Aug 30, 2010

One less tooth - Ellie style

Ellie lost her first tooth last night.

It happened with no warning what so ever. She was eating a cracker- then suddenly with a surprised look on her face she ran to me and said, "mom I have a loosed tooth." There was a little tiny hole in her smile and no tooth in sight. I suppose she meant that her tooth had fallen out. Daddy said, "That's a pretty loose tooth." I think it is sweet she doesn't know the difference between loose and completely fallen out. We found the tiny little tooth on the rug, and she held tightly to it until she found it a new home in a plastic baggie. Then, in true Ellie fashion, she ran to show off her new grin. Our neighbor was on the list of people who needed to hear the news.

With the gap where it is, I have noticed a little hint of a lisp... it's adorable. Ellie starts school in three days and can't wait to put her "loosed" tooth on the tooth chart. She is really excited about her achievements and has been carrying her tooth around all day, and here's why- We had a little snafu with the tooth-fairy last night. When we (I mean when the tooth fairy) showed up, there was no tiny tooth in sight. The tooth fairy did not leave the silver dollar for fear she might find both the next day. Just as expected Ellie came into my room this morning with a pitiful look on her face and said, "the tooth fairy didn't come, (holding up her tooth) I must have swiped it down in my sleep." She found her little tooth under her tummy this morning and knew that the tooth fairy couldn't find it. Tonight we are going to put it in something labeled "tooth" so the fairy cannot fail. Now, where to keep the tooth? Is it creepy to keep teeth? The first tooth, of course, but after that.... Can't decide.

Aug 28, 2010

Childhood revisited

SQUEEZE IT'S!!!! They are not called Squeeze it's anymore, but they are essentially the same thing. I remember feeling super fancy drinking one of these. I couldn't resist buying some for the kids for my benefit. No need to form a habit of drinking pure sugar, but the containers are too much fun!

I have two words to describe this summer BIKE TRAILER. Jense has spent countless hours with the bike trailer hooked onto his bike. When we go on family bike rides, he carries either Sam (in his car seat) or Mia in the bike trailer. Many of the neighborhood kids have gotten in on the action as well. Jense might have to start charging for the amount of time he spends peddling people around. We need an adult bike trailer... I could go for that.

Mia and Sam... they need their own post so I can describe the love between these two. Mia loves her "baybees." She is often the one who hears him crying before we do. She gives him kisses on the head... always on the head, (the open mouth kind) and rubs his head when I'm nursing him.
Sam is very entertained by Mia and has a big smile on his face watching her toddle around the house. Lately when she talks to him he has started squealing back at her... it's entirely the most adorable thing.
If you couldn't tell I am now posting blogs that I started months ago, or had finished and never posted. This boy is well documented. I think it is safe to say that I have taken more pictures of my fourth baby than any of my others. I have files and files of this little mug and I can't get enough. Quick somebody teach me how to create a collage that doesn't take 30 minutes or more. Then I can post all of his cutest and not be months behind.

Scrumptious baby boy

This is the naughty face... or when she does something she thinks was funny. She isn't that mischievous yet, but with an expression like this... it's not that far off.

This is the sweet face- and she wears her sweet face more often that not. She is just a sweet kid... what can I say. Her little ballerina swim suit was a gift from Aunt Boo- thanks Boo!!

Scaring away the chickens... now that isn't sweet at all! There must be something instinctual with boys when it comes to chasing down animals. Oh, and do you see the item in his left hand? The twist off cap to the squeeze it? He kept it. no lie.

I see a rickshaw in his future... hopefully not as a source of income, but as a hobby. This boy loves to transport anything with his trailer- and it comes in quite handy when we are camping. Camping posts to come... I hope.

Aug 26, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

The young family reunion was at long beach this year. This is all of Vern's (John's dad) children with their families... minus one family and a wife. It was a great weekend and I learned so much about John's extended family. The reunion was Grandma McDonald (Vern's mom) and all of her siblings decedents. There were 12 children so you can imagine how many decedents there are... I think someone at the reunion said over 400. I should get those numbers for family history sake.
Grandma McDonald and Sam hit it off immediately. When we arrived we went in to visit Grandma, and Sam immediately started belly laughing. I don't know what was so funny, or why he was laughing like he had lost his mind, but he could not stop laughing. It was sweet. Grandma seemed pleased that Sam got such a kick out of talking to her. I think it was a combination of him being crazy tired, and grandma's glasses. I don't think I had heard him laugh that hard to date - I loved it. He has since belly laughed this hard...again, WAY behind on blogging, but Grandma was the first to produce the red in the face, can't breathe laughing.

The first day we were at the beach, the wind made it difficult to enjoy. Jense is determined to make a sand castle despite the sand blowing in his eyes. Poor kid.

While everyone was at the beach Ellie was at the pool. It was cold, but that didn't stop her. If there is a swimming pool option, Ellie can't rest (or stop hounding) until she swims.

The McDonald girls... minus Shanna and the former McDonald girls Heather and Anne, so... half of the McDonald girls.

My little nephew Trey made his first outing (after getting released from the hospital) to the reunion. He is a precious little boy weighing in at four and a half pounds.

We ended up with an entire bag of buns to feed the birds with. You can tell by Ellie's face how pumped she was about feeding the seagulls- she was totally in her element.

Jense helped his little sisters get the bread ready.

Mia LOVED feeding the seagulls, she threw massive chunks of bread, and they flocked to her which made her a little nervous. I have about twenty pictures of her making this exact face.

Grandpa McDonald was the man in charge. Here he is conducting the program for the reunion. He and Carol (grandma) did a wonderful job and provided all of the food for the entire weekend. Everything was delicious... especially the Salmon! I don't have a picture of this but, John and his siblings and Tim and I sang a song for the program. I think the song was called Down to the river. Mia was standing at my feet wanting to be picked up for most of the song.

All the McDonald boys with their boys. Jense was standing next to me refusing to have his picture taken... little turkey.

During the auction Mia was up to her usual shenanigans. We bid on this cute tutu and won. Mia had a good time displaying her new tutu.

The water was a little too cold for Mia, but she swam anyway. She has only been in the pool a couple times, but has proven to be quite the little fish...just like her older sis.

She kept asking for a blanket after getting out of the pool. I don't know why she tortured herself...I guess it's all in the name of having fun. Luckily the sun did come out and she was hot when it was time to go.

Elvis and Sammers. Ellie needed to hold Sam non stop at the reunion because there were a slew of strangers that had never seen her hold her baby. It was exhausting, but she was able to prove her skills to all in attendance.

This would have been a four generation shot, but John was standing behind me. Sam was smiling at him, and I didn't think to make him get in the shot. sorry daddy. This is four generations minus the daddy John link. The reunion was wonderful and I was told great stories of various relatives. I am happy that I married into this family- they are all great great people!

Aug 25, 2010

A baby food fight

My little Sammer Jam took his first bite of baby food tonight. He has been grabbing at everything in front of him for weeks now, so I thought we would give rice cereal a go.

He LOVED it! He opened up wide when the spoon neared his lips, and he ate it up. I was surprised by what a natural he was at eating; he spit some of it out, but most of the cereal stayed in. He was born into a family of foodies, so I shouldn't be that surprised.

Due to his grabbiness, he grabbed the spoon and started waiving it around, and gumming it...and gagging himself. I guess he wants to feed himself, and his hair. We eventually had to stop him because he kept hitting himself in the head with the spoon.

Yay for rice cereal and my little buddy who thinks it is tasty delicious.

- I must mention that Sam's new ability to eat has been a dream come true for his older sister. She is on cloud nine, and thinks his eating is "Ohhhhh so cute." I think her mothering abilities are going to come in handy when it comes to meal time. She has only fed him one bowl so far, but her enthusiasm should last for at least a few weeks.

Aug 24, 2010

VIP Pianist

* pardon me while I catch up on my blogging*
My little girlie finished up her piano year with a recital. Could she be any sweeter? She loves attention and performing, so this was quite the day.

She played two of her favorite piano pieces that she learned over the past year.

As part of the recital they also sang a song. Ellie sang loud and proud!
For practicing so much so received a little award, and now has her blue ribbon on display above her coat rack. A few days after receiving the award, she put it on her little sister...just sharing the love!

Ellie loves her Suzuki piano teacher, LOVES her! I love her too! Thank you for the wonderful year, the lessons she learned from your preschool were priceless!

Aug 21, 2010

Nana - Papa Visit

We had a great visit from Nana and Papa! One of my biggest heartbreaks is that we don't live close to my parents (and sisters). When they come to visit, we have to cram in a years worth of interactions. When they came for Sam's blessing, we only had a few days, but really enjoyed ourselves. Yes, this post is three months old. Jensen's face is awesome in this picture by the way.

Papa pretty much only had eyes for Mia- which is fine with me. He is Mia's #1 fan. She was cheered on (to do anything) pretty much nonstop by my dad. When he saw her walk across the room he went through the roof. It is fun as a parent to have someone as excited about your child as you are...especially when it's your own parent. Mia rewarded him last Christmas by learning to say "papa." He is right up there with "mama" and "dada."

They played a lot of pat-a-cake. Mia had no problem asking for more and papa had no problem humoring her. We do pat-a-cake a little differently in our family. Inspired by our dad, and wherever he got it, we sing...

pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man
make me a cake as fast as you can
rolly rolly rolly and a pick pick pick
throw it in the oven, quick quick quick!!

They also played "creepy mouse." They clocked in a long time playing together. Mia knew where to go for undivided attention, and she got it. He did play with the other kids as well, and is continually trying to get Ellie to do a combination of laughing and crying. One thing that was super cute was after my dad was finished playing his signature piano piece (everyone has one) Jensen ran in the room and said, "your dad is a really good piano player mom!" I don't even know the name of the song he plays, I just remember playing it as a duet with him. Dad, according to Jense, you've got mad skills. I just said "mad skills" to my dad... hmmm- hopefully he knows what I mean.

Nana brought kites for the kids and taught them how to fly them. Jense was on cloud nine with his kite, and was able to fly it pretty good as a first timer.

His kite- why am I posting this picture? why did I take it in the first place?

Lil Sammer Jammer is flirtin' with his Nana. He still had his hair then... poor little hair loss baby. Nana did a lot of baby holding- how could she resist with that little face smiling up at her!?

Mia and Papa took some strolls together. Dad, we need you to come back- no one takes walks like you do... which is all the time!!

Mia missed Nana and gave her huge "arms around nuh neck" when she got here.

While my mom was here she made a blanket for Ellie. Remember the post about her getting stitches? Remember how she was jazzed about getting to take home a "blankie?" Wellllll, she formed a smidge of an attachment to that "blankie" which happens to be a chucks pad.....not a blankie. While my mom was here she noticed how the chucks pad covered her doll in the stroller and decided she needed an intervention. It was getting quite raggedy. I tried to sneak out earlier, but was unsuccessful. I knew that she really really wanted a blanket like the one I had made for my sister and one for a friend for their babies. We went and picked up the exact fabric and made her a blanket on the condition that we say goodbye to the over played with chucks pad. Ellie agreed, and has been snuggling with her Nana blanket ever since. It is a super cozy blanket with cuddle fleece on both sides...hmmmmm. Thanks Nana for intervening and getting rid of what John and I called the "poo poo pad." We of course didn't call it that around her.

Mia and my mom have a strong bond! Here she is going in for one of her signature open mouth kisses... Mia... not my mom :-)

Speaking of Kisses... Mia got plenty of "sweet ones" from her Papa. Mia is the opposite of "stingy" when it comes to kisses, and received such an exciting reaction to her kisses, it kept her coming back for more.

This post is a little Mia heavy, but she was the only one here, besides Sam who was sleeping, when my parents were leaving. Thanks so much for the visit mom and dad, it was so great to have you both!