Nov 30, 2010

Meester and Elvis

Mia is finally feeling better! HOOOOORAY!  Her eating is slowly increasing, and although I don't feel like her appetite has completely recovered, she is back to her happy self.  She is skin and bones...I need to take some pics. You can see it in her face for sure.  These pic's are pre-hospital, but now she looks like she has been sick.  Thanks for all of your concern- she is all better now!  I suspect that as her calorie intake picks up so will her physical activity.  She is pretty cautious still with walking, and hasn't done any running at all.  Olivia, Super Why, and Backyardigans are responsible for distracting her through all of her discomfort- thanks television! Mia's biopsy has been rescheduled.  I'll let you know in January how it goes.  I am holding my breath for zero rejection! 

 On our way to be admitted into the hospital I took a few pictures of Mia playing in the leaves.  She was not feeling the best... but could not resist a leaf throwing session. nor could I.

 Ellie was the perfect leaf throwing partner.  I always have high hopes of taking a bunch of pictures in the fall leaves, and knew if I didn't take pictures right then, that the rain would make them dissapear quickly... like they do every year.  We have fall for literally five minutes around here.

Elvis was really sweet when we were "leafing."  She tried to convince me to let her come with us.  Her love for her sister cannot be measured.  She loves her a lot! Unless Mia is beaming from ear to ear when Ellie cries.  Elles does not like all, but Mia can't help it.  Ellie's crying makes her smile.  It's almost as if Mia isn't taking her seriously when she cries- it can be quite funny. 

I just liked her little face in this shot.  She is growing up. This is her proud face... you probably can't tell from this picture, but she is truly enjoying her leaf throwing.

- I feel like I completely missed fall AND November all together.  strange.  All the leaves are gone and we have had a few snow days, but that is gone now too.  I'm hoping it will snow a little more before Christmas! Bring it on winter!

Nov 29, 2010

He might be 34ish

At what point do you start lying about your age?  Or your husbands age?   If he is really 34 TODAY- that means that I am married to a 34 year old.  I thought he was old at 23 when I met him... now he is ancient! 

I just wanted to post a few things that make me so happy to have shared the last decade with Senior John.

-First off... when I met him I was really disappointed that his name wasn't Johnathan.  Longer names make for more nick names... and I was going to have a rough go with just John.  I got over that and have had called him many things... some nice... some not ;-) but mostly have called him "B."

- One thing that happens on a daily basis around here is when we try and "get" each other.  It is a daily occurrence that is difficult to describe... but I'll try. Ok, not that difficult.

An example from today is when he asked me, "Hey did you cancel your Safeway card?"  He asked me this because he wanted me to say, "you don't cancel Safeway cards!!... they don't care."  I had lost my wallet.. ok left it at the store...and had been canceling my cards the night before.  Knowing that he was trying to trick me into over reacting at his ridiculous question... I instead replied in a very calm voice:  "oh, I don't think it's necessary to cancel those, I think if you go into the store they will just issue you a new one."  He then says... "I know I know, I was just messing with you."  I knew he was messing with me... but I played along to mess with him.  This goes on and on and on at our house.  Usually we go back and forth a few times then one of us will crack a smile and start to laugh.  I'm pretty good at keeping a straight face, but sometimes I just can't hold it in.That example wasn't very funny, but it happened today and I can't think of a funny example as I type this up.

When he does "get me"  he just has to give me this look and I know that I've "been had." 

I don't know if this example explains it well enough, but we sure have fun being goofy- and he is the ring leader for sure! 

Ellie... the caretaker of us all made him a birthday dinner last week.  She couldn't contain her excitement for his birthday that she literally made him dinner.  She even made the "crizby treats" by herself.  The only thing I did was turn on the stove.  We had some lonely marshmallows she melted up with butter and added rice krispies to. Then she pressed it in a Ziploc container with a pam sprayed sandwich baggie.  She has helped make them plenty of times, but I didn't know she could completely take the reigns.  I helped with the dinner part, but she created the center piece (two Halloween decorations/ candle) and the place mats.She is also really into cards and love notes right now.  The love notes are THANKFULLY only to family members!  This particular card reads: "here is a birthday for your dinner."  Her words. 

 She is all about the presentation.  This morning for his "birthday breakfast" she used her signature tray and folded up a few dish rags.. placed everything just so... and when she walked in the door said, "PRESENTING... breakfast in bed."  Where does she get this stuff?

Daddy and his boys!  I think being a dad on your birthday is an extra bonus! Kids sure make you feel loved on your birthday and every move you make is monumental on your birthday.  Jense labeled everything "birthday" today.  Dad, can we play some "birthday Mario Kart? or how about some birthday tank game."  As long as it is labeled birthday he knew he was golden.   John also took a few birthday liberties following his kid's lead.

John boy loved his birthday breakfast, his birthday nap, his birthday dinner, his birthday rhubarb pie, all his birthday kisses and since we celebrate birthday weekends...we are wrapping it up.  These pictures are from a photo shoot I still need to blog about.  I will add it to the long list- there may or may not be another Halloween post!  just kidding.

Happy Birthday JB!

Nov 24, 2010

We Call it "SWITCH"

 Dance parties occur often around here

 Daddy turns the music on... loudly

 Then, we take turns dancing with each other until someone yells "switch!"  Now that we are a family of six everyone gets a turn dancing with everyone in the family. Well... except for Mia and Sam- we'll give Mia a minute before we let her dance with Sam.

"Switch" is used as a diversion when someone is behaving poorly or in a grouchy mood.
* We have used music/dancing a lot while Mia is on the mend.
"Switch" is most commonly started right after dinner when we are supposed to be cleaning up, but really don't want to.
*Let's be honest... dishes don't get done until the next morning.  
"Switch" has been a family tradition from the time when we just had one baby to fight over.  Now we make it through a few songs because we rotate so many times.  My favorite "switch" is when I get to dance with JB and watch my kids.
*Jensen and Ellie always dance like maniacs when they're partnered up.  

We call it Switch... what do you call it?  Before we called it Switch... we called it "Dance Party!"  said in a loud "male cheerleaderish" voice.  he he.

Halloween II

I took a bunch of pictures of the Halloween decor, but decided to post pics of the kids instead.  Here is one though.  According to Jensen our house wasn't spooky enough- next year we will see if we can't step it up in the "spooky" department. 

A few nights before Halloween we took the kids to a Halloween Carnival/Party

This could possibly be where my little Nina picked up the virus that landed us in the hospital.  It definitely wasn't worth the little heart face paint. 

Ells opted for the butterfly on one side... and I can't remember what on the other side.  I doubt she will want to know that in her later years! Can you tell I should be sleeping and NOT blogging?  I just want to get this Halloween post out of my queue.  That words bugs me by the way... queue- there must be a better word.  Yes, I need sleep now!

Grandpa stopped by to trick or treat.  The kids were excited to show off their costumes and candy.  Sam is wearing his little "hot stuff" pepper costume.  All week "he wore it often" I kept singing the "I need some hot stuff baby this evening" song.  The kids decided to report and reenact my singing to some people that stopped by our house.  I was a little embarrassed.  "My mom... my mom...sings to our baby and says, "I'm looking for some hot stuff baby this evening... I need some hot stuff baby tonight.!"  Yes, they knew the words... I sang it a lot.  His out fit said "HOT STUFF" I couldn't resist.
We put her in a monster costume to trick or treat.  It was so cold for Olivia... and she rarely behaves like a monster (besides the food throwing) but it was her size.

Ellie trick or treated with her friend Alice.  They sprinted from house to house.  Ellie wanted to use this gift bag as her candy bag... cause it's pretty.  No orange allowed.

Mia was thrilled with the fact that we knock on a door and someone would open it and hand her candy.  She was fan!
Candy sorting!  The kids wanted to come back and give out candy instead of gather mass amounts of goodies.

There was also a ninja at our house. She was kicking people left and right if they wouldn't hand over their candy. Not really... she's an angel. A ninja angel.

Nov 22, 2010

Guess What?








This is NOT acceptable! I am NOT ready for him to grow up,and I and NOT ready to chase him around.  This little man is fast and can get to a tiny object faster than I can intercept him.  Yesterday he had a peanut shell in his mouth... awesome!

You would think by my fourth crawler that I would be an expert at keeping things off the floor... well I'm not.  I think the vacuum with make it's new home smack in middle of the family room...or close to that.  With the other three around it only takes a few hours before Sam is eating left over fruit snacks and abandoned crackers.

He seems pretty pleased with his new talent.  Right after I took all of these pictures Mia went over and got on her hands and knees.  She knew that crawling was the thing to do and she wasn't about to miss out. Post coming soon about her progress... she ate something today!  Back to Sam...

Go Sam Go!  Just not too fast!  I guess this means I have to find the baby gate that is lost somewhere in our garage.  We rarely used it with our other kids... I was more of a "hover" parent with them, but I have a feeling that the gate will be found shortly!

I know I will blink my eyes and I will be posting that he is walking- then my baby days are over :-( sniff sniff.  booo hooo.. aaah ahahahahah! Ok, he's probably on the stairs by now!

Nov 20, 2010

Back to Halloween

I have some major catching up to do-

It is tradition to dress up in different Halloween costumes and wigs every year. Sam was killing me in these wigs! John used one of these wigs and dressed up as the "hide yo kids, hide yo wife" guy.... I should have taken a picture, but I didn't.


Nov 18, 2010

Enjoying our own beds

We came home last night.  After Mia's IV came out they said we could just give her meds at home.  So here we are.  Her gums are unchanged and she is really weak.  She lost some weight, but will hopefully be able to eat soon.

She is MUCH happier at home!  She has five people to distract her from her misery. 

Just wanted to report the news! We are home, we are HAPPY, we are taking it easy.  I offered her literally fifteen different food options for lunch today... she refused them all! 

We spent the day watching shows and getting down all of her fluids. 

When we were leaving the hospital I had her in the stroller.  As we walked down the hall she kept saying, "oh cool" and "wow."  She was taking it all in.  She was stuck in that room for so long... poor thing.  When we walked in the door she had a big smile on her face and pointed at Sam and said, "baby!"  He is kind of everyone's fav around here. 

Ellie had created a freezer full of "treats" for Mia's homecoming.  She also made a sign and gathered up some toys for her.  The treats she made were paper cups with Carmel topping poured in them and then some with choc. chips and some with sprinkles.  She had her apron on and was taking orders for either the chocolate chip treats or the sprinkles.  I went with the choc chips.  She is a crack up! 

Jense also really missed Mia.  He told me a couple times that he loved her and wished she was home with he and Ellie and Sam (all three).  I love that my two oldest absolutely love their little sister.

Again, a big thanks for everyone who helped us this last week! We really appreciate it!

Nov 16, 2010

Daddy time

Mia, it is my turn to stay with you at the hospital. It is difficult for me to see you in such discomfort, but I truly enjoy my time with you. I literally spend every moment of my stay laying by your side. You were so uncomfortable, and so sweet. You kept asking for mommy, and quite frequently would randomly moan, "Mimi." You did not want to sleep during the night, and we got to chat and horse around from 2 to 6 a.m. You were so cute about your stuffed teddy bear. You would wake up and say, "baby" and fall back to sleep embracing your teddy. You also had nightmares and would jerk violently and then cry. A quick pat on the back or a gently hand on the body would send you back to your slumber. It sure was nice being needed by you. I loved holding you tight all night long and being there when you needed comfort. You really love your Olivia pillow right now. If ever you noticed that either my head was on your pillow, or that you yourself were on any other pillow, boy was there trouble. They took out your IV this morning since it no longer was functioning. We are waiting to put another one in so that we can see if you will drink enough fluids to avoid it. "Infectious Disease" folks stopped in to take some blood for further testing. You really gave us a good wresting match. So much so that you were exhausted to the point that you fell asleep in my arms before the blood draw was even over. Your gums were bleeding just from crying. Lets drink some serious milk so we can get home soon baby girl. I love you Mia. Get better soon. Lots of family and friends praying for you and wishing you well. Love, Daddy

Nov 15, 2010

I'm back with News Fabuloso

The news has nothing to do with our situation- it stinks!  It is not even close to hitting a fabulous status. Remember Mia's little heart friend?  I've mentioned her a few times on the blog.  She is here at the hospital- in the operating room... right now!  They got the call that a donor heart was available. If you are praying for Mia pretty please pray for our sweet little friend and her donor family too.  Despite Mia being stuck here, I have had a smile on my face all day knowing that they have been given such a precious gift today. 

Mia is extremely ready to go home... they ran a bunch of test today to see if there was something else going on- I'll update when I get some info. She seemed quite happy tonight (I brought her back an Olivia DVD and some yogurt puffs)  It was the first thing she has eaten all week. 

Just What the Doctor Ordered


Hmm, I wonder how my inflamed gums will respond to these "crispy and crunchy" chips...lets give it a shot.

Mia was miserable all day...until her crew showed up! Boy, our busy children are usually a nightmare in the hospital, but this time thier busy bodies were a welcome blessing. Mia was so entertiained that she was able to forget her discomfort.
We begain throwing popcorn kernels over her bed for daddy to catch in his mouth. We got happy belly laughs out of her by doing so, mostly by missing wildly. Cleanup on isle five! Noone can make a person laugh, or cry, better than your siblings.
Party in the bed!

Nov 14, 2010

Not so fast

Well... Mia went a day without having fevers non stop, but they have returned.  Her fever yesterday was 102.5  She is still glued to me without any signs of letting up.  Two nights ago slept with her arms around my neck... super sweet, but not the most restful sleep. I am happy to help her rest because if you know Mia she is always happy and she is definitely NOT HAPPY now.  I pretty much go from distraction to distraction trying to get her comfortable.  She thinks everyone who walks through the door is going to draw her blood and it takes a solid ten minutes to convince her otherwise.  Although she does start every morning with a blood draw so I understand her paranoia.

They gave her a few shots to stimulate some bone marrow growth. Her counts are continually low and her body needs to replenish her blood to help fight this off.

Her gums have not improved.  The gums behind her teeth are lower than her actual teeth... it is as if she is un-teething or something.  She still hasn't eaten anything, but is doing OK with the fluids.  I know she wants to eat and it is heartbreaking.  When something goes in it just comes out bloody.  I can't convince her to to eat anything soft either- she pushes everything away.  I have to force feed her meds and that has closed the door to any spoon fed nutrition.

She toss and turns in delirium most of the day but she does have moments of clarity when she will start labeling everything.  "mommy" "ba" "baby" "lalaaaah" "night" She does a lot of asking for "mommy" and "mimi" when I am holding her- when I say asking- I mean yelling.  She also says "no" over and over.  I think she is just ready to get out of here.

I think our ticket out of here will be when she doesn't have fevers and her gums go down at least a little.  I know they would let me take her if she would get down the fluids she needs, but they don't want to release her until the fevers are gone.

The Good news is:  I got to change her shirt... yay!  Her hair is still a ratted mess from all the rolling around in confusion.  I have my work cut out for me. 

Yesterday some volunteers stopped by... I was able to run to the cafeteria lickety split.  I love that college students stop by to volunteer at the children's hospital.  It is so sweet!  Usually we have had grandma and grandpa volunteers.  They are all neat people!

I wish there was something better to report, but it's pretty much the same status as when we showed up.  Fevers, swollen gums, IRRITABILITY :-)  She has scheduled tylenol that helps her get to sleep, but once she is asleep she wakes up because of the beeps, arm straightening, vitals, medicine, etc.  It's sad to say but not even watching Olivia on Nick Jr makes her happy.

I can get her to smile if I laugh hysterically.  She has always been a social laugh-er and can't help but smile if I force laughter.  When she does smile she looks like she just stepped out of a dentists office.  Her little cheeks try to maneuver over those gums and just looks like she had some major dental work done.  We had a good visit with Auntie Heather last night- Mia was fussy, but allowed me out of the bed- thanks Mia :-)

-pictures from a happier time. Mia is so cute! I love how Ellie is assisting Sam on the ride-on toy in the background. She is all over that baby...and from what I hear has been a fantastic fill in mom while I have been gone. My kids are coming up today! Can't wait to see them. Hooray! They have been asking to come up all week. The nurses give them ice cream when them come. I personally would rather give them ice cream to stay home :-) I don't like them in a hospital. I want to keep kids in a hospital to a if possible. Too many germs!

Once again... hopefully she will turn a corner soon.

Nov 12, 2010

Mia's lighting up the town

Well, not really, she is playing with a toy that tells her that she is lighting up the town.  It's hard to tell if she is getting better or worse.  She is acting worse... BY FAR!  She is not really wanting to drink anything now... it's a nightmare to say the least.

Daddy spent the night with her two nights ago so I could see baby Sam.  When I got home and got him out of his crib he was overjoyed.  It was a happy reunion. I love that kid!  He is so fun right now.  All you have to do is look at him and he is jumping out of his skin with delight. I spent the day (yesterday) cleaning up so Mia could come home to a fresh germ free house, and playing with the kids.  We took down all of the Halloween decorations. It's sad to take down Halloween... I love Halloween! I was entertained by Sam who is scooting like crazy.  He can scoot his way to anything.  I was told that while I was gone he scooted his way over to an abandoned brownie and consumed a large portion of it as well as smeared as much as a baby can into the carpet.  Can't wait to see that picture!  It was nice to be home for awhile with the my other crazies.

We have been watching backyardigans on a loop.  I know all the "surfs up" episode songs by heart.  I've even been demonstrating my "rad moves...super super rad truly mad moves" to Mia, but she is not impressed.  I should have purchased an Olivia DVD for our stay.  We just always have unlimited episodes on TV... speaking of Olivia- she received an Olivia jack pot from my friend Ann today.  She perked up when she saw her new little stuffed Oliva pig... and book... and purse... and coloring book.  I don't know where everyone is finding all of this Olivia stuff.  We had a good visiting and throwing the Olivia doll around.  She also brought me some yummy lunch and cookies- thanks mucho!! After lunch we gave Mia a little bath (although she is still stuck in the same shirt because of her IV)  I am tempted to cut it off of her, and just put a gown on her.  She has been wearing the same shirt since Tuesday- major no no in the fashion world Mia!  They will disconnect her if I ask, they just don't want to unless they have to (less risk of infection). We also had a visit from Auntie Bethie who brought me some fancy chocolates- they are super tasty! Oh and thanks to the family and friends who have helped John/me with kiddos and meals.  You are the BOMB!  That term will probably never die in my vocab... I know it's been out for awhile, but it's the BOMB- don't worry... I am will not stoop to "Bomb dot com"... that is OUT for sure ;-)

Luckily her shirt it is not dirty because she hasn't spilled anything on it because she hasn't eaten ANYTHING!  I wish she would- she is doing OK with the bottle, but is now on a full dose of maintenance IV fluids- great.  I have tried everything in my get your kid to eat trick book, and nothing is working.  Her gums are just too swollen.  She wants to eat, and two days ago she put a piece of ham in her mouth after making the "num num" noise and promptly spit it back out.  It was bloody from her gums.  She is confused and looks at me like I betrayed her giving her that piece of Ham.  She doesn't want soft foods either.  I am at a loss... why is it taking so long for her gums to go down???  One of my friends suggested to tank her up with Coconut Oil because it helps cure the virus...I can't get her to trust anything in her mouth.  Maybe I can swab her mouth with it... hmmmm

She is finally sleeping- she wakes up a lot with an upset stomach and from me trying to straighten her arm because the pump alarms.  We might have to re-board her because she can't keep that arm straight.  I think we woke up every 20 minutes last night because of the alarm. CURSE the alarm!  :-)

Well, cross your fingers that she can go 24 hrs without a fever.  She has been running fevers all weeks... with no sign of them stopping.  Let's shoot for Saturday being fever free!!!

-I will try and update tomorrow... I only have small windows of when she is not attached to my person so I will have to type as fast as I can, but she has been sleeping soundly for a while now. yay!

Well she woke up... back to my backyardigans.... saweet!