Jan 2, 2012

Christmas Jammies

Christmas morning all of the kids got these adorable Jammies from their Grandma Conway.

It is a yearly tradition- she makes 30+ sets of pajamas now. Now that's some sewing!

The fabric says "I love Grandma"  They had better love her after all of that sewing! :-)

The kids were being extra goofy while we were trying to get a good shot to send to grandma to say thanks. 

This is usually how taking pictures of my four kids goes down-

"OK, say cheese!"  "hands out of your mouth Mia" 
"Jense look over here dude" "Ellie, can you smile for real?"

I usually give up, and just join in the fun.

The kids are out of control. Someone... rescue me... or at least relive me of my picture taking duties.  
*Sam's little fingers are going to dislocate- love!

Each part of the pajamas are individually monogrammed.  I love Sam's tank.  

Maybe if they don't have to look at the camera at all... I will get a good picture. 
Grandma, thanks so much for the lovely Jammies.  The kids love them, I love them, and the kids will be nice and toasty this winter. To view previous version of the Jammies click on pretty much any Christmas post from any year.  Last year, all the cousins were together for a picture... that's a lot of Jammies. This is such a fun tradition, and I know the kids look forward to it every year.


Shila said...

That one with them all arms in the air is so great! You gotta frame it. Cute kids for sure. Can't wait to see John Jens and Ellie this weekend. We will miss you and the little ones though!

Brimaca said...

Those pics are the best. Those are my favorite kind, the kids just being silly magoos.