Mar 31, 2010

Things She loves...

Besides musical toys, pianos, and pitch pipes... Mia has added a few things to her love list.

#1- THE TRAMPOLINE... she laughs hysterically when her siblings run circles around her on the trampoline. The kids are only allowed to do little jumps, and Mia would stay there all day long if the kids would. I can hear her screaming while I'm in the kitchen. She screams when she's happy... it's more like a squeal than a scream, but it's loud and happy! She feels similarly about the swing, but the trampoline definitely is her thing right now.

2010-2-19 085

2010-2-19 086

#2- The "clean it cloth" drawer. My sister has always called rags "clean it cloths," and so do we. Well, little Mees knows the drawer and unloads it nonstop. If we put them back...she promptly clocks in and gets to work. Again, I think it is adorable! I am sure eventually I won't, but every little move she makes brings sunshine to my heart.

#3- Rough housing with her daddy. This is not a new love, just one that has grown in intensity. Mia has one killer belly laugh which can be heard daily when her daddy is "roughing her up." Last night, John was making Mia roll off the couch then would catch her. Eventually she would shout "go" and dive right off herself. When daddy gives the other kids a turn, Mia watches intently, then squeezes herself back into her daddies clutches.

#4-Knee Walking. The girl can walk-- she will gladly walk from JB to myself...looking a lot like Frankenstein. She refuses to walk on her own...not even one step. She goes EVERYWHERE on her knees. I don't get it.. it is a matter of a few inches and she could be bruised knee free. Mia now has some fancy pink orthoses that we think are darling, but I feel have caused her regression in walking. She is forced to stand correctly on her feet now, and she's not going for it. I really wanted her to be walking (without mommy/daddy encouragement) pre Ned, but unless she has a really successful couple of days.. it's not looking good. Personally I think she is waiting for her Nana. Nana and Mia have a special bond... it's possible she doesn't want to show off until her Nana can witness.

#5- The slide: We took the kids to the park after a little maternity photo shoot last week. I think all of the rough housing is creating somewhat of a little dare devil in Mia. The slide in our back yard is too long for her to attempt solo, but the one at this park was the perfect Mia size slide. Once she slid down, we couldn't keep her off...and we didn't want to. I love to see her progressing. As we drove away I had to hold back tears (pregnancy hormones) because John and I have never taken our three kids to the park all together before. John usually takes the kids out and I stay home with Mia. It was nice to have a normal family outing to a park... it was long over due.
2010-2-20 375e

2010-2-20 264e

2010-2-20 257e

2010-2-20 335e

Mar 28, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

FIVE days to go.... FIVE!!

My feelings are a little bittersweet about this final stretch of pregnancy. My body is DONE- and I can't wait to get back to my normal energy/activity level. At the same time of feeling like this baby couldn't come sooner, I am saddened that these are my final days of being pregnant.... FOREVER.

It's interesting how when you're told that you shouldn't have any more kids, then you find out your pregnant, then...up until your final days of pregnancy everything has gone relatively fine-that I find myself questioning if there is a possibility that I will be pregnant again. If I wasn't told by multiple doctors that another pregnancy would be a really bad idea, I would probably be just fine with four children anyway. Is it the rebel in me that doesn't want to be told what to do? I have tried to consider myself the cardiac patient that I am during this pregnancy... i have tried to be obedient and not lift things, I have tried to take it easy...but I have rarely owned up to the severity of my CHD.

After having Mia, I would never have planned to be pregnant for quite some time... it was too scary... too much! I couldn't handle those agonizing months again, or any possibility that we could have a repeat. I would be content with my three kiddos, then maybe...perhaps... we would have another one.... maybe. There was another plan for our family. Luckily, I feel entirely different now. I can have healthy babies, I can carry them to term, and I can recover emotionally from such an ordeal as Mia.

My mom is probably reading this in a panic thinking that I am considering having another child. Don't worry mom... I know the risks... I am just having a moment of... is this really my last five days of child bearing?? Am I never going to see a knee or an elbow move across my tummy again? It is so fascinating! Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to have been able to have three soon be four adorable children. It just seems premature to be calling it a day with babies at age 28. In a few years when Ned isn't a baby I KNOW I will be baby hungry. John is in this same boat. He LOVES babies! When we met, he told me he wanted to have ten. Yes, I still married him ;-) Luckily, he knew what he signed up for when he married me, but I know how much he loves the babies, so I am a little sad for him too- that this is his last go, and he got cheated out of his last new born.

Things will be so different with this baby... I can't wait to meet him!! I was looking at baby pictures of my little baby Jense, and I can't wait to meet Ned. I am sure he will look just like him... Mia looks just like Ellie did.

So hopefully on Thursday there will be a baby announcement... and an announcement of Ned's name....hopefully!!

Mar 25, 2010

A fews things I want to remember...

*all photo's are trapped inside my computer that has a broken charger. Hopefully I will get a new cord today, but in case I don't...


When Mia wants to get cozy she tucks her arms between herself and me or her cribby. She gets this from me... I am an arm tucker. I just love that when I pick her up and she wants to be snuggly, those arms go directly in front of her. Mia loves to burrow into me...and I gladly play my roll. John calls her the baby drill.

2010-2-19 008

She is getting really good at giving kisses... there are two components to her kisses. 1) she makes the fish face with her lips to get ready 2) She makes the "ma" noise when she gives the kiss. Both steps melt my heart and keep me requesting those kisses until her attention gets pulled somewhere else.

When she has the hiccups- they are not just a noise... her whole head bobs from the violent jerking the hiccups produce.

She sings along to her fridge phonics toy- it is darling! She doesn't have the letters down, but gets a few here and there and sings it like she was born to. Another thing she loves to sing...well a part the Olivia theme song. When the kids watch Olivia, there is a part in the song that she sings every time. It's at the end when the song says "Oliviaaaaaaa." She just says "aaaaaaa," but close enough!

2010-2-19 115

The clapping- if anyone says, "yay" or she hears anyone clap- she instantly starts clapping. It is a hoot to watch live TV with her around- she claps nonstop.

2010-2-19 252

Musical toys are her thing- she spends hours playing with any kind of toys that make music. Her little dance to her toys melts my heart. Every little thing she does feels like a personal victory for me. I am a new mom with her... like no other kid on the planet dances while pushing buttons on a toy.

She is entering a wee bit of the naughty stage. Today for the first time she colored all over a wall and a bench- I was so proud that she colored that I was temped to put her in front of another wall. I'm sure the novelty will wear off really quickly- me and scrubbing are opposites right now.

Sleepy time is turning into a bit of a nightmare. It seems like overnight she doesn't need as much sleep. Last night she was up until midnight just minding her own business playing toys. She has been ultra sleeper taking long naps and going to bed at 8 and not getting up until 9- where did my good sleeper go?? At least she is not crying- but I do like my kids in bed ON TIME!


Little Miss give said the little stream.

Ellie's number one redeeming quality is her generosity. She wants everyone to get stuff, and have stuff, and be surprised by her giving them something. The other day, the young men activity was at our house and when they showed up Ellie ran up stairs to begin gathering her "gifts." She asked me to help her wrap presents for each of the boys. Not only were there twelve boys here, but they are full on teenagers and the majority of the items in Ellie's room/toy box would not be appreciated by any of them. She pleaded her case that she wanted to give something to all of them and needed my help wrapping- I lovingly told her that I didn't have enough wrapping paper. The truth was I didn't think I could make it up off the floor. I convinced her to just wrap up a gift for the boy that wins... they were having a tournament. She promptly headed over the armour where all the wrapping stuff is, got a gift bag and coordinating tissue paper and wrapped up some candy, a spring animal pen, and a party hat. Then she bashfully went downstairs to tell her dad that she had a gift for the "best boy."

At dinner time she likes to run out and see what kids in the neighborhood are outside playing...then she'll run in the house and ask if she can invite them to dinner. A few times she has extended the invite prior to asking me if it is OK- she just wants to GIVE! We have started calling dinner time- "just our family" time.

A friend was over the other day with her young daughter, and the minute she arrived Ellie started loading her up with things that she wanted her to have. She also has a few of her birthday presents ear marked for various people... I love her generosity, but I also want her to enjoy some of her toys before they head out the door. I end up telling her that she can give away anything she wants to, but we are not going to be buying new toys- or whatever it is she is trying to off load. I need her to teach her brother some of these techniques. Jense wants to keep EVERYTHING!! He is good at sharing don't get me wrong, but is in the early stages of becoming a pack rat.

Jense: Is really into collections. He has a rock collection, a transformer collection, art work collection,(that he hangs all over his walls) a pillow collection,(8 to be precise) a candy collection, an award collection, a random things he found outside collection. Jense sees value in EVERYTHING. For example, this is a good one... I bought Mia some shoes at target the other day- I couldn't resist- they were darling. Anyway, he asked if he could keep the "circo" tag that came on them. It is a round little tag that had the plastic attachment still intact- and he taped it to his light switch. I was turning off the light last night after bedtime and saw his latest addition and had to talk to him about garbage. He really really wants it there, and I just want a light switch void of any garbage. I wouldn't care really, if it was there for just a few days, but he wants it to be a permanent fixture. We have been having a lot of conversations about things that are good to keep around and things that are not.

Today, when he was taking out the recycling he rescued a cardboard advertisement of a kid playing an instrument... it was for a Montessori or something, but he really really wanted to keep it. I told him he could keep it for a couple days then it had to go back into recycling. Am I going overboard? I don't want to be sneaky and weed things out of his room, he would notice anyway, but all of the stuff is getting to me. I cleaned out a cupboard we had of medical paraphernalia from Mia that hasn't been touched in months and he begged to keep the pill crusher...a pill crusher!!!

He doesn't want me to throw away any of his school work. If he sees it in the recycle bin, he protests and asks why I threw it away. We're talking worksheets with no color here- not even art work. If I kept every piece of paper that emerged from that backpack, I would need a few boxes.

It's interesting to have kids on extreme sides of the spectrum. One wants to give away everything, and keep nothing to herself while one thinks that every tiny piece of plastic is manna from heaven. Both are good in their own way, and both have their draw backs. At least they're keeping me on my toes and spicing it up for me in the parenting arena.

Mar 21, 2010

April Fools Day... a few thoughts

Mimi's shower invite2

This is the invitation, minus a few details, that my friend created for a shower for Ned. First of all I think it is hilarious that my husband told her that I "eat bad liars for lunch." We joke around a lot about doing certain things in our sleep or eating things for lunch... for example: If John was going to watch more than our kids at a time, I might say... "you're cool with all these kids?" He would say... "I eat kids for lunch." I am cracking up that it made it onto a baby shower announcement.

Second of all, I was completely convinced of the error. When my friend told me the story of how she didn't realize what she had done until the night before...I was SOLD! It was well thought out, AND all details of her story made complete sense. Good thing I wasn't disappointed or I would have felt really stupid. She told me that she would just keep the girl gifts (she was having a girl) and get some things for Ned. I tell you, it was really convincing. So, no "lunch" was had- and I was the recipient of an early April Fools joke.

Hopefully my boy, if he is born on the 1st, has a better ability of sensing jokes on his birthday!

April Fools Day is my official due date... it is not the first time I was due on this date:

A few year ago I was expecting. I had miscarried earlier that year, and was excited about the possibility of a new baby. I took a pregnancy test and sure enough... it was positive. I went in for an early ultrasound because I was nervous about a repeat miscarriage. The doctor found two separate sacs, but wasn't confident enough to confirm that I would be having twins. I was ecstatic, but at the same time concerned that my heart would struggle carrying twins. We went on vacation, and when I returned my doctor confirmed that I was miscarrying....again!

I haven't shared much about my experience with miscarriage, nor is this post supposed to be about miscarriage. I just think that it is tender that I am due on April 1st again.

Everyone thinks that I am crazy that I am trying to hold out for my due date. Most women would gladly go a few days early if not a couple weeks. Don't get me wrong... I would LOVE for April to be today, but I really want an April baby, so I'm hoping he stays put. We still haven't decided on a name, so it's good we have a week + to try and figure it out. It seems like such a hassle to try and name the baby after you leave the hospital- sign me up for hassle free.

Mar 15, 2010

Mia in the News

Yesterday we went up to Bellevue to meet with Komo 4 news and Donate life to share Mia's story.
The video isn't that long, but here is a little snippit of the little miss Mees. She was a big flirt, but also quite squirmy. During a majority of the interview NONE of the kids would hold still- we had to eventually give Jensen and Ellie the boot because Jense was making goofy faces at the camera- lovely. He was funny, but was not really sending the correct message about organ donation.
We also got to meet a heart recipient (Nate) and his wife. It is so amazing to meet other families and hear their story. I am recommited to always taking my pre-med after hearing his story!!! It is crazy how quickly things can change, and how so many lives are/can be saved through organ donaiton.
To watch the video click HERE
Oh one last thing... I know the camera adds some pounds, but sheesh!! I look HUGE! I will share the video in the name of organ donation awareness- and blame my swollen face on my 45 lb weight gain. Ned makes his debut.. (if he's obedient) in two weeks and three days! Then hopefully I can have my face back.

last last thing... in the clip it states that her heart was fine at 20 weeks... it was not. They told me at the 20 week ultrasound that her heart looked great. Her heart was dilated at that time, but the tech didn't notice. Just to clarify.

Mar 11, 2010


I went out to Colorado to visit my little sis before I have baby boy. It is kind of a tradition to go out and visit her when I'm about to have a baby. I met my older sister Rae in Salt Lake, then we flew out together. I completely forgot that it would be snowy when I got there. I didn't really notice the snow because I was too busy relaxing and not thinking about any mommy duties. This picture was on our way to eat at Vesta. If you live anywhere near Denver- it's a must. The food is divine.

We were pampered the entire time. This was my second time at this particular spa, and just like the first time... they gave me the "man robe." Not maternity, not large.... "man robe." It's alright though because I learned this past weekend that I weigh the same (right now) as my brother in law. Me and the man robe deserve each other I suppose. I will gladly wear the man robe anytime... especially for being as spoiled as I was. This place was super fancy- all of it- fance! I tried to take a picture of my freshly pedicured feet, but this was the shot I got instead. That's Ned- in case you were wondering.

My sisters made delicious red velvet cupcakes of varying fillings, while my pregnant self chilled on the couch. What's better than making red velvet cupcakes??? Sitting on the couch and having them brought to you... that's what! In fact, I didn't help make anything- at all! All (home) meals were lovingly prepared by my sisters and I didn't lift a finger. I was so busy being lazy that I didn't even get a picture of us all. Boonie is the hostess with the mostess- literally. She packed me snacks when we were headed out, she gave me little massages, she brought me drinks, and asked all the time if I needed anything. She even left us cookies and drinks on the nightstand. I love my sisters!! Rae and Boo took turns putting my shoes on when it was time to leave. I could use this kind of pregnancy pampering at home. I'll have to send daddy to Boonie boot camp!

We were surprised with tickets to Brian Regan. He is hilarious!! I knew she had a surprise up her sleeve, but I was thrilled when we pulled up and realized what that surprise was. I LOVE Brian Regan, and his jokes just don't get old. John and I quote him often, and have a little Brian lingo going on. If you are Brian fans.. you know you know what I'm talking about- "ten and two- ten and two!"

Visiting Boo helped me to cross of a major "to do" from my never ending list. I started this wedding gift... well, let's just say they were married when Mia was waiting for her heart. My friend and I went to the hardware store, purchased all of our lumber, came home and sawed all of the pieces into the correct dimensions... then glued them all together. After practically finishing them, they sat in my garage until the plans for glam-cation were put in place. It is such an odd size, and I didn't want to risk it getting hurt in the mail... after all, I could have easily lost some fingers while making it, so I was determined that it was going to make it in one piece. I packed it in a big rubber made tote- which Rae had the lovely task of carrying through the airport... so it was a joint gift. The inspiration for this gift came from HERE- I have one for Mia too- stay tuned.

I love to see my sister so happy! She loves her "Carlos," and he couldn't be a better husband to her! This quote suits them perfectly. They loved it... or pretended to at least.

This is gump. or gumpy, or brown one, or brown, or brown dog. There are many variations... after all his mommy is a Jensen girl!! He is her baby... they have two dogs, but brown one is hers! Gump is getting old, and has diabetes, but is holding strong. There were a few times when I thought I was going to just burst into tears, but I held it back. He has these doggy eyes, that pierce your soul and then couple that with his sweet little body slowly climbing onto the couch...I could barely hold it in. I have never had an animal affect me the way that brown did. I think the reason is because I had no idea that my sister was doing as much for him as she was. I knew that he was getting older and required shots, but she is doing so many similar things that I have/had to do taking care of Mia. For example, they celebrated how much he ate, and are continually going back to the drawing board with new gimmicks to get him to eat enough food. She tested his blood sugar a few times a day (I don't have to actually poke Mia, but she gets plenty of blood draws.) They give him meds...and injections on a daily basis. My sister is living a parallel life to me, and here I was thinking I was the only one in our family who kept charts, and levels, and administered drug after drug. It was humbling- and sweet to know much she loves her dog. Her devotion to him is so tender, and it make me teary OK? She definitely gets the nurturing award... nurturing to both me and her brown one. I can't wait for her to be a momma... she is going to be the best! AND her kids are going to have some killer dimples... now who can resist those?

Boo- thanks for the perfect weekend.. I'm thinking that after Ned is not nursing we will have to make girl's weekend a semi-annual event!!

Mar 1, 2010

Three, I say THREE steps

First of all,

Thanks everyone for your fabulous suggestions. I love so many of the's possible that I am more confused now with all these great choices. If you have more, keep them coming! When we get down to the top choices, I'll just have to take a poll ;-) We are in the final month stretch... YAY! I am so excited to meet my little boy... we (john) have been calling him baby big nose. Mean, I know. After an ultrasound a few months back the tech took some 3-D images and I couldn't see past his nose. John is the one that came up with the nick name, and has referred to him as such ever since. I know the 3-D images can play tricks, but unless he was moving right then or it picked up an off image- this kid is going to be well oxygenated. As long as his little heart pumps perfectly, I feel like I'm winning the lottery!!

Ok, onto my little heart girlie...

Picnik collage

My name is Mia,
I took my first three steps Friday night.

My parents decided to finally sit down and help me go back and forth between them.
I was extremely motivated by my fridge phonics toy, and walked the best when I had something in my hands.

My parents are pleased as punch at my first steps, and can't wait until I can walk. My mommy's friends Rebecca and Rachel were my first cheerleaders, then later that night grandma and grandpa McDonald witnessed as well.

I plan to be sprinting by the time I turn 20 months old... I have eight days till then!!!

Watch out world- I am on the move. Well, three steps in at least.

oh, and my mommy is working on some feeding advice/tricks for the other heart mommies who have emailed her.