Sep 20, 2010

We're on our Way-

We're on our way... on our way to grandpa's farm.

Down on Grandpa's farm there is a great big tractor- sing with me now....

We visited Nana and Papa down on the farm this summer- I had not been there in years! It was fun being there with Mia and Sam. My sister Raegan had my other two kiddos, but they were at the farm earlier that week.
Mia has an obsession with sunglasses, so does her dad. Lucky for them, there is usually a pair hanging around. John cannot drive a car without sunglasses on. He is notorious for going into public wearing my girly glasses because he forgot he had them on. Mia is notorious for hiding mine all over the house.

With the luxury of only having Mia (Sam was asleep) we took pictures all over the place. Mia was a good sport.

Hay for sale... all of this hay can be yours! Just call my dad :-) Isn't she a cute sales girl? Totally washed out, but cute nonetheless!

flirty blink! She now has certain people in her life that she does the flirty blink to. She always has her flirty eyes for our friend Chris, but won't go anywhere near him. She wanted inside of the tractor... when she wants something she flirts...hmmm danger.
Tractor tires are always a sources of entertainment for any kiddo

She was NOT entertained by the four wheeler however! I took her for a short ride which terrified her. Next time then.

The older two- not terrified.

My favorite memories of the farm from growing up are... in no particular order:

CASCOS!! My grandma/grandpa kept a plentiful stash in their freezer in the utility room (funny that it was a "utility" room- I could use one of those). They are delicious! Nut sundae on a stick...mmm mmm!! My parents now carry on that tradition although they switch off between cascos and fatboys.

The teeter totter- it was the coolest teeter totter ever- I don't know how to explain it, it was a long long kind of bendy slab of wood on a pole- I should have taken a picture.

The smell of the house- each room had a different smell... my grandma's bathroom always smelled like cherry almond lotion/olay lotion... always! The kitchen always smelled like something delicious, and the utility room smelled like CASCOS ;-)

-The bunny tree
-riding 4 wheelers
-watching lawrence welk- sp?
-the horse figurines on the wall
-grandma's junk drawers (it had great junk)
-the mud hall- work boots all lined up
-the over sized spoon and fork on the wall (I have the exact ones... no walls in my kitchen... darn) I will use them eventually-
-walking through the barn and climbing hay
-going on walks

I am glad my kiddos got to see the farm! It was good to be back even if it was a short visit. More Utah adventures to come.


Suzie said...

Funny. I remember the utility room smelling like manure and ironing. Do you remember the white vinyl chair in the kitchen? Sweet.

Mimi said...

Ha Suz-

It totally smelled like manure and ironing! I miss it.