Feb 23, 2010

We Need HELP!

We are having a baby. The baby needs a name. Why o why is it so difficult this time around?? Seriously, I don't know what to name our son. There are a few names that I keep going back to, but I am not sold. This pregnancy I keep thinking that I will hear a name and know instantly that, that's his name. This hasn't happened. John keeps throwing out names just to make me laugh... he's not very much help. I have gone through the lists... nothing is jumping out at me.

So, I (we) need some suggestions. Leave me some of your favorite boy names, and if we go with the name you suggested I will send you a little 'thank you' surprise. If more than one person suggests the same name, we'll go with the first person... if we choose that name. If I don't use any of the names I will just draw a name and send a prize to one of you.

ready... go! :-)

thanks in advance for your help... I really don't want to bring home baby "Ned" without a name.

Feb 18, 2010

Little Sister

2010-2-18 1888

This is a little sister post- all about little sisters...

2010-2-18 1577

Ok first, my friend has a little home business creating darling clothes/ bags/ hair accessories for little girls. She has three girls and the name of her business is little sister. A couple weeks ago she sent Ellie and Mia some clothes and those hair clips that I adore. Ellie was ecstatic to get a package in the mail with clothes that matched her sister. Maria,(my friend)has always been super creative...I remember her making her own paper in high school. I needed an excuse to post all of these pictures of my girlies so what a better way than to give a shout out to my friend and her extraordinary sewing creations. You can check her out HERE. I love them all! It's probably a good thing I am having a boy! Thanks so much for the the {little sister} dress, skirt, and yummy linen hair clips. I've can't resist putting them in my hair.


Both of my little girls are little sisters... I love that! Mia will not have a little sister, but with all the attention she gets from the sister she does have, it pretty much counts as three sisters in one. I don't think she'll miss out in the sister department- of course it is difficult for me to say that because I have FIVE sisters.

2010-2-18 1211

2010-2-18 0799

2010-2-18 1722

2010-2-18 1933

I love these little girlies!! How stinkin cute are they? Mia is loving her sister's attention quite a bit more now, which makes it easier for me to ask Elvis to help out. I'm sure when Mia starts walking she will be following Ellie around everywhere.

Last, I am off to see my little sister in Colorado!! Whut Whut! I am going on a glam- cation as a final hurrah before baby #4 comes. I could use a little break, although I'm nervous to leave Mia. She will be fine...I've just never been away from that little creature (since we've been home) and it will be sad for me not to hold her. Daddy will be on extra patrol because he knows how difficult it is for me to leave. right daddy? :-) My little sis is the BOMB- I'll post about our adventures when I return. Don't get your hopes too high... I am very much pregnant and am carrying around an extra 40 lbs- so, no bungee jumping or anything like that! It would be a funny joke if I had the baby in Colorado though... I am cutting it pretty close and barely making the safe to fly cut off.

2010-2-18 1277

She won't have a little sister... but she will have a little bro. This is how she feels about that!!

2010-2-18 0633

Peek-a-Boo! Ok, I'll stop now... I took a million pictures and I want to post them all!

Valentines Day... a little late

I love LOVE DAY!! Not only because I had a sweet baby girl on this day, but because it has always been a good holiday for me. Chocolate is always involved- sweet messages- and an abundance of expressing how much we love each other.

Today we all exchanged valentines- Mia was the recipient of many valentines, but only gave out smiles in return. She helped me polish off a bag of peanut m&m's and kept looking for the bag once they were gone. After all the hugs/kisses, and valentine exchanging- we geared up to sing to little miss Ellie for her actual birthday. She decorated the cake all by herself and counted out the candles and placed them in her cake. While we were singing she held up two valentines that she made for her dad. She was so proud!

She received her family gifts including some clothes, books, and a zhu zhu pet (I only paid $10 in case you were wondering). She also opened a picture from her grandma of her playing piano. Her only disappointment of the day was waking up and not feeling like she turned 5. She thought she would be taller and exclaimed... "mom, I'm not five... LOOK!" She continued to show me her legs and how they had not grown. I tried to explain that it is a gradual growth... when daddy came down stairs and said, "woah!!! you're taller- you must be five today." He saved the day.

Today,(last Sunday) they sang happy birthday to her in primary and it melted my heart watching her up there with her hands up under her chin swaying back and forth. John and I both went to church today.. it was a special treat! A sweet friend of mine who was just released as primary president volunteered to come watch Mia so we could go together. It was a good day- I'm glad I didn't miss that sweet display of bashfulness oozing from my daughter as they sang.

Lastly... my valentines day was complete when Ellie brought home this beauty from preschool.

My childhood flashed before me when I saw this valentine heart creation. I can remember making so many of these year after year. I have distinct memories of folding the paper back and forth perfectly so all the arms/legs would turn out the same. I guess some crafts span generations. You know you made one of these too at some point!!

Happy Love Day everyone!!
- a few days back.

Feb 15, 2010

Elvis the Musketeer

2010-2-14 0544

Miss Elvis is FIVE!..That means I've been a parent of a girl for five years! woah. Ellie is really into age..the topic usually becomes a major topic of interest around birthdays. Yesterday she asked me:

Elvis: "mom, how old are you?"
Me: "I'm 28"
Elvis: "oh, 28... like when you're about to be a grandma?"
Me: aaaalmost!

I don't think she has quite figured out that in order for me to be a grandma... she has to be a mother. It's cute though to hear her talk a lot about her age. She asks me on a daily basis if I did the same thing as her when I was a little girl. For example:

"mom, when you were a little girl did you hold still when your mom did your hair?"
"mom, when you were a little girl did you have to clean your room all by yourself?"
"mom, when you were a little girl did you have to take toilet paper to your dad?"

Even if I don't remember the answer, I usually respond to my advantage. I don't know why the sudden fascination with knowing if mommy had to do it too. It's almost as if she wants to know in case I didn't have to...she won't either?

Today she told John:

"daddy, you know, I'm not going to be a little girl forever. I am five, then I'll be six, then seven, and then I'm going to be an old lady. She said something similar to me... "Mom, I'm not going to be a little girl forever you know... I will be five, then six, then I'll be a mom too, then a teenager, then I'll go to high school." She's a little out out of order in all of her plan making.

She keeps wanting to grow up, and I just want her to stay little... forever!

2010-2-14 079

When she opened the package from my parents I was laughing because she was squealing with delight as she opened it up. She hasn't been that excited about any gift I have given her. If the gift came in the mail it is ten times better in her book. At Christmas she wanted me to tell her all of the gifts that came in packages in the mail. It cracks me up that she places so much added value to the gifts that the mailman brought. My parents did not disappoint... my favorite gift they sent was an "Elvis" beanie baby. The yummy outfit my mom made her actually tops the Elvis, but the bear is a hoot!

I can understand her thrill of getting stuff in the mail. After all, she gets the mail everyday... usually after checking at least twice. When something finally comes with her name on it, she feels like she pretty much won the lottery! If it's big and red... that always helps too.

2010-2-14 147

There is so much to say about this little girl... she is a confident little ball of sass with a definite sensitive side. We enjoy the spunk she brings into our lives. I was just telling my sister in law how much I need to stop and appreciate all the little things I love about her. We were shopping for her birthday supplies- (a rite of passage in this house) and she was tap dancing the entire time next to the cart. She had on ruby slippers from her preschool valentines party and the sound on the floor kept her going a mile a minute. I kept looking behind me watching her just go to town. All happiness in the world beaming from her face and as carefree as she could possibly be. We could use more shopping trips like that! She definitely wore herself out and went right to sleep that night.

2010-2-14 207

All for one and one for all!! Ellie's party this year was a barbie and the three musketeer party. Side note: I think after this party we are going to phase barbie out. I'm not into all the drama that goes on in some of the Barbie films. Some of them aren't that bad- but there are a few that have promotions for other barbie movies that are way way too mature for her. Of course you have to watch these ad's before the show...drives me nuts! Some just have to go!

The party was really fun and she had almost as much fun preparing for it as she did at the party:

2010-2-14 117

She got all pretty... hair curlers and all. This question came up :-) "mom, did your mom put hair curlers in your hair when you were a little girl?" She sure did!

2010-2-14 050

She helped me make the cake- $1.00 for the barbie $.88 for the cake mix, frosting and sprinkles were already in the cupboard. Pretty cheap cake!

2010-2-14 016

She stuffed her pinata, and helped with cleaning and decorating. As she prepared she kept referring to everyone as her "guests."

2010-2-14 193

I just love my little Elvis... and although it breaks my heart that she is five I love the person she is and wouldn't trade her age. Although those BIM videos really plead a strong case for me wanting that baby back!

2010-2-14 1533

At the party the girls went through "musketeer training." They learned to balance using a sword, throw things at the bad guys, and transform into their musketeer selves. They also tried to save the prince with the secret pass code. Ellie had the correct pass code and saved the prince, well two of them (Jens and my nephew).

It was a fun party, and I think mission happy birthday was accomplished! Thanks to auntie beebs, rachel, and rebecca for helping me out. Daddy was snow camping, but made it back just in time to see his birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Big girl!!! We LOVE YOU!!!

Feb 11, 2010

A few Acknowledgments

2010-2-10 255

Jense received an award for a picture he drew at school. We went to the recognition night and he came home with a ribbon, certificate, and a heart full of achievement.

On the way home from the ceremony, he was quite chatty…this is what I recall him saying:

Mom, when I was waiting to go on stage- I could feel my heart beating really fast… like boom boom boom. Then, when they called my name it was beating really really fast. When I got on stage I didn’t want to smile because I was shy, but then I smiled a little, and my heart stopped it’s beating.

I loved hearing how he was nervous, but went through with it anyway. What a sweet little kid. He has come such a long way in not being shy- it melts my heart. He is quite the little artist too. Now if only I could find that picture to scan in. it’s somewhere…

2010-2-10 193

Ellie has been in the same piano preschool that Jensen was in. The Suzuki method is fabulous. Ellie being the second sibling just picked it up quickly and could play all of her twinkle songs early. She knew all of the right hand within the first couple months but getting the coordination on her left hand took a minute. She is so proud of her twinkle trophy and asks me if she could sleep with it. It was such a special day and now she is off playing Mary had a little lamb- I love piano class!!

2010-2-10 015

On the way home from her twinkle day, she asked me if she could share her trophy with one of the kids in class who was upset that he didn’t have a trophy. It’s pregnancy for sure, but sometimes I just want to cry because of how sweet she is. I assured her that all the kids in the class would get their own twinkle trophies.

2010-2-10 044

*Isn't the flower in her hair just darling? I want one in every color... for MY hair! Post coming soon to tell how to get your own. My picture taking has come to a screeching halt- too busy cleaning house I guess.

2010-2-10 059

Mia... well she just get's acknowledged for breathing! We can't get enough of this little monster. She has officially turned the corner...she is now quite the little rascal. She is SUPER Chatty although it is all in her own language that doesn't sound like English whatsoever. She is a thrill seeker and says the word "GO" all day long. Today she kept bringing me a toy car she wanted me to launch off of the couch. After handing it off she would declare, "GO!" then wait for me to push it off. When it hit the floor she would scream with delight and retrieve it. We did this for a good fifteen minutes.

Mia will now walk behind a cart, but no solo steps. She freeze's up like someone is about to draw her blood when we tell her to take a step. She went from happy prancer when we're holding her hands to I am not sure about this Frankenstein stumble. It's funny how in my heart I don't want her to walk because she is my baby and that means that she'll be a toddler. I DO want her to walk because I'm not too keen on carrying around two babies. If she doesn't walk before this baby shows up- we'll send her to walking boot camp. Can you technically be a toddler and not walk? I vote that you are a baby until you walk...then you can graduate. I just might have a two year old baby on my hands. Love that girl!! I do have a bad feeling about baby Ned getting the beat down once he's here. Mia loves the belly...not like Ellie loved the belly (all affection and kisses 12 hours a day) Mia, loves to slap the belly. I think she thinks it's a drum.

2010-2-10 063

Not much more to say about the little miss.. she did have RSV. I didn't blog about it-- I didn't blog at all that week, but she got over it fine! Let's hope that this the case with everything else she contracts. I do think that her meds are causing some crazy skin issues. Not like the hair growth with the other meds, but her baby cheeks are always chapped and she gets splotches on her tummy as well. I need to do some research about it. It usually goes away after I lather her up with lanolin, but it ALWAYS comes back.

2010-2-10 00292

OK, last thing, we had a feeding therapy session to touch base and to make a new plan for her eating. We're still working on little things like getting her to take a bite of something that is offered instead of just putting the whole thing in her mouth. Mia's therapist thinks she is "phenomenal" and can't believe she eats as well as she does. It is so reassuring to hear... it was a long haul- and I am soooo GLAD we are not in the throws of aversions still. With three teeth she is eating like a champ. Now I just need her to feed herself... with a spoon/fork and not make every meal a huge undertaking to clean up. I hope to someday lend some advice about how we beat the NG tube after so long...I was desperate for help and found literally nothing online. That is on the list, I'll get to it... eventually.

Feb 9, 2010

Nesting… or not

Baby Ned will be here (if he arrives on time) in less than two months. Oh, and just to clarify, no we are not naming our son “Ned” it is just his name until we can agree on a name. Agreement may or may not happen at this point…maybe his name will be “Ned.” Hmmm… Ned Mcdonald- nope, not gonna happen.

Maybe it’s because this is my fourth child or maybe it’s because I am lazy, or maybe it’s because my heart function as decreased since last month. Whatever it is… I have accomplished ziltch for this little baby boy. No blankets, no shopping, no painting, no preparing…nada!!

With my other children I had their "go home" outfits picked out months in advance…well with the exception of Mia. For her I just had a huge bag of darling clothes that she NEVER got to wear. I have a bag of clothes in Mia’s closet, that don’t really have a place to go. Maybe that is my problem. I am not preparing because all of our bedrooms are taken. I would put the girls together, but I just don’t think it’s time for that. Also, I would have a really difficult time painting over either one of their rooms. Jense is responsible enough to share with the baby, but we would have to switch beds- he currently sleeps in a queen. Decisions, decisions. The baby will be in with us for awhile anyway.

I guess I am feeling a little guilty that all of our baby stuff is pink and I am not motivated to try and sell the pink stuff to get a more boy friendly color. I love my swing (it plugs in) and can’t fathom getting rid of it yet…but it’s pink!

Is it wrong to put your baby boy in a pink swing and car seat? The car seat I can switch no prob- no attachment to that, but that swing has rocked my world and my baby so well.. with ZERO batteries.

My nesting must be manifesting in other ways. For example, I transferred all of our home videos to DVD’s – copies for everyone in the family. The DVD's are even color coded. John and I will be sharing, but the kiddos will each have their own stack of home videos. No, I did not drop them off at costo- I burned them one at a time- which nearly drove me crazy! In a couple more months I will have to make DVD’s for yet another person. I decided awhile back that everyone needed their own copy- it also helps me sleep at night knowing there is more than one copy.

Next, I alphabetized my spice cupboard. This is sooo not my personality, but something came over me, and I needed all spices to be arranged just so. I have friends who keep inventory of their spices- something I like to mess with them about, but now I have crossed over. I alphabetized my spices!!!

I went on a sock crusade. Usually there is a stack of unmated socks all wound together waiting to be reunited with its pair. Not anymore!! I gathered all socks, had all laundry done, checked under the dryer etc. Everything that didn’t have a mate was banished from the house. It was quite gratifying feeling that for just that one day all socks in the house had a mate. This usually isn’t a general practice of mine either because the missing socks usually surface eventually. The car, diaperbag, couch cushion, and behind the bed are all prime sock hiding locations.

Next...this one is more Mia motivated that baby I think, but I cleaned my hardwood floors with toothpicks. Over kill, maybe? John came home and caught me and wouldn’t allow me to continue. I was using the tooth picks to get in-between each slab of wood…there has to be a better way. I keep day dreaming of taking a pressure washer to the cracks between the hardwoods, but quickly snap out of it when I realize the damage and clean up that would be involved.

Ellie’s dresser is now decorated with a picture of what belongs in that drawer. She claims she doesn’t know which drawer to put her clothes away in when it’s time to put away her pile. Usually she just opens the drawers and shoves everything in where it will fit. This has been going on for years and something I have wanted to remedy for a long time. Now she has no excuse and can put away her clothes where they belong. My own problem now is that Jense wants the same thing. His closet and drawers are always organized, so there is no need…but since he requested it..we’ll see.

Although baby Ned is not going to have a cute little boy nursery to come home to, he will come home to an organized, clean, fancy spice cupboard, stray sock free home.

I still have some time to at least whip up a blanket eh?

Feb 3, 2010

Uncle BIM


Our friend Jim came up to visit, we love when he comes. Jim is John boys long time best friend... he is the guy next to John in the photo. If there is one person to witness John and Mimi through the ages, it is Jim. He was there from day one and has been around ever since… although California holds him captive for far too many months out of the year.

I am sure a good majority of the people reading my blog will know who he is, so I don’t really have to explain the greatness that is Jim, but he is great! He was the face of EFY for many years, and just a guy you always want around.

Speaking of EFY… I have a good embarrassing story for you… not involving Jim, but a good story nonetheless.

So a few weeks into the summer as an EFY counselor I flew out to Arizona to do a session in flagstaff… I think. We were getting ready for the big opening assembly when the counselors sing and dance and get the youth really pumped about being there and excited for the week of awesome activities and spiritual growth. So, there I am practicing a pretty intense dance routine with this other counselor who is a great dancer. We threw a bunch of lifts into the dance to make it exciting… actually that is all we did because there were singers on stage. It was kind of like dancing with the stars where the singers are singing up high and the dancers down below them. One particular lift we decided to include, (I believe it is called the candlestick) was always practiced with me landing on my feet. Usually after having my feet suspended in the air I would have landed on his waist. There was no need really to practice this way because it did look a little provocative with all the other counselors watching etc. We agreed that when we performed we would do it the real way, but for practicing sake I would just land on the ground.

There I was being lifted high in the air to a beautiful song, just like I had dreamed of doing for years. I felt weightless and glamorous in front of a big auditorium of people. Things couldn't possibly improve at this point. Towards the end of the song we prepared for one of our final lifts… the candle stick… see where this is going????

My feet were high in the air and he was spinning me around (think dirty dancing) and then I came down ready to land on his waist like we had planned, when BAM! my head hit the floor instead. HARD! He was not ready/ expecting my body weight and we both fell flat -my head smacked the ground and he landed right on top of me.

The singers stopped singing, the music was turned down, and the “medical counselors” came rushing to the front where we were. We managed to get up while she kept asking over and over again if I was ok. I was FINE! I just wanted to finish the dance and my day in the sun.

The other counselor felt terrible that he forgot we were performing it differently than we had rehearsed. It was quite humiliating, and I managed to escape with only a small shred of my pride. I can generally brush things off pretty easily, but during that week at EFY, I was easily recognized as the girl who almost broke the floor with her head. The girls in my group liked to bring it up too. It turned out to be my favorite session of EFY...concussion and all

There you have it...embarrassing huh?

back to Jim now- WE LOVE JIM! I completely dropped the ball on pictures... all week long! These photos are muy viejo!


We had a lovely week with him and the kids keep asking when we are going to go visit him. It's great when he's here...we love to reminisce about the old days, and mess with each other. If there is one person on this planet I can banter with as much as I do John... it's Jim. He is a great friend and we will miss him! We did play a little "settlers" for old time sake. He is still stingy and tries to trade one sheep-shank for two cards..I guess somethings never change.


While he was here we had a lot of good laughs- it felt good to laugh hard. I still can't believe that I didn't take any pictures- how did that happen??? Maybe someday Jim will read this and know how much we love him- (he admitted that he only looks at the pictures on my blog, and reads NADA). I know that my blogs are a bit wordy... i just get carried away!

During his stay he showed me some Youtube videos he had from a visit years ago. I almost started to cry (pregnancy) when I watched them. Where did my little sweet babies go?

Ellie is the same age as Mia is now in these videos...they look so much alike. Mia is actually wearing the exact pajamas tonight as Ellie had in the video.

Get ready for some heart melting...if you remember Jense and Ellie at this age!!

*pause the music on the left... sorry.