Nov 18, 2010

Enjoying our own beds

We came home last night.  After Mia's IV came out they said we could just give her meds at home.  So here we are.  Her gums are unchanged and she is really weak.  She lost some weight, but will hopefully be able to eat soon.

She is MUCH happier at home!  She has five people to distract her from her misery. 

Just wanted to report the news! We are home, we are HAPPY, we are taking it easy.  I offered her literally fifteen different food options for lunch today... she refused them all! 

We spent the day watching shows and getting down all of her fluids. 

When we were leaving the hospital I had her in the stroller.  As we walked down the hall she kept saying, "oh cool" and "wow."  She was taking it all in.  She was stuck in that room for so long... poor thing.  When we walked in the door she had a big smile on her face and pointed at Sam and said, "baby!"  He is kind of everyone's fav around here. 

Ellie had created a freezer full of "treats" for Mia's homecoming.  She also made a sign and gathered up some toys for her.  The treats she made were paper cups with Carmel topping poured in them and then some with choc. chips and some with sprinkles.  She had her apron on and was taking orders for either the chocolate chip treats or the sprinkles.  I went with the choc chips.  She is a crack up! 

Jense also really missed Mia.  He told me a couple times that he loved her and wished she was home with he and Ellie and Sam (all three).  I love that my two oldest absolutely love their little sister.

Again, a big thanks for everyone who helped us this last week! We really appreciate it!


Julie Pederson said...


Such good news! It must be so great to be home. We will continue to pray for Mia. My daughter (the mom of my transplant recipient 3yo grandson) worked on the cardiac floor of Children's Hospital for a couple of years. I told her about Mia, and she said that transplant kids don't do well with that Herpes virus (which you now know too well). Mia is overall so strong and healthy and full of she has such a good support team....she should be better soon!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Whew! I know it isn't over yet, but at least she has some diversion and fun in her little life. I love that she was excited to see Sam...I would be too, he is so cute! They all are, I'm glad they are together again!! That was a long week for you all.

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh Yay! Why didn't I check this yesterday. You just made my day. Our whole family is praying for Mia. My girls are sad for her too. Hopefully she will recover quickly at home. Atleast she'll be more comfortable.
Thanks for sharing the good news. Keep us posted on the little sweetie.

Oh I saw your sister yesterday at Walmart. (Raegan I believe) the one who lives in Lehi. She's so beautiful, just like you and all the rest of your sisters. Seriously I've never known such a beautiful family. Anyways we talked for a second. It made me miss you!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

yay, for being home. i hope she continues to heal quickly and we'll eat again soon! please please call me if I can do anything! i miss you guys!

Carrie Hellewell said...

Even if I don't comment regularly, I'm reading and was praying for sweet Mia. Glad that she is home and hopefully getting better soon! We love you guys!