Jul 31, 2010

Soccer n' Such

Someone signed up for soccer this year.

She played goalie

the most

Her favorite part of soccer was shopping for the snack. Anything that has to do with distribution of ANYTHING- she's all business. Kicking the ball was optional in her world...instead she did a lot of hair twirling on the soccer field. She isn't a hair twirler by nature, but she had just had it cut, and couldn't keep her hands off. If daddy was there, she stayed on task and got the ball, but mommy was just a spectator of the hair twirling. There is something to be said for dad's and their abilities to get their children movin.

Ellie also took a creative movement dance class this past year. She had a lot of fun being creative and much of those dance moves transferred from the studio to the house. One day she was boogying down and didn't want me to watch, so I put the computer on the table and pretended to use it. I could see her perfectly in the reflection... I'm so mean. I couldn't help it, she was going to town! I love watching her dance.

For her recital she was also able to be in a "party in the usa" dance that rocked her world. We all know (cause I blogged about it) how much she loves that song. My friend Jodee let her join in that tap dance last minute for the recital- she was in heaven! She keeps wearing the costume and shaking her hips like yeah. The girl loves dancing.

Jul 27, 2010

Is this what love looks like?


For my 8th anniversary (today) to my husberdin, I thought I would post a little essay I started to write over a year ago. I wrote this as part of a writing challenge my friend made and I wanted to support her, but never finished. It was a valentines writing challenge about describing what love looks like in your marriage.

Let me just throw it out there that even though my dad taught English for his career... I in no way claim to have any writing skills whatsoever... nor do I use correct punctuation. With that being said, here is my 8th anniversary declaration of my love for JB...

It was a long year, as if a lifetime of heartache had been crammed into the past few months. I had been in the same room as my husband only a handful of times over the past few months, and I ached for our carefree days. We had a infant who couldn't eat, and needed medicine administered around the clock. We were exhausted, and were still trying to process what had just happened to our family. We were different, we had changed, and we desperately needed a break, even just a minute together to breathe. My mom insisted we get out of the house and she would handle everything for a couple hours while so we could go somewhere alone together. Our fridge was bare, so I proposed we go do some grocery shopping. My husband usually avoids shopping all together, but knew I needed this time to get it done. As newlyweds we did all of our grocery shopping together. I loved to find things on our list before him, and ask his opinion about upcoming meals. He never took our grocery shopping seriously and spent the majority of time messing around like a teenager. His typical behavior consisted of nonchalantly trapping me against shelves with the grocery cart, or putting ethnic food items in the cart trying to convince me that he had been craving that item. Usually I would roll my eyes and he would continue doing it over and over until I gave in and gave him the belly laugh he was after. Somehow, to him, it never got old.

When we arrived at the store I was all business because the pull to be back home with my baby increased by the minute. I felt panicked if I wasn't in close proximity to her, but knew she was in perfectly good hands. We began shopping and the first time my husband used the cart to steer my body into a shelf I was relieved that despite us being worlds away from our carefree mentality, we could still be reminded of that life just being together with a shopping cart. I found myself letting go and tried to remind my husband how much fun I can be. We enjoyed the rest of our shopping trip and took our time loading up our groceries knowing that our time away was nearing an end.

On our way home we were stopped at a red light and he looked over at me and asked with a masculine voice, "think I can beat him off the line?" My husband was driving a nice truck so I'm sure he could have regardless of who or what was next to us. I turned my head and saw a rusted Winnebago circa 1970, with a 80+ year old driver. I looked back at him and rolled my eyes. He continued, "do you think I can take him, Meem?" Then he began to rev the engine and lurch the truck forward repeatedly trying to intimidate the senior citizen. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking I thought he was funny, although he knew better. I tried to hold in my laughter, but after he kept revving the engine with a tough guy look on his face, I gave in. I laughed...out of embarrassment maybe, but he was funny. I couldn't bring myself to look back at the elderly gentleman, afraid of the look he might give us. The light turned green and my husband sped forward, of course beating him off the line. As my husband began to celebrate his victory and give a faux victory speech I looked at him and thought... this must be what love looks like.

JB- this is only one example of what our love looks like. I am crazy tired but wanted to write down some things about you, so when we are 70 years old we can read back and remember what our love looked like.

Top Ten reasons I am loving you right now-

#10- "Mia, Mia...wannagodisneylan?" "Mia, Mia, wanfidollars?" You say this at least five times a day to hear her sweet little voice say, "nooooooo."

#9- your overuse of the word legit.

#8- your intense love for our babies, and how you need to "breathe them in."

#7- how you can't go 24 hours without hurting yourself- and the noise you make while injuring.

#6- how you block out the world when we are together in the car, and always miss our exit. well, this is a love/hate.

#5- How you change the words to every song, and sing them at the most appropriate and inappropriate times.

#4- How you quote our children all the time to mess with them and they are oblivious, but I always laugh.

#3- How you cry when you watch father of the bride... he he just kiddin- that's all me.

#2- Your commentary...about everything...it's funny! You make me laugh all the time, and you love to laugh yourself...especially when you are watching the tv show wipe out. You laugh hysterically watching people getting "worked."

#1- How you insist that we slow dance, and the kids think you're attacking me, and they come to my rescue.

I love you hun- happy 8th anniversary.

Me Love you long tyng!!

Jul 23, 2010

Going, going... GONE

My little Mr. has all but lost his hair. I am tempted to buzz the last snippet of hair, but I can't bring myself to do it. He would make an adorable baldy!

Just wanted to document this little handsome man minus his hair. Love this kid!

My friend Rebecca and I took an insane amount of pictures of this little dude... It was for a 3 month old post, but since I am at least a month behind in blogging, it will probably never happen. Maybe I'll shoot for a 4 month old post.
She had this darling knit hat that we put on Sammers. I love it! I wanted to steal it, but my mom taught me not to steal. Don't you just want to snack on those cheeks?

Sam is the happiest baby- he gives out his smiles so freely. My favorite thing about him right now are his flirty eyebrows. Mia is the queen of the slow blink flirt, but Sam has thee most adorable eye brow flirt. He will look at me, especially after just waking up, and lift his eye brows up two times really quickly. It is his pickup line of choice- and he has my number fo show! He can also do the one eye brow flirt- which is something I have never been able to do. My sister Suzie can raise one eye brown like nobodies business, but I have never been able to. Sam will look at you then raise one eye brow... as if to ask what you're doing. It's cute!

Another thing that is going going... is his babyhood.

He started grabbing for things the other day, now he's super busy grabbing anything dangling above him. The other thing that changed that makes me crazy sad is that he has officially crossed over to a forward facing position in his carrier. Don't get me wrong, I love that he can greet the world and flirt incessantly; it just seems so dramatic because he's my last little peanut! I better get all of my baby wearing needs fulfilled in the next couple months!

No he is not sitting up, I held him up and counted to three then let go while she snapped away. He is a big fan of his bumbo seat, and his muscles are working on the whole sitting up thing. He can sit for a few seconds, then jerks one way and over he goes... it's so fun. The kids call this activity "timber" and they request to play it often. Sam has to be in the right mood and he's all smiles playing timber.

The other day we were cleaning out the garage and Sam was asleep in the bouncy seat. He was out cold, then I walked past him and found him playing with his toys in his sleep. It was cracking me up...he's got to get so much play time in with his new found abilities that he stayed busy even during sleepy time. I uploaded a video...and yes that is a pink blanket- it won't be the last pink blanket you see on Mr. Sam either. There are like 10 pink blankets to every 1 of any other color floating around here. Sorry Sam.

Jul 19, 2010

A HUGE Thank You

blog pic

A few days before Mia's birthday.... she received a special package in the mail. What was inside you ask? Why, this fabulous quilt. As you can tell by the picture... she just LOVES it!

<span class=

Thank you thank you sweet Kathryn for creating such a beautiful quilt for her! I love it! She will be cozy cozy for years to come. I love the colors, and love that one side is covered in hearts. It's just darling! I really appreciate you following her story!

Sending big hugs to you and your daughter Emily- Thanks for completely making my day with your thoughtful card, and caring about our sweet baby Mia. You have an amazing quilting talent and feel lucky that you chose Mia! We will be praying for you and your health.

A big thank you (and hugs) to my amazing aunt Ellen who introduced you to our story. Ellen, no one has it together as well as you do... no one! Thanks for sharing our story and having such great co-workers and friends. Also, thank you for the picture and card, and all you do.
We feel so loved! Thank you!

Jul 15, 2010

Which is Which?

So, I decided to recreate the one picture I have from my childhood... he he. Ok ok, there's another one, but I don't know where it is.

If you've ever wondered why every post has a 10 picture minimum- now you know. Photos of my children are a product of their mother over compensating ... No denial here.

My Aunt Lani is fabulous! She is also, as depicted in these photos...timeless!

So my question to you is which is which? Can you tell? One is me and one Mia

I felt all fancy re creating this photo... I mean not that fancy, but don't be surprised if my recreations crop up now and again. There are a million photos of John that I am dying to showcase.

Ok, now that I look at it you can totally tell. I am still trying to unlock the mystery that is photoshop, and I'm too tired to keep trying. My experimenting turned out too antiquey- they need a 1983 button.

Oh, and this isn't the last of Lani either. She recently came with me to our Children's Day, and those pictures will be posted eventually. We love you Lan!

Jul 13, 2010

The Birthday Girl... on her big day

The birthday girl! Oh Mia, where to begin... I love you sooo much! You are a the sweetest little girl and we simply adore you. At your party I was reflecting how much has changed in the past two years. When you were born I was terrified of your future. You have been home with us over a year now, and life couldn't be much better. Recently a stranger who met you told me how you just radiate happiness. I agree! You have a light that is unique to you, and that makes people love you.
The birthday family! Both Jensen and Ellie made her some pretty adorable birthday cards. Ellie and Jensen love Mia to pieces- she is a huge part of their day. I have yet to hear them do or say anything mean towards her. Sometimes she gets a little too much attention, but it is always loving attention.

Me and my girl! I sure love you little peanut!

Some things I want to remember about you and this age are:

-"eeew!" you say this a lot, probably because I am constantly trying to keep you from germs.
- the noise you make when you are trying to be silly. It is a low pitched grunt almost, and you do it with a massive smile on your face.
- how well you can throw food. You swing your arm horizontally and release handfuls of your meals... and it travels quite far.
- "woah" this is another word that you frequently say. If there is a loud noise or you fall down you follow it up with a "woah."
- we try to get you to show off and you never will. We have learned not to have you demonstrate your skills in front of people, because you just smile really big and then burrow your face into whomever is holding you.
-your animal noises of choice are "moo" and "ssssss"
- every time you finish a bottle (we are trying to wean you) you push the nipple inside out.
- You happy scream at almost anything. When we come into get you in the morning or after a nap you start screaming with delight. You also happy scream when someone you recognize comes to the door, or are playing with a toy. Your happy scream often replaces laughter.
- You love to dance, and we love turning up the music and just watching you go. You do a lot of happy screaming while you dance.
- You only give open mouth kisses
-Many of those kisses are directed to Sam. You love him, and he loves you.
-Your favorite games are "creepy mouse" "pat-a-cake" "peek-a-boo" and "popcorn popping."
- No means yes. Any question we ask you... the answer is "no" then you reach for whatever it was we were offering. You finally learned how to say "please" so we have you say that after you say "no."
- You roam around and are getting quite fast. Every time I go upstairs you are hot on my heels and surprise me every time.
- You love your meds and open your mouth wide when it's med time. Your little eating noises melt my heart!
- You love to snuggle, but are in constant shifting mode when your trying to get cozy.
-You absolutely love to rough house. Your dad tosses you around and you couldn't be happier. The craziness lasts as long as your daddy does... he can't resist your "moors."

She was supposed to wear this Olivia shirt (thanks Anne) while she ate her cake, but I forgot to put it on her. She is OBSESSED with Olivia and it is pretty much the only TV she watches, period. It's Olivia or nothing. She also likes baby Einsteins during her echo's, but is a one show kinda girl. I used to distract her with an Olivia show (while I nursed, or got kids doing something etc) now she will request them. She says, "guh guh aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" She says it so sweetly, you would want her to watch TV just so could hear her say this... it's precious!

Miss Mia and her other BFF Anna. Sean took them for a ride around the park, she would sit in that wagon all day long if someone was pulling it.

Mr. Sam was busy hanging out with the baby girls. What a handsome little devil!

One of her favorite gifts was this pillow pet. She carries it around by holding it's nose in her mouth. The pillow just dangles as she roams around the house. Thanks Jaim- she loves it, and treats it like a pet!

Last year she wasn't exactly eating solids so she didn't get to dig into her cake. This year, she definitely ate some but didn't make the colossal mess I was expecting. She insisted on using a fork to dig in after she realized she didn't want her fingers all messy. At home, she wants to eat everything with her hands- goof ball!

Look at those dirty knees! Mia gets nervous about walking in grass for some reason. She played in a lot of dirt and ruined her fancy shoes! I suppose we can just buy her some new ones with the birthday money. Oh, and she didn't blow out the candles... again, she doesn't like showing her skills in front of people. We need to send her to camp Ellie. Although the candles mesmerized her, she failed to blow them out. There's always next year, right?

The birthday dad. I am going to make him insert his favorite things about miss Mia here. He used to contribute a lot to the blog, but hasn't had time. He's busy being so serious apparently- and hot.

The other guest of honor besides miss Mia, was her new friend Gabrielle. She is the sweet little baby I mentioned a few months back. She is on the transplant list, and had the exact procedure that Mia had pre- transplant. I am in awe of how great she looks, and how healthy she is despite needing a new heart. Having her there was special and a very real reminder of our lives used to be so different. I wonder if Mia has any recollection of her feeding tube? probably not. Christen, Thanks so much for coming- and bringing her out into the world :-) I am so thrilled that you get to wait at home and love her up before her big procedure. We will be praying for your little family!

Mia loved her birthday party. A huge THANK YOU to all of her family and friends that came to her party! Thanks to everyone who brought food, snapped pictures, and grabbed last minute things from the store. I love celebrating her and feel so blessed to have so many along side with me. I will admit I am glad that the big day is behind me...big events and new babies are brutal!

Although she didn't blow out the candles and dig into her cake- she was a gift opening expert! She gets that from her mom! :-)

Little miss open mouth kisser. I wonder when she'll start to pucker... hopefully it will be awhile.
Hey Meez, it's daddy. Thought I would make a little note in here on your birthday about some things that I adore about you. I love that you are such a happy girl. You are always smiling and have the softest little voice, and you really like to chatter. Lately you have developed the ability to yell when either in distress, or usually when you are really excited about something. You like to eat with a fork, and you like to dip nuggets in sauce, which I think is funny. You are the squirmiest child on the earth. I have rarely had you fall asleep while snuggling in the last year because you reposition non-stop. It's like you are a human drill. Not long ago you had a night that you just didn't feel like sleeping so I decided to hold you as long as it took just to see how long you would stay up. After many songs, back scratches, shows, snuggles and human drilling, you finally zonked out at 3:00 a.m. Amazing. You now let me sing to you . For the longest time if I sang to you, it would trigger you would get this huge frown and cry really hard. You typically like to be plunked into your crib with 8 oz of milk and that's all you need! Lights out. One of your first tricks when you learned how to stand was to lay down upon being prompted. I would stand you up on your crib railing and say, "lay down..." You get a big grin on your face and plop down. What is hilarious is that you have the darndest time ending up on your back in the middle of the crib. You will lay on your tummy and try and roll. It cracks us up to see you all skee-wampous laying sideways on your crib railing. You goof-ball. When you lay down for a diaper change it is just as fun to see you lay down and then realize your are not properly positioned. The scooting and rolling and concentrating is great. You also bring us your diaper and wipes when it is "time" for a change. Oh, and as quickly as I can use a wipe, you will have plucked another one from the package and have it waiting for me. What a team. I feel like a surgeon being handed my operating tools. I love that you follow up your happy pterodactyl scream with a huge cheesy grin. You are a great pal. Greetings at the door, (you don't know how tough it is to walk past you when I get home, in order to properly wash up.) You are happiest when I am "roughing you up." You are happy to dive off Jensens window-sill backwards, and the higher the aerial stunt the better. I love that you squeeze my neck when giving hugs. You love to be outside, and you love getting filthy in the dirt. We love having you in our home Mia, for the many many things you do that bring us great joy. Happy #2!!

A first kiss.
Hudson didn't get the memo about Mia only giving out open mouth kisses :-)

We are so thankful to have this little girl in our family! We are honored and overwhelmed with gratitude for her donor family. We love them and pray for his family often! I hope to meet them someday and try to verbalize just how much they mean to us. Giving her the gift of life, saved her life- but it saved us all as well. We are forever changed!

Jul 8, 2010

Look Who's 2 Today!!

Today is my 2nd birthday! Hooray for me!
My mom will expound on my fabulousness when she is not going crazy with my party.

Jul 5, 2010

Sun River (a short story)

We went on a last minute vacation to Sun River Oregon. Our time there was well spent! On the drive down, I fell in love with the landscape and couldn't stop taking pictures. There are a million more pictures like this one, taken from the car going 70mph- but I'll spare you.

OK, except for these- We drove for miles with a full rainbow right in front of us, it was a great way to start off a trip, and entertain the kids.

We even found the end of the rainbow... it went straight into the water- no pot of gold though. Growing up, I wholeheartedly believed that a pot of gold would be waiting for me if I ever found the end of a rainbow. This is the first end I've ever seen, but didn't see any pots.

We explored a cave. The kids were in heaven, and got excited about the "darkaness." It was quite cold, but that didn't stop them. Give these kids a flash light and a long cave, and get ready to move it...we could barely keep up with them.

Jense loved the cave- he felt like an "explorer." On the way home I asked him what his favorite part was... he said with intense excitement, "fishing!!" I'm a little surprised that fishing beat out cave exploring.

Mia was a trooper through the cave- she was in the backpack most of the time, until she started losing her mind :-) I knew it was cold, but when we got her out of the cave her little lips had turned a little purple... she was freezing! poor baby.

Cutest brothers on the planet! We love these kids! In fact, Ellie has a sign on her door that says... "only Eli and Isak."

Little Miss Evie Stevie- Mia's BFF! She kept cracking me up, because her phrase of choice is, "yo momma."

The girls with their daddies at the end of the waterfall hike. Yes, waterfall... this place has it all! D

It would be impossible for John not to throw something down into the water.

Mia with her Auntie Beebs "Beeps" on the hike

Before we could stop her, Ellie was on top of a fallen tree that was crossing a pretty steep ravine. At least she is doing her dare devil stunts in style.

Three of my four little creeps.
John has always called our kids "creeps." It sounds mean, but it is said lovingly...truly.

More hiking...the trail said it was ONE mile, but I swear they were wrong! I felt like we were walking to the waterfalls for at least 2.

mmmm... Navajo Tacos!

If there is one thing we did on this trip- it was EAT. We ate and ate and ate. Besides Navajo Tacos, we ate steak, shish kabobs, Hawaiin Haystacks, and all sorts of delicious treats. I'm still full just thinking about it.
We played some games...we were all sorely beaten (repeatedly) by uncle Dillon at a game called perpetual commotion. I think he doubled my score, I was not good at it at all.

We spent one afternoon at a park. The kids loved the "spiny toy." It was quite fun... Sam and I got in on the action. It seems like a lot of spinning toys have been banned from playgrounds, so this was exciting for us all.

John and Ellie got some good use out of the buddy bike. John took long bike rides with the kids, there were a lot of bike trails. I only did a few laps with Jense, but am sold on this bike.

"CANYON BALLS!" I refuse to correct my son... it makes my heart happy, so happy, that when he jumps into a pool he yells as loud as he can... "Canyon ball."

Sammers loved the tire swing, he slept like this for a long time- how handy was that?

Tennis lessons from Uncle D

Jense is such a fun kid to have around because he is excited about everything. He wants to try everything and generally has a great attitude about it all. Unless, of course you are trying to take his picture with sun going into his eyes. (see below)

The thing I love about this picture is how my albino children are struggling to look, and then my sister in laws kids with brown eyes...seem to be just fine. This was on top of a volcano. We walked around the rim, and threw some more rocks. Again, a volcano seems cooler that fishing... to me at least.

We kept asking him to cover the E... he was confused, then he read the sign. He thought it was pretty hilarious after that.

It doesn't get any sweeter than this! Mia, LOVED getting away. She really started walking pretty good on this trip. She had Evie to keep up with who has been walking for awhile. It was fun to see her in the mix and just be one of the kids.

PJ time. Ellie doesn't seem to mind that she is the only girl.

I am so happy that my kids have these cousins so close. They just love each other, and want to do something with them everyday. I think about their relationships with these cousins and feel confident that they are enjoying their childhood.

Thanks a million Uncle D and Auntie Beebs- it was the best vacation ever!