Jun 28, 2010

Someone is WALKING!! For REAL

You heard it here first... not that anyone else will be talking about this. Miss Mia has finally chosen to walk. Once she decided to do it, she never turned back. I think what finally pushed her over the edge was a pair of squeaky shoes. She thought she was big stuff in those shoes. I am so thrilled! She finally did it! She is confident in her walking and just roams around the house. Go Mia Go!!

My camera cord has been missing for weeks, stinkin' cord. There should be a universal cord for ALL electronics...in my opinion. Luckily it was found- right where i keep it....strange. Here is some footage- she is outside, without shoes, and stepped on a rock, but you get the idea.

It was one year ago when she learned how to eat, now she's walking! It's crazy how much can change in a year! I'm so happy she is finally walking... it's so nice... and more sanitary :-)

I couldn't be more proud of this little one! For a minute there I thought she would NEVER walk, not really though. I officially have a toddler! YESSSSS!

oh, and Sam started laughing tonight--it's just precious!

Jun 25, 2010

Baseball Player



a lot







get ups


call him

"baseball playeeer"

to hear how we pronounce it.... go here- you'll laugh.

We first watched this video a few years ago...and we still frequently quote her. Our favorites?

"why you done lie?"
"Don't lie!"
"all fansee"
"something pretty"
"do like dat"

I love my little baseball player. I am a little sad that he has now outgrown his newborn outfits- we'll have to buy some more baseball outfits because "baseball player" (with the accent) totally suits him!

Jun 21, 2010

This Daddy of Ours and Mine

Oh Father's Day is here once again... SWEET!

2010-5-9 0177

I decided to repeat the Jensen/ Ellie interview...all about daddy. My kids LOVE their dad- and their love is well deserved... John is a great dad!

I asked the questions- Jensen's responses in green, Ellie's in purple.

1. What is something dad always says to you? Jense: "he talks about my wart a lot." Ellie: "He says 'your my princess'."

2. What makes dad happy? Jense: "if um, we hide somewhere and then you say something and we run and tickle daddy." Ellie: "he loves all of his special magic drinks, and magic nuts, and his magic mangoes."

3. What makes dad sad? Jense: "I've never seen him sad, so I don't know...oh when he sees his babies get hurt." Ellie: "If um, Jensen leaves baby bro on top of the brown counter and baby bro rolls of on to the floor and bonks his head... he would cry and cry forever... you know that?"

4. When does your dad laugh? Jense: "When he is attacking mom and we come to the rescue." Ellie: "He laughs when his friends be funny."

5. What was your dad like as a child? Jense: "he was like...a human bean" Ellie: "He liked to go to great wolf lodge when he was a kid." Me, "no what was he like." "He was like a McDonald kid."

6. How old is your dad? Jense: "thirty two." Ellie: "I don't know...mmmm...29?"

7. How tall is your dad? Jense: "he is four sticks that are the same size." Ellie: "He is almost tall to my ceiling."

8. What is his favorite thing to do? Jense: "play with his kids." Ellie: "He likes to laugh and have fun and say funny words."

9. What does your dad do when you're not around? Jense: "Sometimes he watches tv, but a lot of times he cleans up" Ellie: "He probably does his homework."

10. If your dad becomes famous, what will it be for? Jense: "bowling, bowling, bowling, bowling, bowling." Ellie: "kind of like a rock star."

11. What is your dad really good at? Jense: "Hes really good at tickling me!" Ellie: "riding his bike and going on the four wheeler."

12. What is your dad not very good at? Jense: "Hes not very good at pulling my own tooth out." Ellie: "Hes not very good at doing hair... (girly giggle)...but he's very good at doing Jensen's hair like mohawking and hair cutting."

13. What does your dad do for her job? Jense: "Well, he cleans the house a lot." "He bees a nurse and gives shots."

14. What is your dad's favorite food? Jense: "I think it might be Jalapeno." "Thai food and hot peppers."

15. What makes you proud of your dad? Jense: "If he rearranges my room." Ellie: "When he bees silly and funny and makes me laugh."

16. If your dad were a cartoon character, who would he be? Jense: "AVATAR!!!!" Ellie: "Um, aaaa, one of like the super heros... like so he could save me and protect me."

17. What do you and your dad do together? Jense: "We play the basketball hoop in my room a lot... da da da." (that is the noise it makes) Ellie: "Um, draw together, play together and say funny words."

18. How are you and your dad the same? Jense: "We both got blue eyes." Ellie: "We both have the same skin, we both like our baby, and we like to dance, and sing and have fun."

19. How are you and your dad different? Jense: "He's got brown hair, and I got blonde hair." Ellie: "we don't have the same hair, and he has a curl in the front and I don't."

20. How do you know your dad loves you? Jense: "Because I just know... he tells me." Ellie: "from his heart.... because all of his hearts come out and give love from his kisses."

21. What do you like most about your dad? Jense: "He gave me a poster of a car." Ellie: "I like it when he plays with me."

22. What's the funniest thing that you dad does? Jense: "He tickles me and throws me up in the air." Ellie: "uuuuuhhhh, he makes funny faces."

Since Mia can't respond to the questions I will just say that she pretty much has her dad wrapped tightly around her little finger. He produces more happy screams out of her than anyone else. They rough house together, and she just lights up when he walks through the door. She also, much to my dismay says, "dada" when I ask her to say "Mama." She knows what she is doing and thinks it's funny... me? I laugh and tickle her telling her no...maybe that is why she does it.
I just like this pic... daddy, roasting the dogs. He's hot no?

I'm so glad my kids have a dad who is all about making sure they have a wonderful childhood. There are so many daddy jobs that come so natural to him- it is such a blessing!
Happy Father's Day John Boy!

Now, onto my daddy on this father's day....

2010-6-2 1488

Thinking of fond memories to share about Papa, I immediately think cucumbers. That story was on last years post, but as I type the word "post" another story comes to mind.

As a teenager I worked at a resort in my hometown called the Homestead. I worked there for years and in multiple capacities. After work one evening, my sister Suz and I and one of her friends decided to go swimming in the crater. The crater was always hot and a little creepy, probably because the water was so deep... I always thought I would get eaten by something. Anyway, we were on our way home in the family van, when the night took a turn. I was sixteen and ultra eager to drive, so I was the driver...friend was in the front... and Suz in the back. On either side of our driveway we (my parents home) have brick light posts. As I rounded the corner into the driveway, I clipped it too close and sideswiped the right light post. It wasn't a little paint removal/few broken brick job....I took that sucker down! I can still remember Suzie's voice and her hand gestures as she watched me destroy it. Of course no one was hurt because I wasn't going fast...which, thinking back I should have stopped once I made contact, but I just kept driving- hence completing the demolition. I DID NOT want to tell my dad that his driveway decoration had once again been hit by one of his cars. Sadly, yes, it was a tradition...not purposeful mind you...but a frequent Jensen girl mishap to run into those light posts. The driveway is really wide, so there really is no good excuse, but I'm glad I wasn't the first...and wouldn't be the last.

I went into the "slope room" and told him that I had hit the light post. I think he was wondering if I was teasing him- my dad is the ultimate teaser. I think he could tell I was traumatized because I had been a perfect driver up until this incident. He came out side, looked at it, and said, "hmmm- yeah, you hit it alright." Then went back inside. That was it. He rebuilt it, and besides a few jokes about his daughters and light posts, never said anything to me about it.

One more thing- since I have the photos..... he he

2010-2-20 1924

These belts are from "Papa." Jensen got his belt when he turned one- Ellie the same. Mia was sent a belt right after she was born. We have some pictures of her wearing it in her hospital bed. That was a sad time. Now we just need to get these kids some boots!

2010-2-20 22889

My kids love their belts! Ellie thinks she's a cowgirl. Maybe I will get around to actually printing a picture of these cute belted kids and send it to you, dad. I'm not much for printing pictures...but this is definitely wall worthy.

2010-2-20 1888

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Jun 18, 2010

Cousin Coincidence

Sam was born on the same day as his....COUSIN! Crazy huh? She came a few hours before Sam, and weighed 1 oz more, but still... same day. It really was April fools day that day.

This is Alissa Warner, my niece, my oldest sister's baby girl. I had to break into her snapfish account to get a picture (they live far away)- isn't she sweet? I love that we had babies on the same day. I will always remember to call on her birthday!! *family joke* Mia and Natalie (her other daughter) are only a month apart. I think I am calling it a day with the ninos, but think it's neat that I had one on the same day as a sister.

Coincidence #2-

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that my nephew "Camo" has the exact same swirl in his hair as Sammers. Gotta admit.. these are two cute cute boys with their extra cool hair! I am not worried about Sam's cyclone hair...just to clarify- I love it! It's just exciting for him that his super cool older cousin has the same do.

Jun 14, 2010

A New Adventure

ellie extra credit

Some girl friends and I are starting up a little photography business.

Our plan is to take photos of Montessori, private, and local preschool students. If you have a child attending one of these schools and want fabulous pictures to bring home on picture day, check out our website and send referrals our way.

dance (1 of 3)edit

The greatest thing about photography is having the most spectacular model EVER. She is always a good sport... and quite the poser. This is her dance recital costume..that post is at the end of a long list of blogs yet to come.

So wish us luck- I am excited. I have never had a "fun" business before. I suppose our current business is "fun" but it's definitely more fun for John than it is for me.

2010-4-28 112

To see more darling kiddos (not just E) and our newly launched site click HERE. We just got the website up and running so if you have feedback let us know.

Jun 7, 2010

Blessed Be

2010-5-30 0011

Sam was blessed last Sunday by his daddy. It was a beautiful blessing!
Oh, and look at this face!!! I'm in love!

2010-5-30 1111

I am overjoyed to have a newborn! Holding my sweet little Sam heals my heart from not being able to hold Baby Mia- and boy do we burn a lot of hours in Mia's hospital recliner. When Mia sits on my lap while I hold Sam- that is pretty much heaven on earth. Two babies, one mommy, comfy chair. Sometimes heaven fades when one of the babies decides to fuss.

2010-5-30 1122

Wut up?? I love this picture. He's ready to hand out fives to all of his homies.

2010-5-30 0200

There are just too many to pick from...since I kind of have a photography addiction you will have to bear with me. or not- I even roll my eyes at myself sometimes knowing it's just too many photos. Speaking of photography- my friend let me use her studio for these pics- Thanks Jennifer!!
2010-5-30 110

Ok, last one... I Swear! His blessing outfit was sewn by momacita (Sam's Nana)
I love it! I need another boy after this I guess.

2010-6-2 1677

Family who made it to the blessing- thanks for coming family!! Although it rained during our family lunch, it cleared up for more picture taking fun. see below.

2010-6-2 0244

Big Brother & Lil' Bro-
Jense sure loves you Sam, and wants to hold you even when you're sad.

2010-6-2 0388

Your big sis has the magic touch. She is a baby whisperer with that binki

2010-6-2 0477

Sam... your daddy, two grandpas, four uncles, and six of your daddy's closest friends blessed you on May 30th 2010. It was a glorious day and one your mommy will never forget. I sure love your little baby self, and wish I could freeze you as my two month old... just a little longer. I love you Sam.

Jun 3, 2010

Los Ninos

Jensen lost a tooth
Ellie can ride a bike
Mia is walking (not)
Sam sleeps a lot

and that's what you missed on GLEE

* make sure you pronounce "Glee" in a high pitched voice.

OK- so item #1

Jense Lost his second tooth of his life time, and already has one all grown in. It actually grew in behind his baby tooth, so when I pulled it out (yes, I pulled it out) he wasn't toothless. The expression "pulling teeth" doesn't apply here. His first tooth was pulled out with tweezers... his choice, not mine... by me. I am his first choice for slivers, and apparently I have all the trust to get his teeth out too. He lost his first tooth the day before Sam was born so I missed the whole morning excitement of the tooth fairy. This time, boy oh boy, was it exciting. My kids might just be the cutest kids alive... they made thank you cards for the tooth fairy! Who does that?? Not only did they make thank you cards, but they wrapped up some gifts for her too. When I turned over the pillow last night I almost woke him up by laughing at the loot.

Ellie's card: to the toot faree Jensen's card: thank yo tooth faree

-Ellie created her "fancy" E's- the papers with the swirls coming out of the E's.
- some rocks from the collection
- dum dums
- granola bar
- tooth (not pictured)
- necklace (not pictured)

Sometimes they are so stinkin cute... sometimes!!

* side note- Ellie has been trying to pull her teeth out with tweezers as well. She wants a silver dollar from the tooth fairy really really badly! I had to hide the tweezers.

#2) Ellie can ride a bike... not much to say here... just something for her to know when she is reading this in 30 years. After a good 20 minutes off of training wheels and a daddy by her side, she was peddling away. Good job sis.

#3) Mia, oh Mia. Your knees are so so tired and probably damaged- let's hop on the horn and walk girl! She does have the beat, this one. Mia will dance on command and even has different dance moves for different songs. When I play ringtones on my phone she rolls her arms to the ringtone titled "sunny day." You know, rolling her arms as if she were playing pat a cake, or singing "do as I'm doing, follow follow me." It's cute.

#4) Is it normal for a 2 month old to sleep like a 1 day old? He is an ultra napper and doesn't stay awake long enough for us to get our fill of his little personality. Wake up Sam, Wake up!