Dec 1, 2010

Vegtable Review

I was tired of going to the grocery store and purchasing the same ol' vegetables. Inspired by the "I wear hats" commercial... I decided to jump into a vegetable adventure. Oh, and I really don't wear hats...but liked the message of going ahead and doing something even if you don't think it's for you.  My ears are too big for hats- no really- they are!  I have purchased hats hoping to just tuck my ears in... didn't work.  Maybe I'll try a cute knit hat someday.  Of course winter hats fit over my big ears... I'm talking about stylish hats.  

So... while in the grocery store I purchased a vegetable I have never purchased before. I have passed them many times, but told myself..."you don't cook that." My kids have always been big on vegetables (that I've cooked before)- but I needed something new to get us out of our vegetable rut.  We cycle through Beets more than carrots, well maybe not carrots, but they devour anything that is swimming in vinegar and salt and pepper.  John loves vinegar and salt and pepper so the kids eat a lot of spinach, beets, and brussels sprouts. 

Here are my thoughts about the veggies thus far:

Rutabaga: I prepared them just like you would prepare mashed potatoes. They were yummy. They tasted just like Brussels sprouts (which are my kids fav) so they were 100% on board. Of course, when you add butter and sour cream how bad can it be??

Parsnip: This tasted like a Christmas carrot, or a yam, or sweet potato... or all three. They were tasty. I plan on buying them every couple months...not as frequently because the kids claimed to like them, but didn't Finnish them up.

Leeks: I was going to make a carrot/leek concoction, but decided just to throw them into some super delicious homemade chicken noodle soup. It added a little something, but only because I was looking for it. When I ate it by it self, I thought I was eating green onion.

Jimaca: This is tasty! I cut it up (peeled it first) then cut it up like carrot sticks and served with ranch. I think these would be perfect shredded in a salad, or cubed in a soup. They remind me of water chestnuts but sweeter.

Eggplant: Oh Eggplant... I have eaten you many times, but NEVER purchased you by choice. I just fried the egg plant and the kids were in heaven.

Baby Bok Choy:  I chopped it up and put it in fresh rolls... and won tons.  Again, deep frying vegatables is kind of cheating, but I think it would be good with any vegetable mix. 

I am excited to try some others... any recommendations? 


Christy Beal said...

I LOVE canned pumpkin in soups. But splurge on an organic brand - it makes a difference. A lot of the recipes say to add a splash of maple syrup to the soup - my recommendation is to SKIP it. I hate sugary soup. Gross. But pumpkin vegetable soup is a must. has a recipe

Also, collard greens sauted with shallots and bacon. ( has a good recipe) has two of my all time favorite recipes: creamy cauliflower soup, and corn + green chile chowder.

post some of your fun veg recipes! I need a few!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

sounds delicious, when's dinner?! what a good mom you are to venture out and use so many veggies!