Oct 18, 2010

Camping in Oz

The big family camp-out- prepare yourselves!

This is the cast of the Wizard of Oz as directed by Aunt Beeps. It was a fabulous production! My favorite thing about this picture is the complete preoccupation of Ellie looking at Sam. She could hardly contain herself. I handed the baby to Jense, and immediately she started to protest. We are still in the throws of Ellie being glued to the baby and being quite territorial of him. She can't get enough of that little baby... I can't blame her really.

Ellie got her turn. Make no mistake...Ellie got that baby in her arms!

Part of the annual camp-out is the the annual talent show. Jense wanted to demonstrate his bike trick skills for his talent. This idea for his talent came about after his daddy showed him a clip of a guy doing stunts on you-tube. After watching it Jensen said, "Dad, do you want me to be able to do those tricks?" John said yes, and he practiced all day trying to jump a big rock that he hauled out onto the basketball court. I am so proud (and partially panicked) every time he does a wheelie. He loves his bike, and spent the majority of the camp-out riding around the dirt paths. I loved the look on his face after his last trick, he knew he was hot stuff... in his own little shy way. I am just elated that he will perform...in front of people- we have come so far!

Ah, the bows and arrows are always a big hit. The kids take turns at target practice. Jense is a natural arrow shooter. Every time I shoot an arrow it takes a little minute for me to get acclimated again to how to do it and what grabs what. The kids call the bow a "bowin," as in shooting bowin-arrows. I love when Jense asks if we can get more "bowins."

We Sang happy birthday to Jense and the other Summer birthday campers.

For Ellie's talent she performed her "party in the USA" dance. She really wanted teacher Michelle there to help her, but mommy was able to fill in. When we were practicing at home she was overly concerned that there wasn't going to be a stage. It seems like every time we talk about a performance... church, school, ymca, the first question out of her mouth is about the stage. I think I have a performer on my hands.

Mia's talent? THROWING FOOD! She threw Starburst to the group of cousins below. Throwing food is by far her favorite past time, and she is quite accomplished in this area. Her talent ended up being a toss up between throwing food, and taking off her diaper at inconvenient intervals. She excels at both!
Sammer Jam was only given one option for the talent show. Here he is doing "the trick." Go Sam go! He won the talent show (in my eyes) with his agility and strength.

The flying monkey and the munchkin. It really was a cute play!

All of the flying monkey boys also got to be trees. I think they enjoyed being trees the most because they got to throw pretend apples at people. I would like that better too :-) Why is it gratifying to throw something at someone? Knowing of course that they won't get hurt.

Daddy schooling Elvis on how to shoot an arrow. Ellie launched quite a few arrows, but her true calling is.....
Knive throwing! Yes, she hit the target with a knife. She was so proud! See... throwing stuff is fun! She gets that from me ;-) Although we might need to save the knife throwing for family camp-outs.
Mia was the sweetest little camper. She just toddled around, played in the dirt, went to the water spiket over and over, and roasted her first hot dog all by her self. Well, she held it for awhile solo, but I stepped in before long. One of her favorite words and food (soooo shameful) is "dog dog." She loves dog dogs, and ate more than I care to admit this summer. This was definitely the summer of dog dogs. We have been on a dog dog strike since the camp-out.

Jense was wearing his helmet to chop wood... and not while he was doing his bike tricks. I am beginning to see a pattern at these camp-outs. We eat a lot of food and let the children have free reign on all manner of weapons. Not free reign... they were supervised. I am just laughing because the pictures went from shooting arrows, to knife throwing, and now here he is with a hatchet. Happy to report no injuries.

Ellie and Karissa played on the same tree they did over three years ago... click here. They grow so fast! Oh, and that post was my very first blog.... ever! Before blogging I just emailed my "blogs" to my family. I wish I had blogs from when Jense was a baby.

Decked out in cars, this kid fell right to sleep sitting up. I love when babies do that. No fuss, no nothing, just out cold sitting there on your lap. It doesn't happen often so I'm glad I have a picture. Soo sweet!
Mia and Grandma getting cozy. She is moments away from falling asleep sitting up as well! Little meez looks so beat!... she was busy busy busy the entire camp out. Grandma did a great job planning everything! Now she is busy busy busy sewing nightgowns for all of her grandchildren.

Sam had to fill his flirting quota with all the ladies. His oldest cousin Savannah produced a lot of flirting!
The final bow

Sam was a perfect little camper. He peed in our sleeping bag, but other than that... he was loads easier than the other three.

It's not really difficult to tote around someone who is just so stinkin happy all the time. Peyton and Sam chillin at the campfire.

The Lion, scarecrow, tinman, and Dorothy go skipping off down the yellow brick road- until next year.


Sarah said...

Your family is always doing such fun things! I love it.

Brimaca said...

The baby is the easiest camper in our family too. He just stays where I put him. Cute pics, cute kids, as usual. :)

I heart Max! said...

Knife throwing huh... So when can I come pick up Mia?