Nov 24, 2010

We Call it "SWITCH"

 Dance parties occur often around here

 Daddy turns the music on... loudly

 Then, we take turns dancing with each other until someone yells "switch!"  Now that we are a family of six everyone gets a turn dancing with everyone in the family. Well... except for Mia and Sam- we'll give Mia a minute before we let her dance with Sam.

"Switch" is used as a diversion when someone is behaving poorly or in a grouchy mood.
* We have used music/dancing a lot while Mia is on the mend.
"Switch" is most commonly started right after dinner when we are supposed to be cleaning up, but really don't want to.
*Let's be honest... dishes don't get done until the next morning.  
"Switch" has been a family tradition from the time when we just had one baby to fight over.  Now we make it through a few songs because we rotate so many times.  My favorite "switch" is when I get to dance with JB and watch my kids.
*Jensen and Ellie always dance like maniacs when they're partnered up.  

We call it Switch... what do you call it?  Before we called it Switch... we called it "Dance Party!"  said in a loud "male cheerleaderish" voice.  he he.


Shelley Eggett said...

We call it Dance Party! Always happens in the kitchen. Having an even # would really help huh?

Sarah said...

I love this and I love your family :)

Jennifer said...

How much super cool fun is that! Love the pictures too!