Jan 22, 2011

Crowd Pleaser

Sammy Jim Jammy is such a baby crowd pleaser.  How did he get this way?  hmm... maybe it is his infectious smile, the way he giggles at himself, or maybe it is how he is a willing participant of whatever activity the other natives in the house insist he participate in.  He is the sweetest baby!

I am positive that I am 100% in love with this little man.

He Sleeps great,

He Eats great,

He's got an eye for fashion... (diaper and some socks)

He's really into the toilet. I suppose this is in the not so great column.

He loves to rough house

He's got a patent on the "arm bar."

He loves to corner you, pull up and adhere his body to your legs so you have to manage lifting him up from behind.

He is fast, and gives Mia a run for her money in a foot race. I mean foot, hand and knee race.  That sounded a lot like hand food and mouth--- no thank you!

He still only says, "dada, dat, daaaa, dad dad dad" I'm pretty sure he is talking about me.  and john :-)

Bath time is his reward for being alive.  He kicks with excitement the moment the water turns on.  While in the tub he loves to dip his face in the bubbles and come up with a face covered in bubbles.  I think he is both entertained and confused when he does this.  I think it is hilarious! 

We have added to the nicknames... he is also being addressed as: "college boy" (his hair is long) "number nine" (I'll just have to show you why some time) and "Samantha" (again, picture will speak for itself).

He loves to hand out slaps.  I think he likes the sound of his hands slapping me... in the face... repeatedly. 

Right here Sam is showing his spidey moves.  The boy has done some nose dives off the bed in the past (or so John tells me) and has learned all about gravity.  He has become very adept at hanging on tight.  John likes to put him on the corner of the mattress, then proceed to bounce the bed trying to buck him off.  Must be the sweaty hands, but the boy hangs on!

Ahh, the love of buttons.  The boy would, and does risk his life to push a shiny button.  I also (John here) have to mention that Mimi recently figured out an awesome trick for Sammy by adding a little water and a straw to a jar of baby food.  This kid can slurp down an entire jar in no time.  It is truly amazing.  We literally have to pull the straw away to let him come up for air.  I particularly love this since I am not as patient with the messy feeding process.  I once fed him a jar in 60 seconds flat.  NEXT!  Oh, and I cut up a half piece of pizza, and he polished it off.  9 months old, 6 teeth, and boom! he is gnawing through pizza crust.   I think he could chew through a boot if needed.  I hope he never needs that...


The Hands said...

You've got one cute College Boy there-swirley and everything! I can imagine how busy your life is with your brood. Mine are a little more spread out, but sound just as busy.

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh gosh, he's stinkin cute and makes me so excited to have a boy! I actually love that babyfood idea. Especially when in a hurry, same nutrients, just speeding up the process a bit. John you are a very cruel cruel daddy. Poor little boy hanging on for dear life on the edge of the bed :) I hope you catch him when he falls.

Brimaca said...

He really is a gorgeous baby and I LOVE the straw idea!

Dan and Sara said...

Mimi - he is an absolute doll! Love the nick names, and the stories and his cute little mug! I just want to give him a big squeeze!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, he is SO CUTE. I love all of his nicknames and I can't believe the straw! Oh my goodness, that is too funny. He could not get any cuter!

I heart Max! said...

Yeah he is pretty cute....but your kids don't have a choice...they pretty much hit the gene jackpot-in the looks department anyway ;)

Mimi said...

Yes, the straw thing has changed our lives! Sam is a fan...we're fans...eating takes a fraction of the time. My friend Jenn gave me the tip- all ingeniousness is hers.

Nat, yes... total gene jackpot (they are after all related to YOU) except for well... ahem, you know.