Nov 22, 2010

Guess What?








This is NOT acceptable! I am NOT ready for him to grow up,and I and NOT ready to chase him around.  This little man is fast and can get to a tiny object faster than I can intercept him.  Yesterday he had a peanut shell in his mouth... awesome!

You would think by my fourth crawler that I would be an expert at keeping things off the floor... well I'm not.  I think the vacuum with make it's new home smack in middle of the family room...or close to that.  With the other three around it only takes a few hours before Sam is eating left over fruit snacks and abandoned crackers.

He seems pretty pleased with his new talent.  Right after I took all of these pictures Mia went over and got on her hands and knees.  She knew that crawling was the thing to do and she wasn't about to miss out. Post coming soon about her progress... she ate something today!  Back to Sam...

Go Sam Go!  Just not too fast!  I guess this means I have to find the baby gate that is lost somewhere in our garage.  We rarely used it with our other kids... I was more of a "hover" parent with them, but I have a feeling that the gate will be found shortly!

I know I will blink my eyes and I will be posting that he is walking- then my baby days are over :-( sniff sniff.  booo hooo.. aaah ahahahahah! Ok, he's probably on the stairs by now!


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Such a cute post! What an awesome kiddo! I am going to copy you! I haven't gotten down on her level to document the crawling. She is now crawling around with toys in tow, it's pretty hilarious. We had mini-nursery going on the last two hours yesterday, David Owen and Maycie Savoldi were Betseyized...she wanted to suck on all parts of Maycie, and grab at her face, and David was playing with her giraffe and she grabbed it back, I thought because it is hers...but then as soon as he had a toy of his own, she was one track minded to take it away! Who is she!? I've never had a go getter like this...I'm thinking if I don't get pregnant soon, she might turn into a toddler and my plan for four will be thwarted. This is a really private post...he, he. I'm cool like that these days.

Hope's Blog said...

Go Sam Go! I love the post and can relate only too well. With two older boys, Hope can find any wheel, cracker, and is especially fond of the dog food (YUCK!)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute and so sad as i know what you mean about growing up too fast! just keep enjoying the sweet moments like you are! he is so stinkin cute by the way!

Briawna said...

thankfully, Teya is perfectly content just to sit...for now. She does get up on all fours and rocks back and forth, so I know it's only a matter of time. For now, I'm happy with the immobility. Good luck!

Princess Pookie said...

John taught him how to do that while you were at the hospital didn't he!