Oct 21, 2010

I'm Addicted

I have to come clean... i am addicted-to Sam. He is giggles and drool and intense thrashing in every direction. I may need an intervention. for real. His happiness cannot be contained in his little body.

Sam is just at such a fun age! His latest way of interacting is doing his "scissor hands." When he is really excited he rubs his hands back and forth quickly in a scissor motion. He also does this in response to someone doing it in front of him. The kids love the copy- cat game with Sam and his scissor hands.

He is a pretty solid sitter. I still put pillows around (I did this for months with Mia) just in case. Mia has never knocked him over, but I know the day is approaching.

He has killer sharp teeth! He wants to chew on anything he can get in his mouth. He bit daddy yesterday...it was funny to see a grown man in so much pain from a tiny baby. Glad I am not the only chew toy around here.

Speaking of teeth... he eats and eats and eats. This kid has a healthy appetite- a welcomed appetite after all the force feeding and trickery with miss you know who.

He digs his head into the floor then uses his toes to propel himself forward- in inch worm fashion- then he does a few head slams because I think he is so anxious to get somewhere and can't quite make it.

His failing has reached new heights as well. His flailing skills are at their best in the jumperoo. All of his systems are a go in that thing. When he jumps- he will do like a solid 15 jumps (big jumps) before he takes a break. His head bobbles around due to the intensity of his jumping. John thinks he is going to jump right out. Sam brings new meaning to bouncing baby boy when he gets in that jumper.

This video of Sam is proof of the splendid little man that he is. Usually only his family acting crazy can produce these belly laughs... but Ellie found a toy he got a kick out of.

Jensen used to laugh (exactly like Sam) when a dog was around. He laughed hysterically at dogs- it was a riot. Sam likes this toy-I don't think he has ever seen a dog...we should try it out.

Also going on in the video:

Mia playing with her talking tea set- she has a tea party quota she needs to fill on a daily basis
Jensen Bowling in the background
Ellie- of course the one getting Sam to laugh
mom/dad in love with all the noises of their happy home.

- Oh and listen for Mia's happy screams... if you were curious what her happy screaming sounds like. She also calls John "daddy John." She's a goofball- and we love it!


Riley Family said...

So, so cute! Mimi and John, I am so happy for your beautiful family to have so much joy!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

very cute! my kids loved watching the videos of sam! so glad you have such happy sounds in your home!

I heart Max! said...

So cute! I miss those kiddos... I wish I was retired so I could come visit whenever.

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh he is just a little lovey! What a joy. It was almost like towards the end of the video, he's thinking, "Please stop shaking that thing so I can stop laughing."