Oct 27, 2010

Gathering the Punkins

We took all four of our "punkins" to the Pumpkin Patch a couple weeks ago. No need to adjust your screen...they are as cute as they appear! I must be getting old because I took FOUR kids to a pumpkin patch... and They are MY kids!

First thing on the list was to pick out the pumpkins... our family rule is if you can lift it you can get it. I am surprised Ellie picked this one because that girl is STRONG! Here she is being the mom we all know she is.

Mia tried and tried to lift this pumpkin but could not, despite some pretty intense grunting. Off to the mini patch for her.

She found one just her size, and named it "pakee"

Sam hung out on a tractor for a bit. He looks like a ghost in this picture... BOO!

I admit that I rarely go anywhere with all four children solo... luckily we had an equal kid to adult ratio because Nana and Papa were in town. Jense makes this expression ALL THE TIME, but I rarely get a picture of it.

THIS is the face I usually get from Jense... don't believe me? Just scroll through the past couple months. It is still cute- but 100% obligatory.

He was all smiles slinging pumpkins at a target, but I was not allowed on that side of the slingshots. John actually hit the target...he won a $100. Not really... but wouldn't that be great? He did hit a target, but it was on a bounce, and there is no prize for that. I think you win another mini pumpkin to sling if you hit the target... I think $100 sounds better.

This girl knows how to work a camera... and her mom. I could eat her!... but not the pumpkins... gross! However, I have discovered a recipe curing all of my pumpkin disdain. I will share.

Mark, get set... Go! One is in it for the glory! Jensen thinks we need a water pump at our house now.
Papa helped Mia race herself at the rubber ducky race. You'll never believe who won!

Then he took her around to see the animals. She was fascinated with an abnormally large Turkey. Or at least I think it was a turkey, but it was a monster whatever it was. It had to be a turkey, but if there is a mutant turkey...they own it at the pumpkin patch.

Sweet little pumpkin girls.

Ellie and some friends from church who happened to be at the pumpkin patch at the same time. Cute girls!

It is tradition to take this wagon to get the pumpkins.

The guarder of the pumpkins.

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Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

haha, i totally fell for the 100 bucks John won...bummer huh! your kids are so stinkin' cute! did sammers get a haircut? love all the pics and i love that you just barely posted about the fair too!