Nov 12, 2010

Mia's lighting up the town

Well, not really, she is playing with a toy that tells her that she is lighting up the town.  It's hard to tell if she is getting better or worse.  She is acting worse... BY FAR!  She is not really wanting to drink anything now... it's a nightmare to say the least.

Daddy spent the night with her two nights ago so I could see baby Sam.  When I got home and got him out of his crib he was overjoyed.  It was a happy reunion. I love that kid!  He is so fun right now.  All you have to do is look at him and he is jumping out of his skin with delight. I spent the day (yesterday) cleaning up so Mia could come home to a fresh germ free house, and playing with the kids.  We took down all of the Halloween decorations. It's sad to take down Halloween... I love Halloween! I was entertained by Sam who is scooting like crazy.  He can scoot his way to anything.  I was told that while I was gone he scooted his way over to an abandoned brownie and consumed a large portion of it as well as smeared as much as a baby can into the carpet.  Can't wait to see that picture!  It was nice to be home for awhile with the my other crazies.

We have been watching backyardigans on a loop.  I know all the "surfs up" episode songs by heart.  I've even been demonstrating my "rad moves...super super rad truly mad moves" to Mia, but she is not impressed.  I should have purchased an Olivia DVD for our stay.  We just always have unlimited episodes on TV... speaking of Olivia- she received an Olivia jack pot from my friend Ann today.  She perked up when she saw her new little stuffed Oliva pig... and book... and purse... and coloring book.  I don't know where everyone is finding all of this Olivia stuff.  We had a good visiting and throwing the Olivia doll around.  She also brought me some yummy lunch and cookies- thanks mucho!! After lunch we gave Mia a little bath (although she is still stuck in the same shirt because of her IV)  I am tempted to cut it off of her, and just put a gown on her.  She has been wearing the same shirt since Tuesday- major no no in the fashion world Mia!  They will disconnect her if I ask, they just don't want to unless they have to (less risk of infection). We also had a visit from Auntie Bethie who brought me some fancy chocolates- they are super tasty! Oh and thanks to the family and friends who have helped John/me with kiddos and meals.  You are the BOMB!  That term will probably never die in my vocab... I know it's been out for awhile, but it's the BOMB- don't worry... I am will not stoop to "Bomb dot com"... that is OUT for sure ;-)

Luckily her shirt it is not dirty because she hasn't spilled anything on it because she hasn't eaten ANYTHING!  I wish she would- she is doing OK with the bottle, but is now on a full dose of maintenance IV fluids- great.  I have tried everything in my get your kid to eat trick book, and nothing is working.  Her gums are just too swollen.  She wants to eat, and two days ago she put a piece of ham in her mouth after making the "num num" noise and promptly spit it back out.  It was bloody from her gums.  She is confused and looks at me like I betrayed her giving her that piece of Ham.  She doesn't want soft foods either.  I am at a loss... why is it taking so long for her gums to go down???  One of my friends suggested to tank her up with Coconut Oil because it helps cure the virus...I can't get her to trust anything in her mouth.  Maybe I can swab her mouth with it... hmmmm

She is finally sleeping- she wakes up a lot with an upset stomach and from me trying to straighten her arm because the pump alarms.  We might have to re-board her because she can't keep that arm straight.  I think we woke up every 20 minutes last night because of the alarm. CURSE the alarm!  :-)

Well, cross your fingers that she can go 24 hrs without a fever.  She has been running fevers all weeks... with no sign of them stopping.  Let's shoot for Saturday being fever free!!!

-I will try and update tomorrow... I only have small windows of when she is not attached to my person so I will have to type as fast as I can, but she has been sleeping soundly for a while now. yay!

Well she woke up... back to my backyardigans.... saweet!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh girl i'm so sorry for you guys. even though it was great to see you today i wish it had been under different circumstances! i did have playing with her today though. praying for fever free! please call if you need ANYTHING! enjoy the backyardigans! love ya!

Bug said...

i am so so sorry. that sounds like no fun at all. what a stressful time. i'm sorry.
but you truly are amazing. you always have such an amazing and strong outlook and are always fun to read. keep up your amazing spirit and i hope little Mia will start eating for you soon. and that you'll get some sleep!
you're in our prayers.

jayna said...

Oh man oh man- I just stopped in and caught up on Mia's latest mountain to sorry guys! That is no fun at all. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way!