Oct 25, 2010

The Fair 2010

We went to the fair- Sam was a sweetie pie and just hung out in the stroller... until he got hungry, or angry. Then I fed him, and held him. There was a ride at the fair that alarmed every time it jolted it's occupants into the sky. Sam was terrified of that noise... we didn't spend a long time by the rides because it was down right mean to let him keep getting terrified.

Mia was pumped to go on the slide- she even said wee on the way down. She cried and cried when we walked away from the slide. I would have taken her again, but the rides are ridiculously priced. It was adorable to hear her cry for the "wee."

Ride #2 was a roller coaster. She cried initially, but loved it after about the 3rd rotation.

I have not purchased them yet, but one of these days our family will own a set of these nail polish pens. Ellie loves them and even used her decorated nails as show and tell. The lady decorated all of her nails... I think that was above and beyond (especially because we didn't buy them). Ellie asked if we could put these on her "Christmas list." We are not so responsible with finger nail polish around here- even hiding on the top shelf it somehow ends up on the hard wood floor. Any remedies for this? It's still there. remover didn't work.

The kids HAVE to ride the boats at the fair. Boats and Slide- the must rides

Next year Jense will be holding Sam in that boat... he can't wait. He asks me ALL THE TIME when Sam is going to grow up. He just can't wait to have his brother older so he can play and interact with him. I always tell him that Sam is not allowed to grow up.

A big thumbs up from Jense!

They raced each other on the go-karts.

Jensen has over heard his dad talking about getting a go-kart. It is on his list. He wants to do some trading for a go-kart. Now Jense is preoccupied with getting a go-kart. When Ellie asked to have fingernail polish put on her "Christmas list" Jense chimed in and thought a go-kart would fit nicely on his list. I suppose it is only a matter of time before his dad makes it happen, but it will be for his daddy's Christmas and Father's Day and Birthday ;-)

Ellie's nurturing is evident will all creatures. She could have loved those animals all day long. Hopefully someday she will have a pet she can love when "her babies" are older.

For now, she will just have to love Mia and Sam everyday... all day.


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

You know we are the proud owners of those nail polish pens, right? We use them often, but they never run out and you can refill them and buy replacements for like $1, so you need to come over and get them and paint away and then continue to borrow them each and every time you want to until the end of time. They are the bomb! Cute pics of your fair fun!

Brimaca said...

I've never heard of those pens! We need them. :)

I wish they wouldn't grow up either. They are too cute how they are.

Sarah said...

What a fun fair! That slide looks like soooo much fun. I am so jealous ;)

I have never heard of nail polish pens either. I am intrigued to say the least!

Bebop said...

I am way behind on your blog...so cute...love the Camping in OZ...what a great idea...Sam is TOOOO cute! I hope all is well with your meds