Sep 8, 2010

Camping 2010

We went camping with a group of friends this last summer. It was Sam's first camping experiece... and one of Mia's firsts for that matter. We had a great time! One of the evenings the mommies of the group decided to skip out on bed time and drive into a nearby town to see twilight. Right when we got there... no wait...right when we sat down to watch the movie the entire movie theater lost power. It probably served us right trying to go to the movies while camping, so no twilight for us.

Jense was super determined to catch a fish...there were no fish to speak of. Despite all of his casting out, Jense has only caught fish at those U-fish (catch a fish in 30 seconds) places. Hopefully too many years don't go buy before he catches a "real" fish. I for one have yet to catch a fish. Well, if we're being honest I've only held a fishing pole with the intent to real something in only a handful of times.

The"Slamilander" catching crew. There were a surprising amount of salamanders ready for the catching. The kids enjoyed holding them captive in empty jars. Ellie wanted to bring her Slamilander home, but she was convinced that he needed to stay with his buddies. All of the kids loved holding them, and some even held a few at a time.

Mia playing with Alice, or vice versa. Mia loves attention and she usually gets as much as she wants!
Taking a break from fishing to pick up rocks and throw them into the river.

There is that hunky baby again... all wrapped up in his signature pink blanket. Seriously, I have cute boy blankets, why when it's time to take a picture does he always have a pink one?

Saying goodbye to her little critter. They kind of creeped me out to be honest... I am sure I would have loved them as a kid, now I prefer not to touch anything that is slimy and squirmy.

We stuck Sam in the back of the bike trailer... it was brilliant really, but he wasn't always on board with our big ideas.

These two little beauties of mine.... Ellie is wearing Mia's swimsuit- just like she did last year with the same group of friends. Ellie wore Mia's 6 month swimsuit last year. Forget Mia stealing her older sister's clothes, (like I did) Ellie will be snatchin up Mia's.

Ellie was surprisingly good at casting the line. She was able to get it farther than me. No fish was caught for her either... I seriously lack faith when it comes to fishing.


Sarah said...

hahahaha, you guys snuck off to go and see Twilight? That's my kind of camping! :)

Anna said...

Love camping pictures. Sam is just the cutest little guy.