Nov 29, 2010

He might be 34ish

At what point do you start lying about your age?  Or your husbands age?   If he is really 34 TODAY- that means that I am married to a 34 year old.  I thought he was old at 23 when I met him... now he is ancient! 

I just wanted to post a few things that make me so happy to have shared the last decade with Senior John.

-First off... when I met him I was really disappointed that his name wasn't Johnathan.  Longer names make for more nick names... and I was going to have a rough go with just John.  I got over that and have had called him many things... some nice... some not ;-) but mostly have called him "B."

- One thing that happens on a daily basis around here is when we try and "get" each other.  It is a daily occurrence that is difficult to describe... but I'll try. Ok, not that difficult.

An example from today is when he asked me, "Hey did you cancel your Safeway card?"  He asked me this because he wanted me to say, "you don't cancel Safeway cards!!... they don't care."  I had lost my wallet.. ok left it at the store...and had been canceling my cards the night before.  Knowing that he was trying to trick me into over reacting at his ridiculous question... I instead replied in a very calm voice:  "oh, I don't think it's necessary to cancel those, I think if you go into the store they will just issue you a new one."  He then says... "I know I know, I was just messing with you."  I knew he was messing with me... but I played along to mess with him.  This goes on and on and on at our house.  Usually we go back and forth a few times then one of us will crack a smile and start to laugh.  I'm pretty good at keeping a straight face, but sometimes I just can't hold it in.That example wasn't very funny, but it happened today and I can't think of a funny example as I type this up.

When he does "get me"  he just has to give me this look and I know that I've "been had." 

I don't know if this example explains it well enough, but we sure have fun being goofy- and he is the ring leader for sure! 

Ellie... the caretaker of us all made him a birthday dinner last week.  She couldn't contain her excitement for his birthday that she literally made him dinner.  She even made the "crizby treats" by herself.  The only thing I did was turn on the stove.  We had some lonely marshmallows she melted up with butter and added rice krispies to. Then she pressed it in a Ziploc container with a pam sprayed sandwich baggie.  She has helped make them plenty of times, but I didn't know she could completely take the reigns.  I helped with the dinner part, but she created the center piece (two Halloween decorations/ candle) and the place mats.She is also really into cards and love notes right now.  The love notes are THANKFULLY only to family members!  This particular card reads: "here is a birthday for your dinner."  Her words. 

 She is all about the presentation.  This morning for his "birthday breakfast" she used her signature tray and folded up a few dish rags.. placed everything just so... and when she walked in the door said, "PRESENTING... breakfast in bed."  Where does she get this stuff?

Daddy and his boys!  I think being a dad on your birthday is an extra bonus! Kids sure make you feel loved on your birthday and every move you make is monumental on your birthday.  Jense labeled everything "birthday" today.  Dad, can we play some "birthday Mario Kart? or how about some birthday tank game."  As long as it is labeled birthday he knew he was golden.   John also took a few birthday liberties following his kid's lead.

John boy loved his birthday breakfast, his birthday nap, his birthday dinner, his birthday rhubarb pie, all his birthday kisses and since we celebrate birthday weekends...we are wrapping it up.  These pictures are from a photo shoot I still need to blog about.  I will add it to the long list- there may or may not be another Halloween post!  just kidding.

Happy Birthday JB!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

very cute. hope he had a good birthday!

mbishopp said...

happy birthday john! at least at 34 you don't have to worry about being cool anymore. it should come naturally now.

jayna said...

He's a keeper for sure. Happy Birthday John Boy!