!

Elvis trying her hand at frog riding. You have to appreciate the differences between Jense and Ellie. When I took them out on the Jet-ski Jense wanted to go really slow, and Ellie wanted to drive it as fast as it would go. Could they be more opposite? sheesh!

Papa and the Slammer. You can tell by their skin tone which one lives in Utah!

Chillin on the couch- whatever show it was... they were tuned in. The basement of the cabin was fun. My sister and I had a ping pong challenge. After many attempts to volley it past 9, we finally made it to 100. The great thing about ping pong is how quickly the game can turn and you find your self flailing out of control while the ball speeds back and forth between the players never hitting the table. It was so fun!

Aunt Nat's painted finger and toe nails for all the girlies. She did all of their hair as well. My dad repeatedly said, "Aunt Nat keeps you all slicked up nice...yes she does" It was nice to have a break from the hair doing. I have been enjoying doing Ellie's hair lately because she is really into it and has a lot of requests, but Mia... oh Mia. I pretty much throw her hair in a high pony every day because she puts food in her hair at every's a disaster. Right when I think we made it through a meal, I turn around and her bowl is on her head. So, she gets all fancy for church, but that's about it. She sports the messy look a lot... we throw a bow in her hair and call in intentional!

It's crazy how much my sister's daughters look just like them!

Sydney (left) looks just like a blonde Suzie.

Abby (right) is a perfect replica of her momma Rae.

My oldest sister Jess also has two daughters that resemble her.

What would a post be without Mia doing her signature long blink. AND- no female dominance here... everyone says she looks like John... everyone.

Jense made a space shuttle out of wood, from one of those Lowe's kits. His cousins made steam rollers. He loves his shuttle, but asked me if he could have a steam roller for Christmas. Good thing I only brought a few of them on the trip because we would probably be facing yet another collection. He loved Bear Lake.. he loves any kind of vacation and always needs an update about how many days we have left.

Nats and Mia. Aunt Nat is the BOMB! She texted me recently: "can I have Mia?" I told her yes, even though I didn't mean it. I like to send her picture texts of Mia to entice her to come visit us. Is it working Nat?

We celebrated my sister Suzie's and my dad's b-days. Happy birthday!

My dad rode the jet-ski in his socks... he he. He would make a great sandal and socks guy.

Apparently Raspberries are the big deal at bear lake, I mean raspberries shakes...famous...or so the signs say. So, my bro in law ken made raspberry shakes from Fat Boy ice cream. I failed to mention in the farm post that all of the ice cream and yummies come from the Pepperidge farm factory conveniently located by the farm. So, they just stop on in and get mass qualities of "seconds." They brought 50 fat boys for the few days we were there. Ken used the ice cream and hooked everyone up with a yummy shake. Thanks Kenjo! and Thanks for cutting an insane amount of watermelon. What does it say about a family when everyone shows up with a watermelon?

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Brimaca said...

So fun! I love seeing pics of all you family - it's been a long time since I've seen most of them!