Apr 29, 2010

Tiny Toes

2010-4-22 0744

I finally got around to taking some pics of my little man. I only have time to post one... he sure likes to be held!!

Apr 26, 2010

Sick as a DOG

I don't know where that expression came from, but miss Mees is sick as a dog. She is now breathing with senior nebulizer because of the loveliness in her lungs.

I am just trying to make sure I change/wash/sanitize as I go back and forth non stop between the two babies. Mia getting sick is a nightmare... but trying to nurse a newborn that can't breathe- I don't want to add that to the mix! You could say things are a little crazy around here. The worst part about this (besides Mia being miserable) is that:

NANA went back to Utah!

My mom has been here since Sam was born and now she's gone. She had to go home to finish out the school year, or I probably would have hidden her keys. It's a harsh reality when you're thrown back into cooking your own meals! It was so nice to have her here spoiling me. For all of the rest I received it is almost worth having another baby... almost. he he.

Mia spent a lot of time with my mom. It melted my heart when my mom arrived and Mia dove for her- so sweet! I was really hoping that Mia would be walking voluntarily while my mom was here. There was a lot of walking, don't get me wrong, but none without her being told to do so.

Hopefully the meds will kick in and she will be back to her crazy knee walking, happy screaming self. She is really going to miss my mom and all of the love and attention she received these past few weeks. I am going to miss her too!!

More adventures with Nana to come.

*update- I wrote this blog and Friday, but could not find my camera cord to transfer the picture so it didn't get posted. She seems to be turning a corner as of today. Thank you antibiotics.

*update #2- we still miss Nana, but are eating fine.

Apr 24, 2010

Family of Five

My friend Cami (yes I have a many a friend who take pictures!) took some pictures of my family right before "NED" (he will always be known as Ned pre-birth) was born. One of the greatest things about getting into photography is having friends who are into it too! I would never have as many pictures as I do if it weren't for all of my fabulous picture taking friends! Many of the shoot contains belly shots- I will spare you! Well maybe I'll post one.

Family shoot- pregnancy 010

I LOVE this picture of my kids- LOVE IT! My face looks like I just stepped out of the dentists office all numbed up, (not your fault Cami... I gained A LOT of weight!) but the kids are so cute- I had to post it!

Family shoot- pregnancy 075

Fishy face kisses from my big girl- She is sooo sick right now, so I am missing these smooches! Mia perched herself smack on my belly all the time...maybe that is why I felt like my skin was going to tear away. I think she misses the massive belly a little bit. When I came home from the hospital she went looking for it. It is still kind of there,a hem... so when I ask her where her baby is, she knee walks (yes, still walking on our knees) over lifts up my shirt and slaps my belly.

Family shoot- pregnancy 012

Belly kisses for Nedster. I wondered if Ellie would be as obsessed with her new baby as much as she was/is with Mia. Despite my belief that Mia might get a little relief from constant Ellie love- I was wrong. Somehow she has doubled her amount of love energy and NO ONE gets any rest! This has come in handy a time or two because Sam is quite fond of being held!

Family shoot- pregnancy 011

The last family photo before our sweet little man came into our lives. I am just savoring every little moment with this newbie- it's cuddling central around here.

Cami, thanks for all the fabulous pictures- I love them all!

Apr 19, 2010

The Mark of his Father

John has passed on his swirly cowlick gene onto our little Sam. It is a perfect circle- smack in the middle of his head! I think it will work out OK... although John's are on the side. Regardless.. he is the most adorable little swirly cow-licked boy EVER!

2010-4-9 352

Besides all of his "Sam" inspired nicknames... he has been known as:





Swirl Cone

Whirlpool head

Swirly Whirly


2010-4-9 353

More than one person has commented, "he is going to hate that!" Well... he might, but I just love it! Go ahead and give him a hair inspired nickname... you know you've already thought of one!

Apr 16, 2010

Easter Thursday

The Easter Bunny came on Easter, but we didn't get around to a hunt until a few days after.

2010-4-9 109

The hunters: Meener babeener, Elvis, Swirlvester, J-dog.

2010-4-9 117

He fit so perfectly in this basket I couldn't resist. You can kind of see his swirly cow-lick in this picture. Close- up shots to come.

2010-4-9 295

Mia's first Easter egg hunt.. It is so fun to see her have these "first" experiences. She played with some eggs, but wasn't too concerned about gathering. Next year she should be running from egg to egg.

2010-4-9 311

Or maybe she'll just cry because we chose to do the hunt during nap time.

2010-4-9 149

Mia, wanted to swing... much more than she wanted to hunt for eggs.

2010-4-9 150

Yes, yes... she is wearing her swim suit. This girls marches to the beat of her OWN drum- it's a crazy drum, but it's hers. In her defense it was a really warm day (again, this wasn't on the actual date). She got the pool out and spent the day in her swim suit... with her "lulu" in tow.

2010-4-9 167

Jense is all business when there is a task at hand. He was an egg hunting machine, and only ran into one obstacle... his height.

2010-4-9 182

But, that didn't stop him.

2010-4-9 188

A post wouldn't be complete with out one of Ellie's signature poses! This pose is one of the more toned down ones from all of the Easter pictures. Boonie, she LOVES the swimsuit you gave her! Hunting eggs is one of many yellow swim suit festivities. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember pumpkin carving- swim suit edition.

2010-4-9 204

After the hunt, the kids wanted to race. John let Ellie have a head start a few times, but then took it away when she proved to be an intense competitor. Their racing faces were cracking me up!

2010-4-9 084

There he is again! Love this kid! He is the sweetest sweet baby. I forgot how much newborns sleep!! It is a holiday around here when he opens his eyes. Things are going so great- he is a champion nurser and a wonder sleeper! I am not eating any dairy which I believe contributes to the happy tummy.. it is a proven technique with my other kiddos. It's worth it for sure, even with John torturing me by eating ice cream every night!

Apr 14, 2010

I am Smitten

With my son

Samuel (49)

Samuel (40)

Samuel (38)

Samuel (34)

Samuel (29)

Samuel (25)


Samuel (8)

Can you blame me?

Thank you to my friend Jennifer for taking such perfect pictures of my little Sam. She is starting up an newborn photography business so if you are pregnant- you need her! I'll link to her website when it's up.

Apr 12, 2010

We Have a NAME!!

The Name of our 4th and final kiddo is....


There I said it! Yes, I feel much better now thank you.

We took a vote- both kids voted Sam, and I have always been on team Sam, so Sam it is.

Actually, his full name is Samuel- but we will just call him Sam.



2010-4-9 134

2010-4-9 132

Isn't he the sweetest thing? I haven't taken enough pictures of him so these will have to do, but no worries... there will be many many more to come.

Jense is pumped because he really wants to call him:

Sam Witwicky

Another family favorite is:

Samwise Gamgee

Today I heard daddy call him:

Sammy Sosa

Yes, the nicknames have already began to flow. A few nicknames need a picture of the boy's hair to understand... stay tuned.

Apr 6, 2010

Getting to Know and Naming the Mr. Ned

* Name predicament at bottom of post-

My home girl Rebecca came to the hospital (with her TWO week old baby) to capture the kids as they met their brother for the first time. Here are some pics-- a lot of pics.

2010-4-1 Sibs 205

Welcome to earth sweet tiny love

2010-4-1 Sibs 046

At First Glance

2010-4-1 Sibs 059

She couldn't quite decide

2010-4-1 Sibs 108

She loved him

2010-4-1 Sibs 109

She loved him, not

2010-4-1 Sibs 114

"Hey, you're new here!"

2010-4-1 Sibs 038

At first glance, his dream of having a brother had come true.

2010-4-1 Sibs 037

A kiss from big brother

2010-4-1 Sibs 026

At first glance, her dream of being "mommy" to a newborn had come true.

2010-4-1 Sibs 132

Male Bonding at it's finest

2010-4-1 Sibs 158

Still deciding.....

2010-4-1 Sibs 159

Pretty sure she loves him

2010-4-1 Sibs 160

Yep, she loves him!!

2010-4-1 Sibs 176

My four little babies first photo

2010-4-1 Sibs 185

"I knew you would come" is what she told him while holding him on the couch.

2010-4-1 Sibs 187

"isn't he darling?" is what she said next. I laughed at her word usage- "darling."

2010-4-1 Sibs 208

The birth story as told by daddy was spot on. It was a beautiful, wonderful, incredible delivery. There were a lot of tears, lots and lots of tears. I feel so blessed and loved...he is perfect!

2010-4-1 Sibs 232

The new McDonald Fam

Our new little one is nestling in quite well into our little family. I apologize for the emails and texts regarding his name. We just can't decide. One day we make up our minds and the next we aren't so sure. I told myself I wouldn't leave the hospital without naming Ned... but I did. I am home and have been home since Saturday and STILL no name!!! He is too cute for words- that's the problem!

The choices we keep going between are:

Samuel Miles (we would call him Sam)

Miles Samuel (we would call him Milo)

Milo Samuel

Sam Miles (daddy doesn't want a one syllable name)

and... just for my sister's sake... Milo Brody!!

We were tossing around Miles Finn... but I can't get over "miles finch." He is the character in ELF that was the children's book author.

So there you have it. Nothing is official but the closest we have come to deciding is Samuel Miles.

I wish I had something official for you- no really... it's keeping me up at night, and that is the last thing I should be doing.

We are all in love with this little man and for now he his identity has consistently been "baby bro."

Feel free to weigh in on our options- my new goal is to decide by... um... er... who am I trying to kid? A few days!!!