Dec 23, 2010

Pretend this came in the Mail... please.

Wishing you a very very merry Christmas from the McDonald Family!!

I had every intention of printing a Christmas card, but it wasn't in the cards this year.  Instead... you get a whole Christmas post instead.  Yes, a whole post where I get to brag about my children- shocking deviation from all of my "usual" posts.

My friend and I did a photo swap to get our Christmas card photos ready to go.  I took pictures of her family and then she manned the camera for mine.  It was POURING rain the day we decided to do it.  Despite all of the ruined hair-dos. I still love the pics. 

Jense: He is our big 7 year old big boy.  He is our artist.  He has an entire picture book filled with his drawings.  He is really into "self portraits."  I don't have the heart to tell him that a "self portrait" is supposed to be of ones "self."  He LOVES when i am willing to sketch a "self portrait" of him at bed time.  He giggles and tries to hold a straight face, and is always thrilled with the end result.  My sketching rivals that of a kindergartner and his "self portraits" look creepy with his eyes in his forehead and his chin a few inches past his lip. He is an excellent student and a great reader.  Aside from his artistry he also thoroughly enjoys writing his own books.  He keeps a stash of paper and his stapler well stocked with staples for when he is up at night writing away.  I think I encouraged him so much the first time that he will often greet me in the morning with a new book he wrote.  Two mornings ago his book was as follows:
The peopl on the ships.
by Jensen McDonald
I was on Juprdr frst
Oh no mor peopl ar kumen
O the ar my friens
Hi Frens
I thot you giz wer alens
Thar ar to mene frens on juprdr
I want to go bak

The End
Bi Bi See you next tim. 

The best part of his books are his illustrations.  This particular book had solar systems on each page with multiple space ships.  He has a thing for rockets and space ships.  I want to save all of his books.  I am not big on saving his "crafts," but these books are priceless.

He is a good little worker and generally has a good attitude about it.  He keeps his room really clean most of the time, although I think he finally learned the loop hole of just shoving things under his bed.  He loves to play with his sisters and often creates fun things for them to do. He holds a lot of responsibility and is self sufficient beyond his years.  His favorite task is making his own eggs.  He is creative to say the least and is by far the artist of the family.  And just like his daddy he can sing really well but doesn't want to sing in front of anyone.  He will sing songs with me at night, but refuses to sing out loud for anyone else. He is looking forward to turning 8 and can be baptized. We are so proud of him.


Elvis: Miss passionate and nurturer extraordinaire.  She is sensitive and fiery but is the sweetest girlie girl I know.  One thing about Ellie that is so unique to her is how much she smothers loves her younger siblings.  Her life would be entirely different with out her two babies to take care of.  Honestly I don't know what she would do all day without them. I am in awe of her dedication and attention she pays to them both.  Barbies and coloring often get put on the back burner because she is busy "teaching" Mia and Sam new things.  Sam is constantly in a "fort" or a "cart" and she dresses Mia and tries to brush her hair- although Mia protests her hair getting done by anyone.  She is also a cute little reader and likes to memorize everything so she can read it really fast.  She has been taking dance all year and for the last few months has been in a musical theater class that she loves.  She is a little performer by nature and if it involves dancing or singing on a stage she can't wait.

 Ellie also loves to cook- and eat!  She is always making a snack, or cooking something to give to someone.  Often her creations involve a mass production of something super sticky covered in sprinkles.  She can't keep her hands off the sprinkles.  She reassures me that it is "OK" because she is making something special for either a family member or one of her friends.  I don't mind most of the time, but I had to start drawing a line with ice cream toppings and syrups.  I don't mind cleaning out the fridge, but I also don't look forward to it.  She loves to watch cooking shows, and watches intently and usually has comments like, "mom, I want to be a really good cooker!!" when shes done watching.       

Mia- Oh my Mia, where to start.  She is an angel- for real- a wild and crazy- happy screaming angel.  She has two loves... Olivia "Livila" and Super Why "why."  She starts asking for them even before she has left her crib.  When Mia is asking for something it is always begins with a "aught oh."  She will say "aught oh, Olivia." or "aught oh, bottle" as if to communicate to us that we must have forgotten to give her or get her something.  It is hilarious.  She is at a fun place with her communicating that she is willing to repeat anything we say.  They don't always come out right, but she is always willing to attempt.  For example, she calls candy "nanny" which is also what she calls my mom.  You can imagine we hear a lot of "aught out... nanny!" at our house.  She also loves her baby Sam.  They have started to interact quite a bit.  Mia likes to jump up from behind the side of the couch and play peek a boo with him.  It is so fun to watch her initiate interacting with him.  She has been sicker this winter than she was last year.  We are trying to keep her home as much as possible.  She seems to be getting a little stir crazy because when I am headed out somewhere she always says, "go" and heads for the door.  It is sweet as well as heartbreaking.  We do take her in the car, but she is not a good car rider.  She wants "OUT" if she is "aught oh, buckled" in for too long.  She loves books, singing "issy bissy" and "cake."  My most favorite thing about her right now is when she says "what?" It is the cutest thing possibly ever.  When she is in a playful mood which is often around here she says "what?"  It is just so fun, you have to hear it. Lastly she is always willing to give anyone kisses! It is so endearing.  Jense and Ellie always insist on a "hug and kiss" before john or I leave the house.  Now Mia has joined the fun and chats.. "waaa? waa?" while we are getting coats on.  "Waaa" is the noise Mia makes when she gives or wants a kiss.  Now they all get a kiss (hopefully Mia doesn't get sick with all the "waas" going on) every time we leave. 

Samer Jam-  He has always been my ultra sleeper- things haven't changed.  Although he has had a few signature nights that he gets up at two in the morning fully expecting to play with his mommy.  He is now in a cribby... has been for a month now- and luckily he never fell out of the bassinet.  He sleeps sometimes 12-14 hours... it's crazy.  We slip a little rice cereal in his bottle at night and he stays in dream land long enough for me to want to wake him in the morning because I miss him. He crawls around zipping from place to place.  He is fast!  His new favorite hang out is right in front of our floor mirror- he loves himself.  I love watching babies interact with their reflection- it is adorable.  Sam is also only interested in being facing out when being held.  If you even try to hold him faced in get ready for a wrestling match.  We lovingly refer to his stance as "arm bar." He has the most expressive face and purposefully flirts with everyone!  We call him, "Janny, Sammer Jam, Sammer Jammy, Po Jammie, pa Jammie, Jammers, Sham Jam etc.  lots and lots of variations of Sam and Jam... you get the idea. 

Daddy- Has been extremely busy this year.  Besides being ultra handy, and building sheds and baby rooms he is busy busy studying.  After experiencing everything he has with Mia, he has decided he wants to pursue a degree in the medical field.  He returned to school this year and is planning on become an Anesthetist.  He is excited and is fully committed to his new path.  He will be in school for a LONG TIME and I am proud of him for sticking with it despite some difficult classes.  He is going to be great and I'll let you know in a MILLION years how he likes it ;-)

Mommy-  Is pretty much doing the same ol' same ol' she has been doing for the past couple years.  Mostly being a mommy, but doing a little selling stuff here and there, keeping the car biz flowing, dabbles in photography (mostly because she can't stop taking pictures of her own children to save her life,) loves her calling, and  unsuccessfully recommits every weekend to exercise the following week :-) Something slightly different this year was her completion of a mini nutcracker performance. She didn't do the dancing...Ellie did the dancing, mommy did the orchestrating.  More on this eventually.

Merry Merry Christmas to you all!  


Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas to y'all, too! Absolutely beautiful pictures...incredibly beautiful family!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

so cute, loved all the pics and the brief updates! One year I'll send out a christmas card least you did a christmas post...i haven't blogged since halloween! your family is beautiful. jd and i were just talking about how great you guys are and how we missed you! love you.

Kirsten: said...

Great pictures of your beautiful family!

Talia said...

Merry Christmas! Mia is looking fantastic! (as are all the rest of you :0) )Talia

Brimaca said...

Beautiful pics and I Loved the updates. I wish I knew all your cute kiddos.

Cheralyn said...

Sorry I have been a little out of the loop but wanted to tell you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Your pictures are gold and I am so grateful to be able to call you my friend. You rock!