Nov 30, 2010

Meester and Elvis

Mia is finally feeling better! HOOOOORAY!  Her eating is slowly increasing, and although I don't feel like her appetite has completely recovered, she is back to her happy self.  She is skin and bones...I need to take some pics. You can see it in her face for sure.  These pic's are pre-hospital, but now she looks like she has been sick.  Thanks for all of your concern- she is all better now!  I suspect that as her calorie intake picks up so will her physical activity.  She is pretty cautious still with walking, and hasn't done any running at all.  Olivia, Super Why, and Backyardigans are responsible for distracting her through all of her discomfort- thanks television! Mia's biopsy has been rescheduled.  I'll let you know in January how it goes.  I am holding my breath for zero rejection! 

 On our way to be admitted into the hospital I took a few pictures of Mia playing in the leaves.  She was not feeling the best... but could not resist a leaf throwing session. nor could I.

 Ellie was the perfect leaf throwing partner.  I always have high hopes of taking a bunch of pictures in the fall leaves, and knew if I didn't take pictures right then, that the rain would make them dissapear quickly... like they do every year.  We have fall for literally five minutes around here.

Elvis was really sweet when we were "leafing."  She tried to convince me to let her come with us.  Her love for her sister cannot be measured.  She loves her a lot! Unless Mia is beaming from ear to ear when Ellie cries.  Elles does not like all, but Mia can't help it.  Ellie's crying makes her smile.  It's almost as if Mia isn't taking her seriously when she cries- it can be quite funny. 

I just liked her little face in this shot.  She is growing up. This is her proud face... you probably can't tell from this picture, but she is truly enjoying her leaf throwing.

- I feel like I completely missed fall AND November all together.  strange.  All the leaves are gone and we have had a few snow days, but that is gone now too.  I'm hoping it will snow a little more before Christmas! Bring it on winter!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

glad mia is feeling better, sad she's lost so much weight. love the leaf throwing pics...fall was very quick huh. i think we will get lots more snow though!

Katie said...

Happy to hear that she's feeling better- sorry about the weight loss. Frustrating and sad for you and her. Loved the pics and reading about the special bond these girls share. I hope to someday have two girlies too :) or more!

Shelley Eggett said...

I'm so happy she's feeling better!