Sep 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to my M O M -

Today is my mom's birthday.... It's late... and I already talked to her, buuuut. Thought I would post a little snippit. My mom gets a little "embarrassed" (insert quote fingers) when I "brag" (insert quote fingers again) about her on my blog. So I will refrain- ONLY because it's her b-day.

I will not mention that she came to visit again after my last post about her. I will not even think about mentioning that she made Mia a cute baby blanket for her dolly, and gave her that little baby boy doll, and made him a bobby. Well, the baby boppy is actually a traveling neck pillow, but Mia thinks it's a boppy. I love these three babies... yes, the fake one too. It provides Mia with hours of play time. She loves it and pats it's at shush's it and carries it around all day long. It is the sweetest thing EVER! Don't try and play with it if your name is Ellie because you will get in trouble for unleashing Mia's ability to scream "MINES!" "Hands off the baby!"- she hears that all day long... about both babies... poor girl.

My mom came up and DID NOT help me complete Jack squat ;-) She did not help me with sewing projects, or can jars and jars of pickles, or make Jam, or sew a wedding gift for a friend, or keep my house spotless. I did it all my self... no really... I did ;-) We did not take a break to go visit my Grandma and Aunt. Ok, we did... I am getting confused with all of my did and didn'ts. Sammers has a thing for great grandma's. I have a suspicion that great grandmas have a thing for him as well.

We met up at my Aunt Lani's. Mia loves this swing- all the kids do. This is one thing I have years of pictures of. I should have a swing folder for all the pictures I have of my kids on this thing.

Mom- you are a peach! Happy Happy Birthday to you! Can you believe I was able to can all these peaches without you? The children didn't eat for a few days, but we have a years worth of peaches! The kids LOVED peeling the peaches- I couldn't keep up. Despite their help I don't want to can anything for awhile... although canned pears are the only way to eat them. I failed to take pictures of all of my completed peaches (the fun part), but got a before shot. Not quite as gratifying, but oh well.

Hope it was a great day!

Completely unrelated, but because I am blogging... for whoever is still reading my sporadic blog... please Pray for THIS family! Heartbreaking!

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Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Your mom is so great, I love that pic of the three babies!!! I wish I had a fraction of the energy and work ethic of your mama. She's da bomb. Don't tell her I said that. Ha, ha.